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The official Street League Skateboarding mobile game.
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Nov 21, 2021
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Download True Skate 1.5.43 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money/Unlocked) For Android

True Skate is made in the best traditions of 3D games. The graphics are at a fairly high level, everything is drawn to the smallest detail. Even if you don’t have the newest version of Android, that’s okay. True Skate Gamesupports android version then 2.3. You don’t have to be a skater in the real world to play. The game first of all teaches you to ride, though only on the mobile screen, but this is a trifle. First, you are invited to undergo training, during which you will learn a couple of simple bales and learn to “stand on the board.” Although the game is in English, you do not need to know it, special beacons light up at all places where you need to touch. The trick can also be performed by someone who has never seen a skateboard in his life. It will be quite easy to understand the controls of the game. As soon as you figure out how to control the board, a whole platform will open up in front of you, where the soul of a skater can roam. Here you have parapets, steps, a lot of all kinds of irregularities that skaters love so much. Just do tricks, get points and complete levels.
 The game True Skate has excellent graphics, good sound and not bad details. The game clearly outperforms its competitors.
Real Skate game will appeal to both professionals and beginners in the field of skateboarding. Passing the game True Skate  will bring little comparable pleasure. Everyone should try. Moreover, if you fall, you will not break your knees and elbows.

What is True Skate App?

True Skate online with everything unlocked is a game for Android with which you will be able to enjoy the authentic experience of riding a skateboard and doing all kinds of tricks with it. Unlike skating games based directly on Tony Hawk –and if you like these games you will surely know that there are dozens of them–, with this game you will be able to do the tricks yourself with your fingers, as if you were riding the skate really with your legs. In this way, you will be able to learn how skateboarding tricks are really done, not only by pressing buttons, but also enjoying the experience of doing the necessary movements to do an ollie, a kickflip, a 180 and many more tricks.

About the game

You are a virtual skateboarder. Your main goal is to perform skateboard tricks in a specific sequence. For completing the task you will be awarded points. The number of points depends on the quality of the performed tricks.

The most modern and cool skate parks await you. Here you will also see a huge variety of jumps, pipes, slides, ledges and steps. Everything in this game is created so that the player has no doubts that everything that happens to him is really just a simulator.

The developers have placed great emphasis on physics so that all movements correspond to reality. In this game, absolutely everything is thought out. You can just ride through the park, or you can complete missions. In the tasks for the levels, you will need to perform different tricks in turn. The reward for the tricks will depend on the difficulty of the tricks and the cleanliness of their performance. The good news is that the game has a replay system where you can watch and capture feints.

Do incredible tricks with your skateboard

There are fun, fun games, and then there’s True Skate. With this game you will be able to do an incredible amount of skateboarding tricks with your own fingers, as if you were really riding it, with spectacular graphics and the ability to greatly customize your experience. You will really love to play this game! True Skate is especially popular with fans of the classic Tony Howk Pro Skating, but the concept of this game is different and much more mechanical. Discover everything you can do with this game and become a true skating star like Tony Hawk himself!

Do tricks, explore new skateparks, customize your board, and much more!

Although this game begins with only one skatepark, later you can unlock many others that you will find increasingly entertaining and challenging, with all kinds of ramps, bars and obstacles to slide, jump and do all kinds of pirouettes. This game has everything you need to have a great time and, in addition, it has the possibility of making all kinds of customizations in your tables, so that you can collect or simply have a great time watching it while doing your tricks. You will really love everything you can do with True Skate!

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True Skate upgrade features

Realistic skate movements

With this game you will be able to enjoy skating like no other, because with the other games you can only press buttons and wait for the character to do the tricks for you, but in this game you will enjoy advanced physics that will allow you to do the movements in a personal way using your fingers. In this way you will learn how skates really work and how skaters show off their tricks!

Spectacular graphics

The quality of the graphics in this game is really impressive, and you will enjoy it with any Android device you have at hand, but especially with those with a good screen, because with these devices you will be able to see the graphics in all its splendor and enjoy the designs of your custom tables.

Custom tables

As we said, the boards in this game can be customized and collected in many different ways, and since the game’s graphic quality is so extraordinary, you will be able to enjoy your custom designs to the fullest. Choose colors, designs, and stickers to make your boards look really cool!

New skateparks

Although at the beginning of the game you will only be able to use one skatepark, later you will be able to use many others, as you unlock them. The new skateparks will test your skill because they will have new ramps and obstacles that you have not yet practiced, and, as much as you master your skill with skate, you will never really have it so mastered as to start from scratch with a new skatepark and do everything perfectly from the start.

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Graphics and sound

You can immediately see that the emphasis in the game was on great graphics and animation. The physics of the game is decent, making True Skate one of the best skate simulator around.

As for the graphics, there can be no objections, all the details are clearly traced, the realistic game makes you believe in what is happening. The sound in the game is neutral, not annoying or annoying. Here you don’t have to watch your board move strangely or texture sinks. Everything is as close to reality as possible.

Separately, it is worth noting the work of the camera, which is very convenient to move to the right place depending on the moment. This allows you to always see where your board is headed and what obstacles await you.

Download True Skate 1.5.43 MOD Apk

Learn to do all kinds of tricks and stunts with your skateboard in True Skate all unlocked and become the new Tony Howk with this fantastic skateboarding game for smartphones!