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Nov 30, 2021
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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links 6.2.0 (MOD, Auto Play/Many Points) is a cool collectible card game from KONAMI set in the setting of the popular manga / anime series. The obvious anime style of graphics, familiar and not so familiar characters, as well as fascinating gameplay mechanics will appeal not only to fans of the original source, but also to everyone who prefers CCG. Simple rules will help beginners in this genre not to get confused and scared. But after understanding a little, you can understand that the process itself is not as simple as it might seem at first glance and hides in itself a lot of interesting and exciting opportunities for action.

If we talk about the Yu-Gi-Oh! Series the most memorable characters for me personally have always been the heroes of early history – Yugi Muto and Seto Kaiba. And if the first one is associated with ordinary Japanese schoolchildren, being always positive-minded and surrounded by friends, then the second one can easily be confined to antiheroes (not a villain, but not a kind person either). Kaiba does not respect anyone, especially those who are weaker than him. Being extremely rich, having the widest opportunities and connections, he easily creates a corporation for these very duels of the new card game. The world immediately falls into a competitive era and begins to actively develop the idea of ​​virtual battles, which has become viral. At first, everything looked like banal tabletop fights, occasionally with city championships, but rather quickly turned into a major form of madness with the support of computer technology. The millionaire even comes up with a whole virtual reality where you can transfer living people so that they compete for primacy in an appropriate environment. Here it begins Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links at the moment of leaving the portal straight into this amazing three-dimensional world.


The gameplay will tell us about the fact that a long time ago, when the pyramids were still young, the rulers of Egypt amused themselves by arranging magical duels between themselves, which were called “Shadow Games”. This led to the release of a huge dark energy capable of destroying the entire world. Then the powerful pharaoh imprisoned this power inside the mysterious “Millennial Artifacts” at the cost of his life and six priests.

3,000 years have passed (5,000 in the English version). The whole world is fascinated by “Duel Monsters”, a card game using computer technology, an analogue of “Shadow Games”. Schoolboy Yugi Muto (武 藤 遊戯 muto: yu: gi) is the best player, but few know his secret. He was able to assemble the Millennium Puzzle, an ancient Egyptian artifact that his grandfather once found on an expedition. Now Yugi is united with the soul of a pharaoh named Atem, who has lost his memory. The story tells of how Yugi and his friends try to unravel the secret of the lost memory of the pharaoh using the card game “Duel Monsters”, meeting other owners of the Millennium artifacts on their way.

Creative Card Battle Gameplay

It should be noted right away that choosing Kaiba as the main character is a great idea. If you like bullying your opponents, mixing the losers with dirt and all sorts of provocations to the conflict – you will not find a better duelist. Of course, the participation of the creator of the game in its immediate process looks strange from the outside, but this will not stop the bully on the way to the title of king … And it will also not stop a whole crowd of onlookers, fans and other famous characters (here no one is ashamed to try their luck). Every now and then random passers-by walk the streets of the virtual city, they are also victims for battles. They can be challenged without any special complications and instantly transported to the battle arena. Battles take place in a one-on-one manner, often ending in less than a minute. This is a real test of your ability to make the right decks,

Exclusive Creatures of Heroes

Of course, additional voice acting and text slows down the battles, stretching the process two or even three times. Also, the animation of summoning exclusive creatures of heroes (such as the Blue-Eyed White Dragon) lasts quite a long time. The first time you can enjoy, but then it is better to get into the settings and turn this off. And when the deck is already well-equipped, and the enemies click like seeds, you should resort to the excellent auto-fight function. Oddly enough, it works great, speeding up what is happening several times. On the other hand, it is worth remembering that the number of opponents in the city is limited to five, and not everyone will be able to wait two hours for the arrival of a new wave. But don’t worry, there are a couple of workarounds without real money injections. First, there is a long chain of story missions that replenish energy, so that the city is again packed with contenders to the eyeballs. Moreover, the grind does not grow exponentially. Secondly, there is a free unlimited PvP battle arena. Thirdly, there is a clever way to suck all the juices from the enemy, which we will talk about below.

The tale of the turnip

At the end of the battle with the local AI, you are given chests with random rewards. Moreover, the number of such chests directly depends on the final score. If you just win in a quick way, you will get about 2500 points, but each chest is awarded only for a full thousand, which means that you should find a better option. In fact, there is a whole set of calculation formulas with various mini-tasks. Take no damage – 500 points; inflict 3000 with one blow – also 500 points; summon a creature by sacrifice – 300, by ritual – 400, in a special way – 100 … On such miniature quests, you can bring your indicator to five thousand and even more. The question is, why should you be so tortured for the sake of extra rewards, and even, the stump is clear, delay the process? Well, among the many treasures, Special Aspirant Keys drop out, allowing you to challenge legendary characters. If the same Yugi looks into the city, it is unlikely that it will be possible to fight him just like that (a big shot, after all).

New Legendary Heroes and Mechanics

With the development of the account level, new types of quests, new legendary heroes and new mechanics appear. The booster store does not immediately open, where it is allowed to replenish the deck with fresh cards. And even later, a merchant arrives, ready to exchange your keys for rarer ones, as well as offer single copies of cards for hard currency. Why is it trite not to buy boosters directly, but to take cards one at a time? You see, ALL boosters cost real money, or rather, you need a special currency – gems. Do not rush to get upset, these gems are abundantly given out, both at the beginning of the passage and throughout the entire path, whether it be completing tasks, achievements, taking arena ranks or raising those very account levels. The sets contain three creatures / spells / traps each, while they even give some content to be seen in advance to evaluate, how much this proposal suits you. There are also test decks available for pre-purchase run. In general, the situation with the donat is very condescending and pleasant, which from Konami, I certainly did not expect.

The Battles in Some Century

With the graphics, everything is in order here, too, since the battles in some century were transferred to 3D. Now the physical embodiment of the monster is floating above each card of the creature, and the camera is allowed to rotate. If desired, this case is fixed tightly in order to be able to look around the battlefield as a whole, but at first I recommend just enjoying what is happening and the convenience of control. Since the battles have become short, now there are only the stages of drawing cards, the main move and the battle, so all your actions have to be performed at once. To maintain balance, spells can be used directly from the hand and even on the enemy’s move – conveniently. As I said earlier, it is very profitable to delay for the sake of a high score. Ideally, it is necessary to bring the opponent to the situation “left without cards – disqualified”. a puzzle, where each move must be ideally verified so that the enemy, by accident, does not break what is happening.

Impressive City Itself

The city itself consists of four simple sections, which are the sides of a cube. In the first there is a portal, from where new opponents appear (in the same place, a challenge is thrown for the keys). The second sector is reserved for a large booster store. The third is given for the arena, and the fourth for the card studio (with access to the collection). There is a detailed tutorial with additional challenges, for which gems are abundantly given out. There are also weekly sets of missions, chat, detailed statistics (lovers of mathematics will love it very much) and a bunch of other useful functions, like the same volume sliders and reducing the power consumption of the device. If you are still not enough, each hero can and should be pumped up to level 30 in order to gradually receive special cards and other bonuses (skills, gems and more deck slots).

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links stands out for its high quality of elaboration of details, a decent level of graphics and aesthetic voice acting, while occupying a new niche for the series – maximum arcade quality. The absence of lags, translation into many languages ​​and simple rules of the battle allow you to scoop up a huge number of users, as evidenced by the amazing number of downloads. Unlike the previous online version released many years ago (Yu-Gi-Oh! Online), we now have a free distribution model with a low donation rate, a minimum of grind and easy accessibility.