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October 22, 2020
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Favorite plot of millions. It is as all-encompassing as the plot of Hollywood films. The zombie apocalypse swept the world and no one except the main character is able to solve the riddle of the origin of terrible creatures. The main idea of ​​the concept is that actions can be developed in any direction, create events that will surprise, scare, discourage, dumbfound and deliver an indescribable feeling of victory as you progress through the game. It is this view, uncommon, familiar, but so well thought out and of high quality that opens up to those who were able to download the free android game UNKILLED.

The number of obstacles and puzzles will make you sweat a lot before the answers begin to unfold. Zombie armies will not leave time for even short respites. As a member of a specialized squad, you need to clear the streets of New York from the plague in the form of an invasion of the dead.


The plot tells the story of a familiar story when, on an ordinary day, unsuspecting people faced a terrible threat. Zombies came from nowhere, began their feast by eating living people. The epidemic became widespread, and every day someone new was infected with a terrible virus.

To understand the situation, save people, give hope to the desperate and cut out the maximum amount of carrion on the way, is the task of a special squad. Now you need to develop your character, improve skills, gain experience and do everything possible to stay alive.

The first-person action game will not leave you indifferent, will make adrenaline flow like a stream into your blood. The main advantage can be called the network nature, because it will be very difficult to overcome all the chaos of the current situation alone.

It will not be easy to play, but it will be exciting. Over 150 missions and enemies of varying nature will await along the way to the answer. The mercenary squad consists of the best fighters, but even for them walking the streets inhabited by carnivorous zombies will not seem easy.

The player will find an arsenal full of variety and many types of armor. If there is a desire to temporarily distract from the main plot, then everyone has access to an arena where, fighting with the best, you can immortalize your name in the first places of the leaderboard.

Having collected unique skills and parameters for the character, you can become the strongest and invincible killer of monsters.


There are many features, they create the look of the game, setting a high quality indicator. Alas, one of the not most desirable features will be the need to install separate programs to access the game. Only owners of Bluestacks 4, Droid4X and Nox App Player emulators can download the UNKILLED game on a computer.

The main feature of the project should be safely considered a network mode. There is no need to save the world alone, to risk yourself and to be afraid that there is no one to cover your back. You can gather friends and, armed to the teeth, ask a hot greeting to the dead.

The game is special for the very reason that it is internationally recognized and is a laureate of many awards. This fact is indicative and will not cause doubts about the high quality of the product.

Five characters to choose from, each with their own abilities and skills, a variety of guns, which is not found anywhere else, and enemies waiting everywhere. You need to fight battles not only on the surface, but also inside buildings, in underground passages and other locations.

Exciting battles with live players and the opportunity to create and grow your own zombie army to set on others.

Advantages and disadvantages

No matter how good the project is, it has not only positive, but also many negative qualities. It is the combination of both parties, their balance, that decides what the game will cost. UNKILLED has already proven that there is no better zombie game.

Positive aspects:

  • Redesigned and improved graphics;
  • A selection of weapons, many of which are unique;
  • A choice of 5 characters with their own specifics;
  • Long storyline with over 150 missions;
  • Thoughtful history;
  • New engine;
  • PVP arena;
  • Passage of the story in modes of cooperation with other players.

The number of positives does not end there, but rather beckons to find out what other great features await on the way to the final.

Unfortunately, there are also disadvantages to the application. They are worth mentioning separately. Every user prefers the accessibility of the game. In this regard, it is very good that the main platform is phones. The device is always there and the application is too. But at times, there is a desire to experience emotions while playing on the computer. You cannot play UNKILLED without third-party resources. To do this, download an emulator that will create the appropriate conditions. It will not provide any difficulties, will not harm the computer, and the installation process will last a couple of minutes longer, but this is already inconvenience.

Summary and comments

In conclusion, it is worth noting the predominantly positive user comments. Everyone finds something for themselves, everyone is glad that they decided to install the application. The only drawback is the lack of a computer version of the game. Download free android game UNKILLED really, but with certain conditions.