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From the creators of The Sims™ comes a complete Sims experience on mobile! Grow SimTown to expand your Sim community and create an entire town with your own style, personalities and dreams!
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Nov 30, 2021
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Download The Sims FreePlay 5.65.0 MOD Apk (Unlimited Points/VIP) For Android

The Sims series from EA is native to the gaming industry, and the first games in it came out. However, with the growing popularity of smartphones, and most importantly, their technical capabilities, developers have an excellent opportunity to port their hits to this convenient platform. Smartphones are always at hand, which is what developers use. Gameplay in mobile games is often tied to entering the game several times a day, which would hardly be possible on a android. With smartphones, the entire gaming world is always at hand for the user.

Games from the Sims series fit perfectly into this concept. In fact, mobile Sims resemble a more advanced version of the popular Tamagotchi games in the nineties. You should check in regularly to check what your Sims are doing, whether they are hungry or idle. At the same time, you can download Sims Mobile on a android phone – we will talk about this below. Now let’s see if the mobile versions of this game are worth any attention at all.

About the game

All games in the Sims series are about creating characters, building relationships with other Sims, creating a family, and so on. Sims Fripley was no exception. A distinctive feature of this particular part, in addition to focusing on smartphones, is the entourage. The game takes place on a tropical island.

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Here you have to build and furnish your tropical chalet, find friends, build a career and have fun in a summer paradise. Few would refuse such a pleasure – with the Sims, anyone can easily do it. With the help of the quest system, you will be able to discover all new places on the island, and a bunch of outfits will diversify the style of your heroes. Here you yourself can choose what scenario the character’s life will follow, because the main character of this game is you.


The gameplay mechanics of the game are as similar as possible to those of the original game. Here we also create characters, set their behavior, equip a house, build a career and love. But first things first. It all starts with the character editor. This is a very important moment for many, because they often associate themselves with the hero. It can be funny to create a friend in the game. So it’s worth spending more time here. You can change the skin color, headdress, hairstyle, beard and mustache, clothes, head shape and eye color … In general, there are quite a few selectable characteristics. Well, The Sims has always been famous for its powerful editor, and mobile is no exception. Download Sims Freeplay to your phone and start your adventure now.

After creating a character and choosing a name for him, we get into the game. The first thing that the game offers us is to send the hero to the toilet by purchasing a toilet beforehand. Quite a controversial decision to start the game, but the developers know better – they also created this hit. In general, home improvement and the needs of the character have always received a lot of attention in the games of the series. In The Sims Freeplay, the character has six different needs – natural need, hunger, thirst, vigor, communication and leisure. For each of them there is a separate scale on the character panel. It is important to keep track of his needs so that your character does not become unhappy. A happy character performs all actions more efficiently and earns more experience points.

Additional Features

There are two main types of process control in the game: directly at houses and objects where there are characters, or on a general map of the area. On the map, you build new buildings, houses for characters and jobs, gaining experience for this. Each building takes a certain amount of time. You can speed up the process with the help of style points, which are given for in-game achievements. In addition, they can be purchased for money at the store.

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You can also speed up the character’s stay at work, like any other of his actions. Well, if there are no points, then you can just watch the actions of the sim – they are quite funny animated. Having created several characters, you can collect them in one place and make friends by selecting the desired action on the communication panel. As you improve the relationship between your Sims, you will watch them become friends.

Can Direct Sim Actions

I’m washing my hands after the toilet. The feature of “The Sims FreePlay” is that you can instruct the actions of Sims. You can instruct a surprising variety of things such as bathing, cooking, eating, watching TV, and so on. To put it the other way around, if you don’t instruct, nothing will happen … As the game progresses, it will do it for you, but it’s quite difficult to get there. In a sense, it’s like raising a child. Players can also instruct encounters. I suddenly started doing something interesting because the impression of the first meeting was important. Even though it was my first time meeting, I tried to sit at the other party’s house. You can really do various things. I also cook! Make it yourself, eat it yourself, wash it yourself … Why is it so empty?

You can freely expand or remodel your house

If you have money, you can freely expand or remodel your house. You can expand the walls, create new rooms, and even change the wallpaper, roof, and exterior walls. The arrangement of the winning furniture can be decided, and the orientation can be decided freely. You can plant flowers in the garden, create fields, and so on! This high degree of freedom is the appeal of “The Sims FreePlay”.

The trick to play is to give instructions properly

In The Sims FreePlay, you have to tell the Sims to do anything. Do you eat, sleep, or go to work? It may be a little troublesome, but let’s give instructions one by one. It’s like training a child. Since you are a resident of your own city, please be careful not to get in a bad mood.

Impressions of playing

“The Sims FreePlay” has a really high degree of freedom, and the movements when doing what you instruct are also very detailed. When I watch TV, the image appears on the screen properly, and when I eat, I use a knife and fork. The toilet has a mosaic (laughs) It’s a pity that each action takes a lot of time. It takes 2 hours to check the bookshelf … too much! You can say that. Well, it’s free so I can’t complain. This is a simulation game that you take your time to play. If you want to build your own city, please play it.

Download The Sims FreePlay 5.65.0 MOD Apk

This is the first experience of developers on porting this large-scale game to smartphones. I must say, he turned out to be successful. So much so that many may well want to download Sims Freeplay to their phone. We hope you now know how to do this.