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The Smurfs are back for a brand-new adventure!
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Nov 25, 2021
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Download Smurfs’ Village 2.19.0 MOD Apk (Unlimited Money) For Android

Smurfs’ Village a casual game that was developed based on the plot of the popular animated cartoon series, in which the Smurfs were the main characters. The player in it must organize the construction of a new settlement for the little blue gnomes, which mainly live in mushroom houses. Each house, of course, has its own garden. Also in the game you need to build all sorts of roads and bridges. The game was mainly released for various mobile platforms.


You have to manage the life of a small people living in the village of Smurfs. The main task in the game Smurf’s Village on Android, as in any city-building simulator, is to expand the property and achieve the maximum economic effect. In other words, do everything so that the village expands and flourishes. To do this, all resources must be used wisely. By the way, one of the resources will be the Smurfs themselves – as a labor force. Each of them in this game has their own specialization and role.

For the rest, you have to deal with the construction of houses, bridges, roads, gardens, parks and attractions. Fields and bakeries will be of great importance. It is the abundance of food that will motivate the gnomes for more productive activities. It is important to mention here red berries – an especially valuable product that greatly increases the speed of the Smurfs. By the way, they can also serve as a kind of currency, since anything can be exchanged for them.

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If you are in short supply of something, you can ask your friends for help. The latter, in turn, can be invited through the social network Facebook. They, just like you, can download Smurf’s Village on Android with OS version 2.2 or higher. The more friends there are in the application, the higher your chances of becoming the most successful ruler of the Smurfs. After all, by cooperating with neighbors and exchanging resources, it will be easier to get rid of unnecessary materials and purchase the necessary ones.

Features of the game:

  • colorful graphics
  • pleasant soundtracks and sound effects
  • built-in mini-games
  • joint play with Facebook friends and players from all over the world
  • two currencies: coins and berries
  • a large selection of entertainment elements up to the cinema in the village
  • diversified activities: harvesting, food production, construction, trade


In one forest, the Smurfs lived and lived quietly, but the longtime enemy Gargamel, after a long search, discovered their village, and now the Smurfs are forced to urgently move. They turned to you for help in order to quickly build a new settlement.

Papa Smurf will be in charge of your construction activities, who, appearing on the screen, will give you advice and tasks. To begin with, you will choose a suitable clearing in the forest, then, begin to build nice houses for the Smurfs on it. Then, you will have to take care of the food for the inhabitants of the growing village. The Smurfs are big berry lovers, so you will set up gardens and grow blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and other yummy on them. Smurfs are hardworking creatures, they help you in construction, water their gardens and harvest from them. Each of them is busy with something, and in order to get extra working hands and, thus, speed up the construction of the village, you need more and more new houses.

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You can speed up construction or crop growth by paying for it with Smurf Berries. This is a very great value in the world of Smurfs, so you need to spend it sparingly. You can earn Smurf Berries and Gold Coins by completing Papa Smurf’s tasks, for example, by brewing a magic elixir that will delay the evil Gargamel in his search, or baking magic cookies for him.

In Smurf’s Village you will meet not only Papa Smurf, but also other cartoon characters about Smurfs – Smurfette, Lazy Smurf and Baby Smurf, and play different games with them. In addition, the game allows you to invite your Facebook friends and show them your achievements.


Papa Smurf will not leave you alone, talking about everything and showing everything around. In the right corner of the screen there is an icon for the store, where you will buy houses for the Smurfs, decorations for the village and plants that you will grow. Here you can also buy the required amount of smurf berries or gold, but this will require you to invest real money. The icon for editing your playing field – rearranging houses and moving gardens – is located at the bottom left. In the upper left corner there is a sign reflecting the state of your affairs. Here you can view how many Smurfs live in your village, how much gold and Smurf berries you have accumulated and what level you are at. Various achievements and bonuses are unlocked gradually as you progress through the game. They will help you speed up and facilitate the gameplay. If you notice an exclamation mark above Papa Smurf’s head, it means that he has another task for you. The text of the assignment itself opens on a separate screen, and, despite the English language, it is not at all difficult to understand the assignment.


As with everything else, the visuals are great. The player will be greeted by cartoon graphics and high-quality drawing of locations with buildings and residents scurrying back and forth about their business. Beautiful animations and special effects complement this bright world, familiar to many from childhood from the cartoon of the same name.

The game will be equally interesting for both children and adults. The former will be able to plunge into the magical world of adventure, while the latter will engage in strategy and preparation for the main battle. Together they will achieve the result, and the army of the evil Gargamel will be forever expelled from the Smurf lands.

  • Entertaining gameplay
  • Bright cartoon graphics
  • Lots of quests and mini-games
  • Adventure, tactics and strategy in one app


As for the sound design, everything turned out to be very funny. The action in the game unfolds to pleasant music, and since it takes place in a forest glade, then, accordingly, birds are happily singing around, bees are buzzing, and all this together sets the player in a peaceful mood.

Download Smurfs’ Village 2.19.0 MOD Apk

Smurf’s Village is another social strategy game with a cartoonish fairy-tale slant, which is well implemented and makes a good impression. Playing it, you can have a good rest without any rush and stress.