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3D First Person Shooter in real-time.
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Nov 10, 2021
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Download Special Forces Group 2 4.21 MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited Money) For Android

Special Forces Group 2 is a fun and engaging game from ForgeGames. This project is a shooter that is quite popular among users. You are about to face a story about a long confrontation between special forces and terrorist groups. To many users, the game resembles the well-known counter-strike project. This is not surprising, because the meaning is similar. You will need to choose one of the sides to take part in the battle. It is logical that the opposite side will be exposed as a counterweight. The hardest part of a project is choosing the side you want to fight on. The developers have managed to create a unique project that many consider a real masterpiece. And the thing is that he managed to conquer millions of players around the world. Don’t miss the chance Although the game was developed for a mobile platform, you can safely install it on your computer or laptop. It’s simple enough. Moreover, you will like the game. It has already been downloaded over five million times. Many people note the positive aspects of the game in the reviews. No wonder the game managed to get such a high rating. At the same time, it is still being improved by the developers.


Don’t expect to encounter an incredible storyline. There is a plot, but it is not very diverse. You will need to repeat the same steps. You will be performing on one side. Either a terrorist group or a special unit. In any case, you have to fight in confrontation, seeking to conquer the enemy’s territory. You will have excellent weapons that will help you to easily cope with the task.


The gameplay in this project is quite simple, but at the same time very interesting. You will need to split into two groupings. After that, the execution of the general task will begin. It will be necessary to win at any cost. There are certain sub-goals. Each squad has its own. It all depends on which side you choose. The entire virtual world has five cool modes that differ from each other in variety. In the process, you will need to deal with the improvement and modernization of weapons, as well as many combat characteristics of the characters. Everything in order to effectively end the confrontation. If you decide to go to the upgrade store in the process, you can find there a considerable number of interesting items that are intended to be used. Thus, you can start transforming the characteristics of the appearance of your hero. You will buy different costumes and more. Also, you will be surprised by the variety of weapons, among which there may be pistols, machine guns, grenades, shotguns and much more. To fully enjoy the gameplay, the developers decided to add more than 20 locations. Therefore, it is better to install Special Forces Group 2. Each user is immersed in very interesting events. During the battle, you can also enjoy the music.

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You will need to develop a specific strategy, thanks to which you can win. If you are not particularly interested in playing with unknown people, then you can always please your friends. Now let’s talk in more detail about the modes. Resurrection – allows you to continue playing after death. The winner in the end is the one who destroyed the most opponents. Standard – allows you to join a team of five people. The winner in this case is the one who defeats the opposing team. Zombies – provides for the division of teams into the dead and the living. In this case, a knife is used as the only type of weapon. Capture the Flag – requires one of the teams to get a flag. Bomb – Provides for defusing a bomb that is set by terrorists.

The game has very simple controls that even a beginner can figure out. Factions will appear on both sides of the map at the same time. Then the fight begins. If you don’t want to go into battle right away, you can practice in a special room in advance. There you can fight not only with real players, but also with bots. This will allow you to get a little more experience and as much as possible understand the meaning of the game. You don’t need to know all the rules of the game to fight bots. The fact is that bots do not have special accuracy and dexterity. And not really intellect. Therefore, it will be very easy for beginners to fight bots. the main thing is to strive to get better and learn in the process of battle in order to subsequently defeat real players.

In classic mode, you will need to choose from two factions. The battle can be started for any of them. You can choose either special forces and feel like a real warrior, or you can choose terrorists. Some further actions depend on your choice. The special unit has more protective equipment. They wear helmets, masks, shields and more. On either side, you will start right away with a weapon in hand. The bottom line is that the weapon is free and the same for everyone. This means that only your skills matter to victory. You can choose a certain type of weapon, but it is better to choose one that will be universal for all situations. You can play Special Forces Group 2 on your computer at your pleasure. For every victory you will be given great prizes. They can then be spent on improvements, or down to a penny on the appearance. The choice is entirely up to you. The main thing in this case is not to be led by your desires. Think first about your main game goal.


The Special Forces Group 2 project on far from the market leaders represented by Gameloft. You can adjust the graphics quality manually, but no matter how you change the sliders, the game will still resemble its prototype from CS 1.6.

Interface and control

The game got a simple execution. In the main menu, users are greeted by the ratio of murders to deaths in single-player and multiplayer modes, located on the bottom right. On the left side are the main menu items:

  • Multiplayer
  • New game
  • Settings
  • Checking for updates
  • Output

Below in the center there are images of a shopping basket, where functions for real currency have been added.
After visiting a new game, you will need to select a map and a game mode. In multiplayer mode, you will need to select a room and start a battle against other players. To play with a friend in Special Forces Group 2, you will need to create your own room.

Features of the game

There are a lot of features in the project. You can study them now or in the process. We can help you with this. Let’s present some of them:

  • Lots of room for improvement.
  • Huge selection of weapons and equipment.
  • Equal development conditions.
  • Great graphics.
  • Many interesting game modes.
  • Excellent musical accompaniment.

Download Special Forces Group 2 4.21 MOD Apk

Special Forces Group 2 is one of the best games in this genre. There are many similar projects, but many of them fall short of the quality bar that was set in this game. It has many entertaining features that make you play not just for hours, but for days. You can easily play with real players or bots. In this case, in any case, one has to become a participant in a fierce confrontation. The game has more than five game modes, each of which is worked out to the smallest detail and has certain features. Each team can have up to eight players. Do not be afraid to become part of the gray mass, you can always buy an improvement, weapon or uniform that will distinguish you from others. To explore and try all of this, you first need to download Special Forces Group 2. Only in this case you will enjoy the game in full, because it will be completely free to play on the big screen using the keyboard and mouse. Excellent graphics and battles are guaranteed!