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Nov 21, 2021
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Download The Escapists 2 1.10.681181 MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited Money/Energy) For Android

The Escapists 2 – The best simulator of the life of prisoners planning to escape today. And not only because there are practically no others. This is a really great, well thought-out game, albeit not the most, to put it mildly, modern in appearance, but rich in possibilities, deep, non-linear and with a great sense of humor. Yes, you need to get used to it, go through a certain routine at first, when you study the schedule, get acquainted and get used to it. Yes, the controls and interface are still not the most convenient, and at the start there were many technical problems that the authors were gradually fixing. But the gameplay itself in this case really redeems everything. In the end, in what other game is a situation possible when you and a friend make an escape plan together, then because of your oversight you end up in a punishment cell, and your friend, having freaked out, beats you half to death,


As you already understood, in this game, you are given the role of a bad guy, who, thanks to his ingenuity and resourcefulness, must leave the walls of the prison as soon as possible. But not everything is so simple. If you have already played the first part, then you know that on the way of the main character there will be many difficult tasks. Here you will obey a strict schedule, attend roll calls and not arouse suspicion from strict security guards. In parallel with prison life – you will embody dreams of freedom into reality. How? It’s simple: study the floor plan (tunnels, roofs, dungeons), find the necessary materials from your cellmates, exchange or buy them, and then create unique items that will help your hero.


In fact, there is nothing difficult. The main character is controlled using the touchpad. There is a menu “backpack”, by opening this tab you can get acquainted with the things that are in stock. At the bottom left there is also a health indicator, a charge of energy, and an indicator of “clubs” – the number of hits received from the guards. At the bottom right, the “Target” key is an information field about what you need to do.

You can also interact with other characters in the game. When you are hovering over a certain object, you choose an action from the proposed ones: “sit down”, “take”, “talk” and so on. It is worth noting that the control of the character in the escapists 2 is quite easy and is carried out using the touchpad.

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Prison romance

The original game hit the free time on the spot, representing a full-fledged “sandbox” with a lot of options on how to live and behave in prison, how to plan an escape and exactly how to escape. In addition, she could well become a visual aid for survival and, so to speak, escape from captivity. In the sequel as a whole, everything is the same, the mechanics remained intact. There are a dozen different prisons to choose from, and in each our prisoner is left to himself – live, survive, think how to escape. This, however, is not synonymous with the complete freedom that exists in typical “sandboxes”. In The Escapists 2 , on the contrary, your life is subject to strict rules and a rigid schedule – as it should be in the conclusion.

You need to have time to do everything on time – go to the check-up, to the dining room (replenishes energy), to the gym and the library (where you “pump” your strength and intellect, respectively), to the shower (it’s better not to pick up soap!), To work, to lights out. If the guards notice that you are not there or are late, the level of suspicion in relation to the character rises. This means that the checks of your camera are becoming more frequent, where in the nightstand and in its secret compartment you can store various things useful for escape – a screwdriver, wire cutters, crowbar, bat and so on. And, of course, no one canceled the punishment cell, where you can be forced to peel potatoes.

Tell me who is your friend … and the prisoner

But during all the compulsory classes (and even more so in your free time), you must manage to communicate with other prisoners and even with the guards, rummage through the bedside tables in search of the aforementioned things or ingredients (the higher the intelligence, the more advanced blueprints of objects are available!), Think , estimate, memorize, plan, prepare nychku. And even carry out the orders of others. The beaten are immediately carried to the hospital, where they quickly come to their senses.

Quests are mostly unpretentious – beat someone, take that bat, find a can of paint. But there are also tasks for ingenuity – someone, for example, will ask a cellmate to sabotage so that he could not go to work and lost it. If you want – send him to the infirmary. But more interesting, if you flood his cell, clogging up the toilet, the poor fellow will definitely not be up to work! As a reward, they give money for which it will be possible to bargain for something useful from other prisoners, as well as a reputation. Over time, you can make acquaintances and friends with whom it is easier to plan an escape. If you act more rudely, beat everyone (and no one forbids this), provoking fights and riots, constantly sitting in punishment cells and not completing quests, then the reputation will fall below the plinth, and the guards will torture you with camera checks.

Just like in Prison Break

All of these mechanics in The Escapists 2 have been expanded, improved, and embellished. Moreover, it is decorated in the literal sense – the game has switched to a new engine, and now the “pixel” landscapes and the same prisoners look clearer, prettier, brighter. In general, there are more details around, everything seems more lively – the prisoners are constantly talking, telling some stories, complaining about something, joking, complaining.

An advanced character editor has also appeared, allowing you to create some kind of hairy bespectacled freak in a hat from a bear’s head (such a prisoner, you must admit, will also revive the prison routine). You can customize not only your appearance, but also the appearance of the guards at your discretion. However, it is much more important that in the gameplay itself there is even more freedom and variability – how to plan, prepare and exactly how to escape. Nobody canceled the most obvious ways like digging holes with the preliminary curtain of the camera and covering the hole with posters, organizing riots and solving problems with the force “pumped” in the gym. You can tinker with a scarecrow, put it in bed, take the uniform from a lone guard and run to cut through the fence with homemade wire cutters as soon as possible.

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There are also more elegant solutions. For example, a film crew regularly visits one of the prisons, filming a documentary about the state of the penitentiary system. How to take advantage of this situation, I think you yourself guessed.

Let’s run away together!

The uniqueness of the escape options largely depends directly on what kind of slave you find yourself in. There are a variety of correctional institutions to choose from: some are in the desert, others are in Siberia, others are at the military base where you were taken prisoners, or even in space, and the action takes place in the future. There is also a prison on wheels. More precisely, on the rails – this is a well-guarded carriage that takes you somewhere in the middle of the prairies, and to escape, you can use a horse galloping nearby. But first you have to make … a dummy carrot.

That is, there are many options, including the funniest and most unexpected ones. And they get even more interesting, fun and inventive if you act together with other players, especially with friends or with those whom you understand well. Yes, the sequel has a full-fledged multiplayer. And it’s not only about a cooperative, where fun does not negate mutual assistance and responsibility, but also about a competitive mode. There, the players compete, who will quickly find a way to escape from prison in the allotted time. All the accompanying elements are in place – both records and leaderboards.


If you are nostalgic for 16 – bit consoles, then this application is probably created for you. Cartoonish, pixelated graphics add a special flavor to the entire gameplay. But despite the seemingly simple design, the developers took care of the gaming atmosphere. Every detail is detailed here.

Download The Escapists 2 1.10.681181 MOD Apk

Download The Escapists 2 Suitable for those who are attracted by the romance of the disadvantaged in captivity. Especially if you’re tired of watching the Prison Break series.