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It’s been six months since the outbreak. Six months of terror, isolation and grueling hardship.
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June 9, 2021
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State of Survival is a game in which you have to fight an infection that is spreading at an incredible speed and now the entire globe is infected with a virus that makes people walking dead. Eternally hungry zombies now rule this world and eat everything that comes their way. But this cannot go on for a long time, because by a lucky chance the infection did not touch you, and now you need to gather armies of volunteers to lead them to this grandiose victory. In this strategy, you will need a strategic mind, as well as a lot of courage and ingenuity. The developers of the game have provided users with a huge number of weapons, so you can kill tons of enemies while wandering around the apocalyptic location. An important place is occupied by the collection of resources. Run away from zombies, defend or attack the walking dead.

History of the game

The US government is trying to create biological weapons capable of killing people, spreading disease and disrupting their genetic makeup. After repeated tests of these weapons directly on the human body, they realize some extremely dangerous side effects when the rate of spread of the disease is too high and uncontrollable. This resulted in massive loss of life throughout the city. After a while, however, as the corpses decompose, the signs of life begin to return, creating extremely fearsome zombies. 6 months have passed since this event. Most of the people are dead, the landscape of the city becomes deserted and there is no more activity. Somewhere between these zombies, several rare lives are still alive. They are the last hope of human civilization. The mission arranged for them to find a cure for this disease.

Gameplay of the Game

Rather than playing the role of characters and engaging in fierce gunfire, State of Survival was built with much simpler gameplay. Basically, it’s like a tower defense game where players try to position characters and vehicles to attack oncoming zombies. In turn, players will conquer every part of the city and destroy zombies, looking for food and increasing their life.

Unique character system

State of Survival is a strategy game, but it has no army units and instead uses a unique character system. When joining the game, the player will own two characters: Sarge, Maddy and her dog. In fact, you only have a sergeant boyfriend, but the first scene is created when the two of them accidentally meet on the street, so she joins your team as well. On a journey full of these dangers, you will discover many different places in the city and meet real zombie hunters.

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They have strong fighting abilities and effective zombie extermination tactics for you to explore. Death Cruiser, female character appears on track 10 on a sharp-edged motorcycle. She has the ability to cut off zombies blocking the path, and sometimes she will help you to effectively break the siege. In addition, there are other characters with the same coolness: Raiders VI, Raiders VII, Demon Raiders IX, Banshees IIX, ..
In addition, I also added another comment that State of Survival has character designs very similar to RPGs. Each character has a system of characteristics: Health, Attack, Defense, Cloudiness, Combat Strength, Speed ​​and Load. These indicators can be improved using the update function.

Build shelter bases

After battles, the characters get tired, they need to rest, replenish food supplies and, if necessary, heal their wounds. During the game, the system will constantly set you construction tasks. It’s both a helpful guide, a reward, and a must-have in your fight against zombies. In the Hospital, the characters heal wounds and cure dangerous diseases. Workshop for the production of weapons and ammunition. A recruiting camp for recruiting characters, a warehouse to store essential items, or a farm to provide food. In addition, the system also allows these facilities to be upgraded to improve performance and productivity.

Start by strengthening a new settlement

Your new game will begin with a small group of people who still have hope for survival in this harsh reality. after all, they were able to find the surviving settlement and start a new life there, creating farms, warehouses, barracks and strengthening the walls from the outside world. After all, there is no limit to the improvement of the headquarters, which will constantly succumb to attacks and attacks.

The outside world is more dangerous than you think

In order to get new resources, make forays into the open areas of State of Survival, full of zombies. That’s just for this you need to improve the squad, pump their abilities for survival and increase its number. After all, you will not only discover new places on the map, but also expand the territory of your headquarters, discovering new unique objects like a helicopter.

Complete chapters and level up

Although this project is aimed at multiplayer, this does not prevent you from completing one chapter after another, unlocking new improvements and buildings for construction. Plus, with each level up, there’s a lot of extra content waiting for you. Unite with other players and create the strongest communities to fight against hordes of mutants.

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Fans of the famous Dawn of Zombies and Last Day on Earth: Survival will have their chances to enjoy another great mobile game with the zombie-apocalyptic setups. our completely unlocked gameplay will allow you to enjoy the game to the fullest.