The Silent Sea: Not Bad In The Current in Top 10 Netflix Series

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While acknowledging the popularity and success of hallyu (Korean movies and music) productions around the world over the past few years, some people still have a slightly different view of certain films that have been released. considered the most popular.

Although it is greeted with representation of a transgender character and is Ghanaian-Korean, for some Itaewon Class has an absurd storyline and is heavily lost in the middle of the film, if not earlier. BTS is the biggest boy band in the world right now, but their recent English-language hits (“Butter” and “Dynamite”) bought from Western musicians seem to be reinforcing their cultural power. more mysterious hegemony than challenging with anything particularly new or Korean. And many of them may be entangled in the controversy surrounding the new TV series.

With that said, there are also many interesting things about hallyu. The film industry, fueled by genuine artisans like Bong Joon-ho and Park Chang-ho, creates amazing works of art. AKMU’s music is a bright light of novel melodies with self-written lyrics.

And that is the setting of the new series “The Silent Sea” coming to Netflix from Korea. As with series being made these days, the cinematography, visuals and lighting can all be ranked first: a feast to the eyes. Don’t use so many confusing backgrounds and CGI and models that the audience will be suspicious for a few seconds. Basically, like the standards of many other films, the standards of the film’s appearance and aesthetics are emphasized.

Familiar faces appeared in blockbusters like “Squid Game” and “Crash Landing on You.” However, the most important is the role of Song Ji-an played by Bae Doo-na. Bae has acting skills. Because it’s a Korean drama, there are a lot of close-up shots of faces and non-dialogue scenes where emotions are expressed through the viewer’s interpretation. But throughout, Bae manages to keep audiences engaged by getting deeper and deeper into the role as the story develops. She certainly has a lot of weight in this regard as the only proof is that actor Gong Yoo throughout the film only sheds an inaudible tear at the end of the film. What Gong Yoo does is not effective enough.

Bae Doo-na and Gong Yoo

The plot of the film is about a chaotic world without water, revolving around a mystery on the lunar space station named Balhae. With the radiation incident that happened 5 years ago, with no survivors, a team of scientists and soldiers was sent to retrieve a package. As they investigate further, a mystery is unraveled and things are not as they initially believed. If the audience has watched James Cameron’s 1986 film, “Aliens”, will recognize a lot of things. It is basically “Aliens” but without the Aliens.

The same motion-tracking equipment is used, the labs look incredibly similar, and in the end what is revealed is a young girl running around in the vent having survived the ordeals. aghast. The heroine, Silent Sea’s Ripley, develops a motherly relationship with the young girl and even convinces the military man (Hicks) to take care of her with her. As the situation unfolds, the characters realize that what they have found on this abandoned space station is being taken back by commercial interests who want to return to Earth, but they worry instead of saving them. people, it will probably kill everyone.

Just like Aliens’ Ripley, the woman survived all the carnage while the others around her couldn’t cope with the circumstances. The audience may notice that in this Korean drama, the three characters who survived the ordeal are all women. Unlike most other Seoul operas, there isn’t a single unresolved romantic plot or sexual tension. It’s modern and impersonal.


Despite this, Korea is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. Therefore, focusing mainly on historical dramas and leaving the science fiction and future-centered stories to the West is a pretty correct decision.

Some academic papers suggest that these differences are the result of centuries of avant-garde imperialism and overseas colonialism and inward stability. If Aliens were an allegory of the Vietnam War, perhaps we could find some sort of geopolitical weird allegory in “The Silent Sea?” Similar to “Squid Game”, the behind-the-scenes villains who really cause all the suffering of Korean people in “The Silent Sea” are caricatures of Westerners: the English-speaking bad guys who only care mind their own interests.

Is Korea a post-colonial society still facing the bitterness and resentment of foreign influence and imperial power?

“The Silent Sea” isn’t for everyone. But in a world where everything is overblown, the film is a pretty entertaining story with some watchable performances.

The cast of the series

A lot of early K-pop was derivative – copies of Western and Japanese music. However, over time, it found its own style and created new art forms. If the hallyu trend continues to explore science fiction as well as these early beginnings, there could be more to come in the future.

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