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12 real fishing locations in a realistic graphic setting
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January 15, 2020
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Ultimate Fishing Simulator – an unusual simulator in its performance, where you will play the role of a fisherman who is ready for anything, for the sake of profit and will punch his way to success by any available means. This project combines well-designed graphics, physics and detailed gameplay, which will delight all players. You will go to explore large-scale seas and oceans, as well as find a huge number of lakes and rivers. You have to catch big fish, and for this you need to stock up on a huge amount of patience. Achieving your cherished goal will not be so easy, so try to be as attentive as possible when everything you do. Equip yourself with a good fishing rod and prepare the right tackle for it, and then set off on an exploration of the sea, where you will constantly get acquainted with new and new species of fish.


Online games to introduce this time “Ultimate Fishing Simulator” is “the ultimate fishing simulator” as its called, is a simulation game that can enjoy fishing in a variety of situations. The development is “Ultimate Games”, a Polish game development company, and it was developed by soliciting investment from Kickstarter, a crowdfunding site. You can buy it on steam, the price is not so high, and it is also Japanese- speaking, so you can feel free to play! Let’s take a look at the game content of the recommended online game “Ultimate Fishing Simulator”!

As the name of “Ultimate Fishing Simulator” suggests, this work has the ultimate fishing simulator, and you can enjoy various elements related to fishing. In addition to basic fishing such as fishing floats, bottom fishing, lure fishing, and hair needle fishing, special fishing such as ice fishing that uses special equipment to make holes on the ice and fishing that goes out to the sea by boat. You can also enjoy fishing under various conditions. You can even catch marlin that weighs more than 800 kg, which is called a “boss fish”, so your dreams will grow! Let’s enjoy fishing by making full use of various techniques such as bait, fishing rod, lure choice and place to hang fishing line!

Enjoy fishing in the realistically reproduced nature!

The first thing that catches your eye when you play this online game is its overwhelmingly beautiful graphics. The high-quality graphic stage gives you the feeling of being in the wilderness. In particular, the expression of water is tremendous, and even if it is said to be a live-action film, it is so realistic that you can believe it! Also, realism does not mean that the graphics are beautiful. This work has the concept of “time” and “weather change” . Even at the same fishing spot, as time goes by, the nights and the weather change, and the fish that can be caught also change. Let’s enjoy fishing under various circumstances!

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You can also create your own fishing spot!

By the way, this work allows you to enjoy fishing in such a real world, but if you play it many times, you may get tired of the existing map. However, in this work, you can also create the fishing spot yourself! You can create the fishing spot you are looking for with your own hands, so as long as your imagination works , you will never get tired of the stage!

Challenge yourself in fishing

Estimated by countless users who have managed to download Ultimate Fishing Simulator, the game is !definitely worth a look and is incredibly fun Magnificent fishing simulator gives the same feeling of real fishing, only without the negative, which is inevitable near the tank, but because of the great desire to do what you love. There are amazingly !beautiful graphics, very simple controls and positive positives relax and no more One of the main differences of the proposed game is the ability to fish in several climatic zones. It is clear that the fishing conditions here will be completely different. Anyone interested in fishing will be able to immerse themselves in the virtual world and test themselves in the chosen method (feeder, fly fishing,.)spin, normal float If you are tired of classic fishing, you can diversify your activities and participate in ice fishing in ice-covered pools

Anyone can enjoy fishing happily!

A major feature of Ultimate Fishing Simulator is that it prioritizes fishing over reality. That is “playability”. What exactly does this mean? In actual fishing, it can take several hours to catch even one on a bad day. If it takes several hours to catch a small fish, the hurdle for fishing seems to be high. The creators are careful not to over-simulate real fishing in this regard. Therefore, since this work is made with an emphasis on “playability” and “exhilaration” , it is basically a bite to eat , and if the equipment, bait, and fishing method are appropriate, you will be able to fish more and more! Of course, ” Real mode” is also installed for advanced fishing people who think “I’m not interested in such lukewarm fishing!” “The real pleasure of fishing is to stare at the fishing rod!” In this mode, you can enjoy realistic fishing , which can take several hours to catch one small fish. Beginners can enjoy casual fishing, and advanced fishing can enjoy realistic fishing, so a wide range of people can enjoy it!

You can interact with other players in multiplayer!

This work also supports online multiplayer. You can chat and exchange information while enjoying leisurely fishing with friends and players from all over the world. You can compete in a tournament format and rank them, so it may be a good idea to hone your fishing skills to reach the top of the rankings! The fish you catch can be displayed in the trophy room as a whole. I’m glad that the achievements of fishing remain visible! Of course you can sell it or let it go!

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With deep gameplay that features almost every aspect of fishing, you won’t likely to find any other game that can do better than Ultimate Fishing Simulator. Realistic fishing mechanics, fully-featured angling options, various upgradable and customizable items, the game is something that every fishing fans should have on their Android devices.