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With over a zillion downloads, Temple Run redefined mobile gaming. Now get more of the exhilarating running, jumping, turning and sliding you love in Temple Run 2!
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June 8, 2021
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The game has garnered a lot of praise, spawning a new casual subgenre already mentioned above. Check out the App Store today – Subway Surfers , Into the Dead , Agent Dash , Rail Rush – these are only its most famous representatives. But Temple Run itself somehow got lost, most likely, primarily due to poor graphics and lack of Retina support, as far as my memory serves. However, even if Temple Run would still be in the first places in the TOP games, the release of the second part would still take place. You need to build on your success. Did it work or not? Rather, still no. Let’s figure it out.


As mentioned above, the mechanics of the game have undergone only minor changes. All that is required of you is to jump over huge boulders in time, roll under broken trees and jets of fire and turn to the sides at forks – sometimes there can be one continuation of the path, sometimes several. And of course, the most important factor why most players will prefer, for example, Subway Surfers , and not the heroine of the review – here you need to tilt the phone in different directions. I realized how brilliant this screenshot is only when I realized that the hero … He seems to be standing on the edge of the abyss, his hands up to heaven! In some runners, the entire track is divided into 3 paths, between which you can navigate by swiping your finger. Here the track is much narrower, but in order to move to its edges or to the center, you need to tilt the device in the appropriate direction. So it is much more difficult to collect the entire row of coins, which are often located not at all along the edges, and, for example, to stay on a narrow cliff. Which of the systems is better, everyone decides for himself. But the fact that Temple Run 2 is a little more difficult in terms of management is undeniable.

In the course of the game, you collect coins not only in order to lower them later in the store. When they are picked up, the counter on the right of the screen is also filled. When it becomes full to the top, you can activate a unique feature that you select in advance in the character menu. It could be something like a shield or a coin magnet.

Rich graphics

“Temple Run 2” is a sequel to the blockbuster smartphone running game . Like the previous work, the hero who got the idol escapes from the devilish monkey. The operation is basically the same as the previous work , jumping and sliding with the up and down slides, and turning with the left and right slides. The changes are the much richer graphics and diversification of upgrade elements . In addition, the action of descending with a rope and the scene of riding a dolly became flashy. You can enjoy the game with gorgeous graphics while keeping the fun of the previous work.

New productions such as trucks

The dolly has a perfect sense of speed. The operation and rules are almost the same as the previous work, so no explanation is necessary. Whereas the previous work was in an eerie temple, this work is set on a mountain road with a good view. There was a part where the background was hard to see in the scene of turning. Also, the biggest feature of this work is the flashy rope descent and the dolly scene . The rope descent automatically slides down when you jump . In the truck, tilt the terminal to select the route. The graphics and production aspects have become very gorgeous throughout. On the other hand, old terminals have the disadvantage that they feel heavy and cannot be enjoyed at a good tempo.

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You can also change the character!

You can use 4 characters by unlocking. Furthermore, the point added in this work is abundant upgrades. In addition to the skill upgrade that was in the previous work, you can change the character . The skill to be unlocked differs depending on the character, and the depth of the world view has increased. Overall, it’s a great quality as a running game monument like the previous one. However, it is a little disappointing that there were no major changes like this.

Game flow

The basic operation is the same as the previous work, so you can understand it immediately. The trick is to enter the slide a little earlier when turning left or right. Collect the coins placed on the stage and use them for various upgrades. Also, when you collect coins, the gauge on the left accumulates, and you can use the skill with a double touch. There are multiple skills, but only one can be used. This skill is a shield that nullifies obstacles only once. The operation of tilting the terminal is important in the truck. It’s quite difficult because of the sense of speed. In addition to growth factors, various achievements are also available, and there are enough factors to get involved

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We run, buy characters, buy bonuses and abilities, try to break our own record. It turns out a good arcade game that will pass the time in queues and public transport. but with our mod you can get whatever you want for free so enjoy.

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