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Nov 22, 2021
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Download Stories: Your Choice Pro v0.9374 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Tickets) For Android

Do you like interactive games where everything depends only on you? If so, we recommend downloading and start drinking to the passage of the most incredible story. Here you will have a choice of actions, different variations of answers and many locations that will introduce you to new characters and their lives. It is very easy to immerse yourself in this world, but no one wants to get out of it!


Stories: Your Choice begins with an acquaintance with the main character. He is an ordinary teenager who goes to school and does not want to get up for the first lesson. From his portrait, you can understand that he is about 17 years old and he is quite attractive. You have to choose an appearance for it at the very beginning, and then proceed to the passage. It is worth noting that the basic actions will not take much of your time. You just have to click on the screen, read the story of what is happening and choose the paths along which the plot will develop. This is reminiscent of old books, in which we jumped to different pages depending on the decision we made. But this application is much better than a standard book, because it also contains pictures, so you can develop your own imagination and know the main characters by sight. The story we will follow is more like a romance novel on a romantic island. In translation, the application is called Paradise Islands, so this was to be expected. The developers as a whole have created a really interesting plot, so let’s take a closer look at it, as well as the gameplay.


So, our story begins with the fact that one sunny morning our character wakes up at home and realizes that he needs to get up and go to school. A window pops up in front of you, in which there are several answer options. You can stay to lie down a little more or start collecting. As a result, whatever you do, in a moment the hero finds himself on a strange island. This is spelled out in the main plot, so here we are powerless. He does not understand what happened to him and how he got here. He doesn’t even know where he is. The sun is very hot in hot weather, and therefore he decides to go to the forest to look for people and hide from the heat.

Looking into the thicket, he sees a girl in front, whom he can call from afar, or come closer and put his hand on her shoulder to attract attention. Here, you have to decide what you yourself would do, because the further outcome of the story depends on this. As a result, you have to talk to her in order to find out at least something. Your further companion is not very friendly at first sight, but after talking with her you will be able to establish contact. After you discuss the miraculous appearance on the island, you will have to look for other people as well. As we understand, our new friend does not know as well as you what is going on, so she will not be able to give you an answer. You can now download Stories: Your Choice to your android and go on an incredible interactive adventure.

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Your journey will be long enough

Your journey will be long enough. You will meet another girl, and in the future you will have to get to know her. Both of your companions will dislike each other, so if you ever support one of them, the relationship with the other will deteriorate. But in any case, on the other hand, you can possibly find a soul mate. This application is very interesting, so everything is not so linear and simple here. Go to it at least once to make sure of this. Your decisions will have consequences, and your actions will lead your company to new places. In the future, you will get to know other characters and life will really get complicated. Here, the developers have created all the romantic conditions for young adolescents, which may help them get to know a girl in real life. Also Check similar game Choices Stories You Play.

Create your own story

Here you have to choose a hero and go with him on an unforgettable adventure. Just do not forget that further events will depend on your actions. Several genres are combined here – role-playing and adventure. From the very beginning, you will be able to plunge into the events of choice, so do not hesitate! So, everything starts from the moment you visit the application. First, you have to choose a hero and his gender. There are three different outfits for both men and women. Once you decide, things will start happening right away!

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One choice can change everything!

Choices: Stories You Play – Romance, drama, horror and more. The more possibilities for choice, the more interesting it is. This rule has long been noticed by the developers, after which they tried to release games with a variety of actions and several endings. Somewhere they depended on the decisive choice of the hero, somewhere – on the player’s behavior during the passage. If the story seems to you the most important aspect of the game, we offer you an application in which almost only it will be. The popular nowadays simulator of interactive stories allows everyone to feel to some extent a writer-co-author, responsible for the “turns” of the plot, and to some extent – the arbiter of destinies.

Animation and graphics is great

The game takes up little space and has simple graphics. The 2D picture has a bright design, beautiful design, and an addictive gameplay. Since the game is free to download, there are purchases in it. The version is available for Android and Ios.
The stories are updated regularly, so you’ll always have something to play with!

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Download Stories: Your Choice Pro 0.9374 MOD Apk

In general, this interactive world of the game Stories: Your Choice is interesting, so it is worth downloading the application now. In it you can go on the most incredible journey, where a pleasant and mysterious atmosphere will reign around you and many heroes who can brighten up your time. Make the most absurd choice, try to go through the story several times and consider all its variations and just have fun from the heart.