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Catching zombies has never been so much fun!
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Deca Games
Nov 21, 2021
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Download Zombie Catchers 1.30.21 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) For Android

Today we will consider an action game – a strategy that is leading in the lists of games around the world. Legendary zombies in your smartphone in just one click! Load your harpoon cannon and start hunting!

About the game

A fascinating plot, high-quality graphics, non-standard game solutions, an impressive arsenal and … candy. Yes, this is exactly what you have to do with zombies. No outright violence, just sweet revenge and an increase in the hunter’s skills. And in return – new suits and plutonium. The planet is waiting for its hero and who, if not you, is capable of this? Combining business with pleasure is the unspoken motto of Zombie Catchers. You catch hordes of zombies and use them for your own purposes. Develop your business and put things in order. Intriguing? Then let’s see what the developers of Deca Games have prepared for us.


Two self-serving intergalactic businessmen named Bud and A.J. watch as the planet Earth is filled with hordes of zombies. Looking at such a picture, the main characters make a strong-willed decision to save earthlings from the invasion and at the same time make money. Using their well-thought-out tricks, unrealistic arsenal, the guys start a rough battle. But, the presence of a harpoon cannon, drones from which it is impossible to hide and hundreds of wonderful recipes do not leave the enemies a chance to win.

Carefully study the habitats of enemies, drones will help you with this. Don’t stop developing: learn new recipes and create even more delicious sweets that will be bought with a bang. Earn money and grow your business: open new restaurants and welcome the crowds of fans. But don’t forget about the zombie bosses! You can deal with them using a harpoon cannon or other super weapons that are available in your arsenal. Complete the available daily tasks. Then you can earn more bonuses and get a lot of valuable prizes.

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Control is carried out using the touchpad: the screen contains the keys “left”, “right”, “up” and an icon in the form of a “target”. Aim the harpoon at the victim, and wait a little, and then shoot. This will give you full effort and your shot will be right on target. Otherwise, the controls are intuitive.

Zombie Catchers Concept

The mobile strategy layout is very simple. The user needs to lure the dead. This can be done by tossing human brains to him. Zombies enter the cage. Then we turn “exotic products” into unusual delicacies. This is done in a player-accessible interplanetary canteen system. Moreover, the more components are involved in processing, the better. The business is developing and making a profit.

By the way, now the game has an opportunity to develop your commercial abilities, filling the space with unusual but tasty products. Russian-speaking users are now extremely happy, because Zombie Catchers is now localized.

When to kill zombies

How simple the recipe for triumph for Finnish developers turned out to be – simple gameplay with push-button (on-screen) control, a healthy dose of humor with funny sounds and wonderful animations, detailed backgrounds, an uncomplicated interface … And the very concept of business on the undead has no analogues. Only in this game, special robotic drones scour the quadrants of infected areas in search of representatives of inanimate nature, so that instead of running away, we burst there with a harpoon at the ready and bait in the form of brains. These creatures are quite sensitive – they hear our steps, do not ask for trouble, and some will also throw something weighty. There is a benefit to such an abundance of carrion.

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Fine and expensive delicacies should contain rare “ingredients” – special breeds of zombies, sometimes elusive. They grab the bait – and run away. To cope with the most frisky, you need to get used to it. Sometimes a slimy blue face will come out, and the body itself is in a barrel or an all-metal box. The harpoon does not take these from the first time. So you have to chase.

Destroy zombies delicious

The zombie game installed on the Android system today differs somewhat from the previous version in its thoughtful gameplay. The game can be controlled using the on-screen keyboard. Most of the actions will be accompanied by funny soundtracks and cool animations.

It should be added that the humorous note introduced by the developers will turn the hunt for zombies into a rather exciting pastime. For a fun action-packed strategy, you can spend many hours, while away your free time. By the way, the game Zombie Catchers , where you can make many delicious intergalactic sweets from the dead, has no analogues.

Don’t give the dead a chance for salvation

The further into the wasteland (the change of locations depends on the level of the hero), the more difficult the conditions for catching. More insects, birds and other obstacles appear – they can knock our alien out of consciousness for a while, giving the carrion a chance for salvation. To combat the increasing complexity, more and more intricate equipment will be needed. And so, without realizing it, the player slides into a pit with endless juicer improvements, buying weapons, traps, drones, and so on.

In the heat of the hunt, all artificial “brakes” in the form of wringing out zombies for forty-nine minutes or exploring wastelands to catch new victims for seven, ten or more minutes is a good reason to “donate”. In return, we get plutonium – the local currency to speed up the processes. It can be earned by “pumping”. Coins are spent on the purchase of utilities that fall out of the caught prey (here’s a hint for you: from flying reptiles too); they are also given for selling products. Unfortunately, without material gratitude to the developers, even the most dodgy players at some point will face an unbearable long wait for the next opportunity to hunt.


The quality and brightness are what most accurately describes the graphics of Zombie Catchers. Bright, outstanding characters, well-drawn game environment. The developers also took care of the effects: the game will not be boring and monotonous. Funny characters, more like comic book heroes, are endowed with outstanding appearance and habits, and the variety of costumes makes their images even more eccentric. The variety of locations contributes to the gameplay. There is no place for despondency and boredom.

Sound Design

Shoot, run, track, cook – these processes are displayed not only on the screen, but also accompanied by appropriate sounds. Music plays in the background, in the style of spy films, which significantly dilutes the gameplay.

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Zombie Catchers is a mobile game that takes players to a land completely overrun by the living dead. With the help of two intergalactic businessmen who are going to open their store on Earth, the heroes go on a crusade against evil spirits, catching monsters and experimenting on them in their underground laboratory.