The Sims Mobile (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Express your creativity as you customize your Sims’ distinct appearances and unique personalities, giving them traits and having fun with fashion and hairstyles.
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Nov 10, 2021
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The Sims™ Mobile (MOD, Unlimited Money/Simoleons) is a new part of the popular game, where the user needs to create his own virtual family, buy houses, cars, furniture and everything that is necessary to meet the needs of family members. This is a relatively new project from the Electronic Arts development team, which is aimed at smartphones based on android. An update is planned for iOS in the future.


When you first meet the game, you will be prompted to choose a character. It can be like a ready-made hero, i.e. with the given characteristics of appearance, clothing, voice, as well as surname and first name, and a personal hero, on whose appearance the user has thoroughly worked. As in any other version of The Sims, the mobile application provides the opportunity to update facial features, create an attractive hairstyle, and work on the image. The game is focused on full immersion in virtual reality. It’s about choosing the character traits of a new hero. So, you can specify any form of leisure activities, starting with sports, ending with visiting rock concerts, clubs, driving sports cars.

One of the main distinguishing features of the new The Sims Mobile is its unique graphics. It should be borne in mind that if you download The Sims Mobile, then you can play absolutely free on devices with the Android platform. However, the surrounding landscape, grass, trees, water bodies and other elements of the landscape look realistic. This is despite the fact that the game weighs in at around 60 MB. With its interface, the game will remind avid Sims series players of the popular Sims City simulator, where you need to build your city, manage and organize the work of utilities, lay engineering systems, communications and much more. The aftermath of character creation, acquaintance with a new home, the opportunity to communicate with other virtual heroes opens up. A few seconds later, a girl (Bella) will knock on the door, who will say that she knew the grandmother of the new hero. This will be the beginning of a long and fruitful communication with her.

Features Of The Game

The simulator has carefully worked out the process of obtaining game achievements. Throughout the acquaintance with the game reality, themed achievements will await the user. Talk to a friend – unlock the social reward, get a job in a cafe and pour alcohol in a bar – start a bartender career. In The Sims Mobile, every action takes an action. Unlike the computer version of the game, you need to wait about 7 seconds to brew coffee. Prepare lunch – at least 5 seconds. However, the developers offer an opportunity to speed up this process. To do this, it is enough to pay with in-game currency. Its user receives for unlocking achievements, completing tasks. You can also top up your balance by paying with real money.

The first job in the Sims Mobile universe is a bartender. It is important to quickly fulfill official duties, come to shift on time. The player will be asked to prepare strong drinks, give them directly to the client, and wipe the table. All this will require the character to spend a certain amount of time. Everything happens quickly enough at first, but in the long term it is assumed that the user will spend much more time unlocking any thematic achievements.

Create Unique Sims

Sims Mobile has a full-fledged character editor, where you can change height, weight, skin color, hair, eyes, clothes, shoes, accessories … By cooperating with Izzy Fabulez from the Fashion Store, you can fill your wardrobe with stylish things. As you gain life experience, you will also be able to empower your Sim with personality traits.

Build The Perfect Home

For each Sim, you can create and arrange the perfect home in which they can relax and enjoy life. Sims Mobile has many options for furniture, decor, household appliances. In addition to your own home, you can also equip a restaurant, fashion studio or nightclub according to your own preferences.

Shape Your Sims lifestyle

Thanks to The Sims Mobile for Android, you can take complete control of your Sims’ lives, defining their hobbies and career success, forging relationships with other Sims, creating families and generations.

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Play Multiplayer

Your Sim can meet friends, build romantic relationships, have children, or organize parties. And such interactions are possible not only with your or NPCs, but also with the Sims of other players. Since Sims Mobile for Android has a multiplayer option that is unique for mobile versions. Chat with your friends’ Sims, build relationships with them, and exchange emotional stickers for which you can get nice bonuses.

Keep your Sims busy

This tip is important because with all the screens and activities provided here, it’s very easy to forget if your Sim is busy with something. Always keep an eye on the statuses of your Sims, and as soon as they have completed the current task, immediately try to give them the next one. Another thing that needs to be monitored at all times is the Sims energy level indicator. Doing something will cause the Sim’s energy level to drop. You can start some kind of activity even with zero energy level, but know that first you will have to perform several actions that restore it, for example, take a shower or take a nap. This will increase the energy level and allow the Sim to do their planned activities.

Benefit from work

The tutorial level will demonstrate that your Sims have both hobbies and jobs. In the future, a variety of career options will open up before them. Which one to choose? Our advice is to choose the job that you like and don’t get stuck on the idea that you need to change it. Each work will offer you an interesting plot and tasks to complete, in each you can make progress. Of course, depending on what inclinations you choose for your Sim in the process of creating him, certain activities will suit him better. So try to focus on what you can be most effective at.

Keep track of timers and energy

When it comes to time management, the essence of The Sims Mobile is this: if you don’t want to invest real money in a game, you have a lot to plan and remember. This means assigning tasks to Sims, keeping track of timers, and returning to the game on time when the timers expire and the Sims have completed the assigned tasks. At the time when you do not visit the game for a long time, try to give Sims serious tasks that require more time. Keep an eye on the energy of the characters at all times. Do what replenishes it so that you can keep your Sims busy with something useful, but energy-consuming. If you learn to manage energy, your activities will be as efficient and profitable as possible.

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Don’t get carried away with fashion

Mod is everywhere in The Sims Mobile, but it doesn’t really matter. The idea of ​​customizing your Sims, changing their hairstyles, makeup and clothes looks very appealing. But often it doesn’t make much sense. The most fashionable things are unrealistically expensive, and the in-game currency on your account will run out extremely quickly if you are fond of shopping. This does not mean that there is no point in dressing up your heroes, but everything should be in moderation. Remember, your resources are very limited here.

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The Sims Mobile doesn’t just offer the in-depth life simulation gameplay that you find on these games, but also the massive social world with millions of online gamers. Find yourself interacting with thousands of online gamers and share your thoughts about life. Plus, it’s free to play.