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The legendary "Standoff" is back in the form of a dynamic first-person shooter!
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Nov 19, 2021
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Download Standoff 2 0.17.2 MOD APK + OBB (Mega Menu) For Android

The development of mobile shooters goes against all the rules and analytics. For several years in a row, everyone has been talking about the fact that shooters on a smartphone will not survive and that there is no point in creating such projects, but they continue to improve and only get better. A striking example of a good shooter is Standoff 2. I played it for a while and I can confidently say that it is a great option to spend time and fight virtual enemies. The developers have tried to implement all the features of the genre using the most modern technologies so that users can enjoy what is happening and enjoy the virtual battles. Today I will tell you more details about the project so that you understand how worthy and full-fledged this project is. Someone will like it, someone will call it too difficult, but Standoff 2 is definitely worth your attention. So,


The gameplay is presented in a rather interesting way. In fact, it is no different from the “big” shooters, which is very nice. For virtual battles, you have three modes – the first is classic, where the team fights against the team in deathmatch mode. That is, as soon as you die, the character is immediately reborn. The second mode repeats another classic mode from shooters about planting a bomb – one team places it, and the second tries to prevent it or defuse explosives. The third mode is analogous to the arms race, when you get leveled up and given different weapons for kills. Whoever got to the knife and killed a couple of rivals won. Actually, there are already plenty of modes, but there is a feeling that in the future there will only be more of them. In this regard, we really liked the game, they don’t get bored at all.


Of course, most shooters have control problems as a person only has two hands. To control the movement you need one, to aim the sight – the second. But there is already nothing to shoot with, which is why you have to be more sophisticated and bend your fingers. This is rather inconvenient, although here the developers tried to solve the problem and gave a lot of opportunities for customizing the control. You can rearrange buttons, expand zones and stuff like that. Fortunately, after a couple of hours of training, it turns out to get used to and fight with great pleasure, which is a great rarity in fact.

Standoff 2 APK: what’s your weapons skill?

A game in the best Counter Strike style, which bets on combat between two teams in reduced and intense maps, with a lot of strategy, reflexes and, of course, endless shots. This is what you find when playing Standoff 2.

Whether you’re a Free Fire MAX shooter , or a classic CS gunslinger and the like, you’ll need your best to do well in these parts. But, you are not alone. We have prepared a manual with everything you need to have fun and be successful in this amazing game.

Inside Standoff 2 Updated

The game, as we said, is carried out on very small maps, which promotes the encounter between members of enemy teams at all times. In this way, your reflexes will be essential to survive. But, there is one thing or another that will help you beyond that.

Move yourself

Due to the minimaps, you will certainly have some crosshairs in your head at all times. Thus, betting on zigzag races and jumps is a good tactic to make life difficult for your potential tormentor. However, especially in more enclosed areas, if you have a good panoramic view of an area and your coasts are protected, it’s worth trying a little bit of the world of snipers .

keep calm and aim for the head

It is already known to all of us that headshots, when they are not fatal, take much more life. However, when we suddenly encountered an enemy, we started shooting like crazy. The problem is that we make several mistakes and, even the ones we hit, end up hitting… the knee. So even if you’re taking a few shots, when you’re face to face with your opponent, keep your cool, the barrel always high, and focus from the neck up. With that, even if the villain hits you more times, you will kill him more quickly.

Use the minimap

In your lower right corner, there will be a small sample of the map, in proportion, with different colored dots that represent where your enemies and your friends are. Whenever you find yourself in a moment with no enemies in front of you, base yourself on that map. It’s the best way to find enemies and attack them from behind, not to mention the possibility of avoiding surprise attacks against you.

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Choose the correct weapon for your combat

Of course, each of us has our weapons and even our favorite fighting style, whether it’s wandering around the map or creating ambushes and moving very little. However, one thing is very common: when we have an automatic weapon with a powerful caliber, we immediately equip it and go “finger-sitting” around. This has some problems. First of all, in a few minutes of gameplay, after downloading Standoff 2, you’ll notice that weapons, by their nature, aren’t that calibrated. In particular, the biggest calibers. In this way, it is almost impossible to sustain long bursts of fire at a precise target.

But if you’re a nature sniper, it’s also possible to do well around here. First, make sure you have AKR on hand. The weapon has an intermediate rate of fire, with about 10 rounds per second. However, it has some of the biggest damage in the game, killing any opponent with just one shot to the head. Also, for the more fanatical, the Standoff 2 skins for the AKR are quite varied, allowing you to make it look really cool. Now, if you’re the fearless type who prefers the adrenaline rush of running across open fields, surprising your opponent with face-to-face encounters, or even stealth, carrying a powerful kicking rifle might not be a good idea.

So, our tip is to bet on the good and old – as it is present in a multitude of games of this genre, Desert Eagle . While it doesn’t deal the same damage as an AKR or an M4, it does have a small kick, good shot, it’s light, and if you prefer, it offers a semi-machine gun function. This way, when you see your enemy, just hold the fire button for an infinite burst, or better, even when your bullets last, be fired. This added to the tip of staying in your opponent’s head should ensure that you succeed in most combats. Before I tell you to run out there and try out more of this FPS title – awesome first person shooter, let’s briefly talk about the game’s controls.

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Standoff Controls 2 APK

One of the biggest highlights of the game is its optimization to work well on Android phones. Unlike what happens in other titles that are often mere adaptations, you will find here all the tools not only working, but also designed for the small screens. On the left side of your screen, a pad that works as a directional pad will be available for you to move around the map. The big draw is due to the trigger, which is present on both sides of the screen, which makes shooting a much more intuitive and easy task. Now, how about you try it all out and let us know what you think?

Download Standoff 2 0.17.2 MOD APK + OBB

With our links, you have access to Standoff 2 Mod APK for the best experience and fun of this game. All this with the confidence you are already used to from our indications. Don’t waste any more time, choose your weapon, load it, think your strategy and let’s fight.

MOD Features:

  • Anticoding ignored
  • Ban Bypassed (Skip through bans. If your account is banned and you use a different apk, not ignored, you will be blocked from playing.) *
  • skipped tutorial

Note: The above antiban features can be fixed by the developer at any time as it is an online game. There is no guarantee that it will work forever. The risk of banning the use of exploits is still on you, don’t blame us if it goes wrong.

player menu

1. Infinite ammo

2. Rapid fire

3. No propagation

4. No recoil

5. Field of View

6. Wall * NEW  *

7. Chams * NEW *

Profile Menu

8. Level up * NEW *

9. Custom Names

10. Double Xp * NOVO *

weapons menu

11. Define weapons

12. Define Skins * NEW *

game menu

13. Super Speed

14. Respawn

15. Movement always allowed * NEW *

16. Firing always allowed * NEW *

game modes menu

17. Level Up (Arms) * NOVO *

18. Level Down (Arms) * NOVO *

19. Add money (Disable) * NEW *

20. Always hold the bomber (disarm) * NEW *

21. Plant Anywhere (Disable) * NEW *

22. Disable Anywhere (Disable) * NEW *

Menu Extras

23. Respawn Before Die (Respawn at 33 hp ou abaixo.) * NOVO *

24. Spam Chat

25. Jump Exploit (may not be able to shoot sometimes.)

26. Position Menu -> Above and Beyond

27. Position Menu -> Underground

28. Telekill (Teleport for players)

29. Nuke walking (disarming) * NEW *

New update: 25/03/2020

New beta version for protection against prohibited waves.

Note: This version does not work on emulators!