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Township is a unique blend of city-building and farming!
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July 13, 2021
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Township is a small town where you are the mayor. It demands your full attention. The construction of new buildings, the decoration of city streets and even the crops grown on farms outside the city depend on your actions. The resources are at your disposal to open a unique zoo – home for exotic animals. The township stands on the seashore. The presence of the port allows you to send your ships for trade with island settlements. There are even minerals in the town: the development of the mines will significantly replenish the budget. Living on a wonderful street, you do not lose sight of good neighborly relations. An interesting game with friendly characters.

Description of the game

A small settlement grows, turning into a city. And the city is not so far away from the title of a metropolis. However, it takes a long time before a small village acquires such a status. Sometimes it takes centuries to make such transformations. In this regard, the game is much easier: you don’t have to wait for a year. However, even here there are rules. For example, if you download the game Township on your computer, then you will have the opportunity to see this for yourself. This game will invite you to plunge into rural life. It is no coincidence that among her fans there are many gamers who just love a peaceful farming life, where it is necessary to develop their territories. However, this application is not limited only to the farm theme. After all, here the players will have to demonstrate their business skills in order not just to take over a certain territory belonging to one farmer, but a whole village. It will need to be made attractive to tourists. After all, in this way decent funds will be poured into the budget of the village, and funds will be needed for further development. And if everything is done correctly, then soon a large city will grow on the site of a small settlement. But in order to realize our plans, it is necessary to think over the infrastructure, develop agriculture, as well as other sectors of urban planning.


The fate of an entire village depends on you. And if you approach the matter correctly, you can raise the economy of these places, which means that not only tourists will appear, but also those who decide to live with you. And the more tenants, the more income. However, here it must be remembered that the tenants will also make certain demands on the places where they live. Complicating the process is the fact that you will not only have to think about others, but also not forget about yourself. So you will have to invest decent funds to make a worthy town-planner’s estate. And in an attempt to find a middle ground (do not forget about yourself and think over the fate of other residents), your playing time will pass. The process begins with the simplest: you will need to harvest and sell it. It is due to such actions that your finances will increase, which will allow you to further implement all your plans. Moreover, the system of territory growth and its development is thought out thoroughly. So another goal of yours is to develop the level of the hero. After all, the more he came out, the more your character can do, the more opportunities open up for him. As a result, you can not only build standard structures, but also use unique structures that can attract more and more tourists to your lands or those who decide to stay here forever. Thanks to the synchronization function, you can engage in the development of lands not alone, but with friends. Mutual assistance is also available here, which allows the team to work on the economic well-being of the area.

Therefore, you do not have to wait painfully long for the end of all the processes you have started. And at the same time, you will not receive them instantly. But the waiting time can be spend on other, no less important matters. After all, if you set out to turn the village into a metropolis, then you will always have something to do. Moreover, there is no linear plot here. And what happens in the end is completely up to you. If you have not thought through all the moments thoroughly, spent money on “beauty”, forgetting about the infrastructure, then it is quite possible that your territories will never turn into a big city. Therefore, carefully weigh all actions and consider the rationality of purchases. It will appeal to parents who decide to launch an application for children that develops an aspect of this game. The fact is that it clearly shows how cities are formed, as well as what products are obtained from what. It is no coincidence that there are people of different age groups among gamers. Tired of the righteous labors of city planning? No problem. The developers have tried to diversify the gameplay and even suggest you go in search of treasures. In addition, the resources obtained in this way can again be spent on achieving their goals.

Join an alliance or create your own

Starting at level 19, the player can join someone else’s union or create his own. This will require 1000 coins and the restoration of the Union Center. By joining the union, you agree to play the Regatta. With its help, you can quickly pump your level and city, and earn more money. But the regatta will take time, so if you miss it and do not help your friends in the union, you may be expelled as an extra link.

Create your union

You can create an alliance in the Alliance Center on the Create Alliance tab. Choose a title, set an icon and intro options. There are three of them:

  • open – this means that all players can join it;
  • private – players join only by your invitation;
  • on request – you are accepted into the union upon requests from other users.

Select a union in the Union Center and submit a request if it is closed, or join yourself if it is open. You can also join an alliance at the invitation of a friend.

Farms to manage and expand

Township is the name of a cute little provincial town where you will be the mayor. But you can call it differently, whatever you want. The town is engaged in agriculture, manufacturing, and the rest of the production you need to establish. Don’t know how? You will have an advisor Ernie, a good guy who will always guide and prompt, give useful advice. It is better to start the game Township with training, but when the adviser asks you to speed up all your affairs, press “Back”, saving 26 bucks. Believe me, they will come in handy. Start your day by sowing wheat, then take care of cows and milk, and then the wheat will ripen, you can take the first harvest and sell it along with milk at the local market. For the products produced, you will receive coins, and for actions – experience points that increase the level. Along with the growth of the level, it becomes possible to increase the population of the city and then the opening of new buildings, which significantly expands the player’s possibilities for making money.

Graphics and controls

The game is notable for its high-quality hand-drawn graphics. All game objects look very bright and colorful. Many game actions are accompanied by high-quality animation. The city, in which life is literally in full swing, pleases the eye. If we talk about the control system, then it is quite simple and convenient. Intuitive control is realized by touching the screen. On our website you can download both the regular version of the Township game and the hacked version for Android.

Download Township MOD APK 8.4.0 Android APK

Fans of the famous FarmVille 2: Country Escape and Gardenscapes will definitely find this latest game from Playrix interesting. Not to mention that you’ll also have access to our unlimited mod, which is quite dope.