WWE Champions 2021 (MOD, No Cost Skill/One Hit)


Announcing our BIGGEST UPDATE ever! Earn 18 BRAND-NEW Icons of WrestleMania Superstars, plus try our new Move Mayhem mode in new Stipulation Tours.
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Nov 18, 2021
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Everyone’s favorite arcade puzzle game that combines classic gameplay with ultimate fighting. The user must move elements on the playing field in order to build chains of three or more shapes. At the same time, the player will be able to watch the unfolding spectacular duel between the two fighters at the top. Every successful action gamer will be accompanied by powerful hits of the chosen athlete. Also, before you start, you need to collect many martial arts stars such as Rock, John Cena and other famous personalities into your team. Collect belts and medals to create special titles.


WWE Champions 2021 is an explosive mix of wrestling and match 3 puzzles featuring the most famous wrestlers. In order for your favorite fighter to be able to perform crushing blows, you need to collect gems of the same type in one row until they are all destroyed. This should be done quickly and without slowing down until your opponent kicks your fighter’s face. This unique fighting game brings together fighters from all seasons, from the 80s to our time. With so many wrestlers, you can create your own invincible team. Each of the characters in the game can be enhanced by pumping up his special skills and abilities, and having collected a sufficient number of unique cards, you can even increase his strength at times. Increase the power of the blow, add protection from direct hits and multiply the stamina so that you can stand in the ring as much as possible.

As with many fighting games, WWE Champions 2021 will have the opportunity to play in several modes and go to training at any time. Add such legends as The Rock and John Cena and other famous personalities to your collection. Play with your friends and go through all the available challenges together.


You will be able to compete with the best wrestlers, as well as collect your collection of the best wrestling stars. Try to upgrade your wrestler so that he can win victories over numerous opponents. Otherwise, they will constantly defeat you with powerful blows. There is a lot of experience in the process of participating in WWE championships. Constantly improve the techniques and skills of your character. Everything so that he could only deliver the strongest blows. Sometimes you will also need to solve match 3 puzzles in order to inflict especially powerful moves on opponents. You will even have the opportunity to perform legendary moves such as “Foot of the Rock”, which is famous for Dwayne Johnson or “Adjustment of orientation”, which is the signature move of John Cena.


Here you will find all the cool features the game has to offer:

Exciting competitions

The authors of the game tried to convey the most authentic atmosphere of the competition as possible. Familiar arenas, weekly challenges, official tournaments and themed battles await you.

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Cult fighters

Hulk Hogan, Undertaker, Rock, John Cena – these and other heroes will join your team, which you have to lead to victory! The game has all the known factions, and you can create a canon lineup or come up with your own set of characters!

A unique mix of RPG and match 3 mechanics

 You have never seen such wrestling ! Connect crystals to carry out attacks, make chains to perform signature moves of your favorite characters, pump up your fighters to unlock new fighting styles. Each of the heroes has unique abilities, and with the help of trainers, you can develop their skills to the maximum! You will have to work out a battle strategy for different situations and take into account the characteristics of the character classes.

Factions, Alliances and Leagues

WWE Champions 2021 is a multiplayer game and you can join one of the alliances, team up with allies and move towards success together. Special faction tasks await participants, and victories over rivals will raise you in the rating table, which will give you new titles and other rewards.

Improvement of fighters – leveling up, evolution and fusion

While the first few matches on the first available tour (NXT Tour – Atlanta) should be pretty easy – the training phase takes care of this for you – in the end you will find that getting three stars in other matches is not that easy. This is where the Roster tab comes in handy, as it will be your one-stop tool for improving your wrestlers in a variety of ways, starting with a basic one. Clicking on the Roster tab will take you straight to your roster, which will show you all the WWE superstars you unlocked, as well as a roster of “loot superstars” – as we hinted earlier, you shouldn’t expect to get any of them for free until you move up by league.

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Make sure you improve your moves

In addition to leveling up, developing and uniting your superstars, you will also need to improve their moves whenever possible. Once you have clicked on any superstar that is already on your list, you can click on “Moves” at the bottom center of the screen and view all the moves you have unlocked or already have. Here you will be able to view their current damage, additional bonuses that are provided with the move (for example, the ability to choose which gems to change to a specific color), as well as the number / color of gems that you need to match in order to fully load this turn and bring down him at the enemy. While this information can be viewed during any match, it is always a good idea to view the moves in the Moves submenu of each superstar so you can become familiar with how they work in the context of WWE 2021 Champions.

Complete daily quests and league quests

One of the updated features in WWE Champions 2021 is an all-new league system. While this may indicate a mode in which you are competing against other real-life managers, the best way to describe this feature is to call it a new system that allows you to gradually unlock new modes and features, as well as unlock more Superstar posters that can help you replenish your list of fighters. For example, going from League 3 to League 4 allows you to unlock Entourage, Daily Showdown, The Road: European Tour, and Hard Mode for both the Sunday Night Heat and Deadman’s Daily, and also gives you a two-star bronze poster for Bray Wyatt (his old trick with Eater of Worlds) and 25,000 coins.

Know the classes and styles of each wrestler

In the original version of WWE Champions, wrestlers only had one of six different classes, and this remains true in the 2021 version. The elemental system, if you can call it that, remains the same – Showboat (yellow) is strong against Striker (black), which is strong against Trickster (purple), which is strong against Technician (green), which is strong against Powerhouse (red), which is strong against Acrobat (blue). Showboat, as described in the game, are low to medium damage superstars who tend to cluster at the end of a match after taking a lot of damage early on.

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Fans of the famous WWE Mayhem and WWE Universe will find themselves in for another great WWE challenge in WWE Champions. Feel free to discover your favorite sport with your favorite wrestlers. And most importantly, enjoy playing in the high damage gameplay with our mod.