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Grab your sword, assemble a team of heroes, and join Sword Master on an epic adventure to defeat the mighty Titan Lords in over 70,000 levels.
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Nov 11, 2021
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Tap Titans 2 are a very peculiar genre of games. Even by the name, you can already understand that tapes become the main action in such applications. Often, the more we click on the screen, the more useful action we get. Very quickly, these games are sent away from the smartphone, but Tap Titans 2 is not one of them.


Like most clickers, Tap Titans 2 is an almost endless game. The ceiling can be called the full pumping of the character, the maximum pumped artifacts and relics. Until that happens, we will go through and go through the levels. On each of which, by the way, there are 10 opponents: 9 ordinary and 1 boss.

At first, dealing with opponents is not at all difficult. Know only pump the blow of your hero, as well as his allies. Over time, the enemies become much stronger. And sooner or later the moment comes when even all together fail to defeat the boss. In this case, they will be saved by superpowers, which can be activated with the help of mana. For daily visits to the game, the user will receive pleasant rewards, including gold, diamonds, pet eggs. The most interesting gameplay is when we participate in a tournament. Here you have both a competitive spirit and an additional incentive to fight to the end, making the most of all the opportunities for this. The whole thing is accompanied by a good voice acting, which I personally rate in terms of quality at 4 points out of 5.


Tap Titans 2 belongs to the 2D games category. About half of the screen is occupied by a playable area, in which allied heroes, our character and opponents are located. Fairies fly right there, periodically dropping useful boosters. Active and inactive icons are located at the top of the screen. Using the gear, you can enter the settings menu to customize the sound, notifications, language, and the type of resource display. You can also purchase fan-made goods for the game, set up a player account, and even use the built-in calculator. To the right is the shield icon, which allows you to open the guild window. We will return to the question of participation in guilds, but for now we are moving on. After a recent update, a letter icon appeared immediately. In this menu, you can regularly get acquainted with upcoming events (such as tournaments, for example).

At the top in the center are the bars of levels, as well as the health of the titans. We will destroy them either ourselves (with the help of tapes on the screen), or with the help of allies (they inflict damage to the titans every second). Under the bar of the enemy’s living standard, you can see the number of coins earned (dropped from enemies, pets, chests). The lower part of the screen is occupied by statistics that can tell you something interesting about our hero and his allies. Here there is information about what damage the pet, character, allies do. In addition, the total damage at a particular point in time is also shown. Even lower – 6 slots for the hero’s superpowers.

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The Whole Truth About Titans

These are our only opponents. As I said, at each level, 9 common titans and 1 boss await us. The latter has an increased supply of health. How to deal with this is a personal matter for everyone. After all, the equipment will come across to each user in a random order. As well as pets, by the way. There is no universal tactics, you need to look specifically at your team and equipment.

It is important to mention that we have only 30 seconds to destroy any boss. And if at first this is quite enough, then later in such a gap you can easily not meet even with a good pumping of the team. Among the titans there are those from which more gold falls than from the rest. Their name is the Chestersons. In addition: the amount of gold dropped from them can be increased with the help of artifacts, pets and pumping allies. If you cannot defeat the boss in the allotted time, you will fight the titans. When you level up the team, challenge the boss by clicking the button in the upper right corner.

The strength and abilities of the hero

It’s time for us to talk about how to pump your character during the battle. In order to bring up the menu, click on the orange button on the panel at the bottom of the screen. A sword is depicted there. As you can see, here you can go to the account settings, open the skill tree, and also collect the reward for the achievements achieved. We’ll come back to the skill tree a little later, because it is a passive upgrade. Now it is much more important for us to talk about how to make the hero better already during the battle, how to tirelessly improve his characteristics. Pay attention to how many points the levels will rise. I usually buy 10 units, because one can be downloaded for a long time and tediously, and 100 at a time is too expensive. There is also an option to buy the maximum level that is available for the accumulated amount of gold. Nevertheless, 10 points remain the golden mean in this matter.

See the blue bar under the image square? As soon as it is full, the hero’s damage (similarly for allies) will be increased by 2, 5 or 10 times. A very useful thing that will help you climb the locations as quickly as possible. Improving the hit gives an increase in strength for tapes. Now let’s look at the active abilities of the hero, of which there are 6 available in Tap Titans 2 so far:

  1. Heavenly Strike. The simplest ability, which, when activated, summons an assistant to deliver one powerful blow. Can help out during the boss battle, gives you the opportunity to buy time to complete the battle;

  2. Critical Power. It is activated for a certain period of time and increases the chance of a critical hit. If dropped from the gifts of fairies, it can be useful. But I never buy critical power for mana, because it doesn’t make sense;

  3. Touch of Midas. Less than 400 stages – a very important ability. For each touch, coins drop out that you can pick up. For 30 seconds (the standard time of the active ability), you can fill up enough gold to properly pump the character and allies. Works great with the following ability;

  4. Fire sword. Increases damage dealt to Titans by 10 times. Great for mid to late stages, taking down difficult bosses. Paired with Touch of Midas, it allows you to earn a huge amount of coins, because it takes only a couple of seconds to destroy a titan, and we get more and more money for active promotion;

  5. Battle cry. Has no effect on the character, but increases the attack speed of allies by 5 times. It makes sense when the damage of allies is much higher than our hero. Not bad for battling difficult bosses (especially when paired with the Fire Sword);

  6. Shadow Clone. Summons a clone of a character that deals 20 hits per second. Ruthless and merciless, the shadow overshadows everyone on the battlefield – both the character and allies. And to be honest, all of them combined. Looking at her work, you can calmly fold your arms and watch the fight during the action.

It is important to note that abilities are activated by using mana. It rolls back over time. Improving the rollback allows pumping allies, artifacts. The same can be said for improving abilities. By pumping them, you increase your maximum mana.

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When you are ready to move to the next level and advance further, use the prestige in the same menu. It will take you back to the first stage (that is, the game will start from the very beginning). However, you will receive 1 skill point for every 50 stages completed and relics that can be exchanged for artifacts. This means that with each prestige you can become stronger and stronger. However, it is recommended to do this only when it is simply impossible to move forward. Indeed, it is in such a situation that we get the maximum number of relics.

Allies Will Unlock Passive Skills

These units are very useful because they work independently of the main character. And even at a time when we are not in the game. They certainly won’t go through the stages. But during their absence, they are able to accumulate a decent amount of gold, which can be spent immediately on their pumping. There are more than two dozen characters in the game, and their level must be raised regularly. As with the main character, when the scale is filled, their damage is multiplied by a certain coefficient. In addition, upon reaching marks, for example, at 40, 100 and 500 levels (but not only), allies will unlock passive skills.

As a rule, in the middle and late stages of the game, the damage of allied units is greater than the damage of the character. Much depends on the artifacts, but as a rule, it is a fact. To break through the stages as far as possible, try to open the maximum number of units and pump them well (blue icon on the bottom panel).

Equipment and pets

There are quite a few pets in Tap Titans 2 , and most of them look like allies. With the only proviso that after the prestige, all allies will have to be hired again, and the pets will remain intact. You can only choose one of them, so carefully consider the alignment before making a choice. In any case, the pet can be quickly changed (green icon). You can get them from eggs, which are issued every few hours.

Don’t forget to use the equipment (yellow icon). These are swords, hats, armor and much more. Equipment can greatly simplify the gameplay. For example, you can get four times more gold with it. I think that against such a turn of events, none of the players would be against it. If two pieces of equipment have the same effect and differ only in the chance or percentage of the action, then the weak one can be sold for diamonds. But keep the strong one and use it if necessary.

Artifacts and diamond boosters

Artifacts are inherently similar to equipment. They also give a passive boost to action. For example, they multiply the damage of a hit or allied units. However, they can be pumped, while such a trick will not work with equipment. Most importantly, you can only get artifacts by exchanging them for relics. And relics are awarded with prestige. The further you go through the stages, the more relics you will receive.

The second game currency is diamonds. You can buy them for real money, you can get them for watching ads (we shoot down chests with gifts of fairies). In addition, you can get diamonds by completing achievements or participating in tournaments. The higher you climb in the standings, the bigger the reward you will receive. And it’s not just about diamonds. In any case, they can give a good bonus for passing. For example, 100 diamonds can buy double damage for 8 hours.

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The developers of Tap Titans 2 have a good clicker that doesn’t get bored after a couple of hours. And this is really commendable! Now let’s move on to the results: