Swamp Attack (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Your swamp is under attack! Grab a weapon and defend your home from the invading monsters, like crazed zombie-style monsters, crocodiles, aliens and more!
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Outfit7 Limited
January 13, 2021
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Swamp Attack MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Energy/Unlocked)

Swamp Attack has a lot of money, which will allow you not to worry about the in-game currency and make all purchases without restrictions.


The protagonist of the game Swamp Attack lived quietly in a small house in the middle of a deep swamp. It seemed that nothing could disturb his peaceful and measured existence. Nevertheless, on one not very beautiful night, the local animals seemed to rebel. They took up arms against the main character and are going to wipe his house off the face of the earth. There is only one way out – to defend. After downloading Swamp Attack, try to do everything possible to protect your home from the invasion of wild animals.


The distraught swamp creatures pose a great danger to both the protagonist and his home. The owner of the hut did not think of anything better than to pick up a gun and start shooting the approaching evil spirits. Stand on the doorstep of your home and defend its borders. The Swamp Attack campaign includes a huge number of exciting levels (over a hundred!). You have an extensive arsenal at your disposal, so you can easily pick up weapons for your own defense. At your service are rifles, machine guns, shotguns, machine guns and much, much more, up to the atomic bomb. As you progress through the game, the enemies will become more and more powerful, but along with this, new means of defense will appear.

The tower defense genre, a classic in mobile games

Undoubtedly, along with platforms, the tower defense genre is one of the greatest classics in mobile games. They are games with great playability, simple, fun, very dynamic and that allow you to play fast games. Plants vs Zombies, which has recently released its third installment, and Clash Royale are two of the best examples of what we just said. They are also two of the biggest dominators of the genre. However, the truth is that they are increasingly faced with more and better competition. That is the case of Swamp Attack, Outfit7 Limited’s bet, which is hitting harder every time.

Defend the castle or rather the swamp hut

Yes, within the Tower Defense genre, you will also find different subgenres. One of them is to defend the castle. The castle, the garden or the hut, depending on what it touches. Because let’s not fool ourselves, the thing about castles, princes and princesses is a bit out of date. Thus, in the case of Swamp Attack, you will have to defend the hut in the swamp. And is that who said that life next to a swamp was very quiet? No, it is not idyllic. Although it is not very boring according to what we see in Swamp Attack.

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A little humor, good music and many unexpected guests

Life is very short, so nothing better than to take it with philosophy. Or at least that’s what the guys at Outfit7 Limited seem to think. Swamp Attack is one of those games that leaves you wanting to play one more game at all times. And it is also a game that is full of details that end up catching you. Two of the most striking are its casual aesthetics and its subtle sense of humor. Thus, it is enough to see the character that we are going to have to embody. The typical American countryman portrayed a thousand times in all kinds of movies, with his cap, his beer belly and his gun. And there he is sitting on the porch of his house in front of the swamp listening to the music that comes from his boombox. And you see where a varied fauna of animals, aliens and other beings have decided to make his day bitter. Do you feel like throwing a cable to defend your home?

A very good setting

Visually, the game stands out for its simple two-dimensional graphics, but with a magnificent setting. Nothing from another world, but they do not clash at all. The general scenario remains more or less the same throughout the entire game. However, the graphic and sound effects are really cool and help keep the pace and excitement of the games going.

A little aim and a good dose of strategy

In Swamp Attack, you have to be quick by pulling the trigger and fine-tune your aiming point, or rather be quick and point your finger. In addition, you also have to find the right strategy. That means choosing the weapons you buy with the coins you get and choosing the right time to use them. Otherwise, forget about going through levels. Above all, from a certain point where to overcome each phase it becomes more and more complicated.

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Levels and more levels

Swamp Attack is a fairly complete game in which you can enjoy a large number of levels. Without going any further, it includes eight great episodes with a total of 300 levels. Something similar can be said about the number and variety of enemies available, which are also really well cared for in many details. There are more than 35 different ones. And when it comes to weapons, more of the same. As you progress, more and more weapons are unlocked. Thus, until reaching the fearsome atomic bomb. Yes, it is a little scary to imagine the typical countryman of an American town with a nuclear bomb in his possession. Imagine how the swamp will be after I detonate it. However, if the singles games end up getting boring for you, don’t worry. Swamp Attack also has a multiplayer mode. Are you ready to face another human player?

A free game with in-app purchases and with advertising

Lately, it seems that a mobile game without ads and without in-app purchases is not a true mobile game. It has stopped being a trend to become almost an obligation. Logically, Swamp Attact Android was not going to be less. In fact, it is not that it is not an exception, it is that it has everything: integrated purchases, advertising, waiting times to play a level and some more details. Thus, as you advance levels, the game will tempt you more and more and with new strategies for you to see ads or invest real money in acquiring improvements. That’s how things are, even if you want to go for free and prefer not to see advertising, in the end no one is going to save you from seeing a few ads. Nor will you get rid of having to wait to play certain levels, or to acquire new weapons and defenses. And, unfortunately, to overcome certain levels you will need to be armed to the teeth, which you can hardly achieve without investing in the game.

Swamp Attack MOD Apk, the best way to enjoy the game fully unlocked

Anyway, if you want to enjoy Swamp Attack without having to invest a penny or watch commercials, now you can. Thus, you can enjoy the game without limits, completely unlocked and free, by downloading Swamp Attack APK mod. This implies having infinite weapons, having all defenses unlocked and eliminating any type of restriction to play. Don’t think twice and download the latest version of Swamp Attack Apk mod for your Android device for free.