The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land (MOD, High Damage)

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Next Games
Oct 19, 2021
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It is called The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land MOD APK + OBB (High Damage) and, yes, it is associated with the excellent TV series The Walking Dead! And, what pleases not only the name: Daryl himself will be your mentor, and many locations in the game will be painfully familiar to fans of this series. And the very spirit of Walking Dead is also present, despite the fact that this is not a horror action game, but a turn-based zombie strategy with elements of a time manager.

About the game

The game was the creation of the Finnish studio Next Games, which promised that the game conditions will be as close as possible to the plot of The Walking Dead: a lot of zombies, the constant need to make decisions and, of course, an endless survival mode. Before the start of the game, you will be shown a story video about the team of survivors. Two guys and a girl were trapped in a factory trailer, from where they decided to get out. Opening the door, the guys found a horde of zombies, which immediately rushed to hunt for fresh meat. It would seem – that’s it, the end! But here the main character, well-known from the series, comes on the stage with triumph – Daryl, aka Norman Reedus. After a miraculous rescue, Daryl takes the team to the village, where all the survivors have gathered. This is where your base will be located, which will have to be constantly improved: build medical posts, farms, armories and workshops, etc.


Features of the game

All familiar faces

In The Walking Dead No Man’s Land, you take control of a completely new character for the franchise, but along the journey you will meet many famous characters, including Rick, Daryl, Michonne and others. Moreover, you can take them into your squad and together conquer the wild lands, into which America has become infected with a zombie virus!

Keeping pace with the times

The developers are developing the project in full accordance with the course of the TV show “The Walking Dead”: you will find familiar scenes and plot twists from the series, as well as events timed to coincide with the loudest events in the world of “The Walkers”.

Engage in battles with zombies with squads

Your squad may consist of several fighters led by a protagonist. Moving through the post-apocalyptic world , you will engage in battles with zombies and squads of other players – if they are aggressive. To win, you need to correctly place the characters on the battlefield, actively use the environment, as well as strengthen the heroes, develop their skills and improve equipment.

Create your Own base

You can pump fighters in the camp, safely hidden in the forest. Here you will build a farm , training ground and other objects necessary for the survival of the group, and will invest resources in the development of the base in order to gain access to new improvements and gameplay opportunities.

Play Online game

In addition to the aforementioned PvP battles, The Walking Dead No Man’s Land also has PvE activities, in which you can team up with other survivors and challenge powerful enemies together – for example, raid bosses.

Enjoy Harsh realism

The world in which the events of the game unfold is gloomy, cruel, but very attractive. Here you will not acquire survival skills, but at least you will know what to do when the zombie apocalypse begins.

Download The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land MOD APK + OBB

The game did not disappoint. The gameplay is indeed in many ways similar to the plot of the TV series, and the elements of the city-planning strategy add variety to the endless battles. In general – if you like a mixture of “war” with a crowd of zombies and charismatic protagonists and building strategy.