SimCity BuildIt (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Welcome, Mayor! Be the hero of your very own city as you design and create a beautiful, bustling metropolis.
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June 8, 2021
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SimCity BuildIt (MOD, Unlimited Money/Level10/Keys) is a simulator from the renowned developer of games and applications ELECTRONIC ARTS. Allows the player to build and further develop his city, while he acts almost in the role of God. Confirmation of its popularity and high quality is the “Editor’s Choice” badge from the Play Market, as well as a large number of downloads (50 ml +) and ratings (4 ml +). At the same time, you can download SimCity BuildIt to your android phone without any problems on our website.


The gameplay of SimCity BuildIt is genre-specific. A player in the status of mayor becomes the main one in a small provincial town. Whether it will prosper and turn into a large metropolis, or is it destined to wither away – it all depends on the will and desire of the player. And how to act will be prompted by the virtual assistant Eva. Be sure to complete the training. It is quite high quality, and covers a lot of questions about the game. Guided by Eva’s prompts, the player will begin to complete the tasks. First, he will build small houses, pave roads to them, supply water, gas, electricity, and build a sewerage system. Each house is built in 6 stages, and in the process the building turns from a barrack into a skyscraper. A newcomer will move into each new house, and the player needs to offer him work and organize leisure. And if a fire station does not appear in the city, the police and the clinic will start fleeing en masse. In order for everyone to have work and goods, it is necessary to open factories, warehouses and factories, to arrange large-scale construction. Houses, shops and factories will provide the resources necessary for the further construction and prosperity of the SimCity BuildIt city.

Providing the city with enterprises, it is necessary to maintain a balance so as not to turn the metropolis into a place with a terrible environment. For this, parks and gardens need to be laid. To ensure the leisure of the wards, the player will have to build cinemas, museums, bowling alleys, and entertainment centers. Also, the authors decided to decorate the city with world-class attractions – Big Ben, the Statue of Liberty, the Arc de Triomphe and others. The higher the satisfaction of people in the game SimCity BuildIt with their lives, the more taxes will go to the treasury of the metropolis. Buildings and enterprises do not open immediately, but as they progress. It is necessary to reach a certain level of play, reputation and population. Some buildings can only be built for golden keys, which the player receives for successfully rebuilding houses after disasters and logging into the game every day.

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The first step is to lay a road from your town to the main highway, because it is along this road that new residents will get. Next, you have to deal with building and put houses, shops, factories and much more. Of course, it is necessary to develop water supply and energy systems.
Construction will require resources, remember to produce on time. After the construction of the first houses, residents will come and it will be possible to give the city a name. Other users will see it, so think carefully. The city magazine records your successes as mayor.

Types of buildings:

  • Roads. Draw roads, finish laying them by clicking the green checkmark. Modernization of the highways will increase the throughput and prevent the formation of traffic jams. At any time, the player can demolish and remodel roads.
  • Residential buildings. At first, the most common buildings will be available, but with an increase in the level, Parisian, London, Tokyo and other architectural solutions will open.
  • Commercial. Such buildings are necessary to provide the city with various raw materials. These include a warehouse, a hardware store, a farmer’s market, a gardening store, a donut stand, a fashion boutique, and more.
  • Industrial. They produce materials and differ in manufacturability, from a simple one to a nanotechnology plant. The better the plant, the more resources it produces.

Build your city

Many gamers love strategy games. Somewhere it is implied that you need to rebuild a fortress, prepare warriors to repel enemies or attack others yourself in the hope of getting their resources. However, if you download Simcity Buildit to your computer, you will find that this game is slightly different. There will be no wars here. However, the gameplay will not be less entertaining from this. After all, it will allow you to find yourself in the modern world, which obeys modern rules and laws.

Play online and don’t miss important events!

SimCity BuildIt is best played online. Your progress will be saved (even when using multiple devices), you will never miss updates, new content or improvements, and you will have a chance to make great deals in neighboring cities! Don’t worry if your internet connection drops. You can continue to play offline. Just remember to get online as soon as possible to save your offline game progress.

Urban Achievements

City achievements are awarded at the mayor’s mansion. They can be earned for outstanding work as a mayor, such as reaching the required number of residents, for successful trade, or for ensuring that city services in a city run flawlessly. Get various achievements depending on the chosen direction of the city’s development. Solar energy? Education? Sin? There will be achievements for any choice. When you earn an achievement, you also get SimCash as a reward. Each achievement has three difficulty levels, and you will receive SimCash for each one.

Expand the boundaries of the city

If the map gets crowded, expanding the city limits will add space to increase population, build new entertainment venues, factories, commercial buildings, and apply your creativity. When you reach the required level, click outside the current city boundaries to see what special demolition items you need for each area of ​​the expansion.

Make the city more attractive

If you prefer marble and glass skyscrapers to brick and plastic buildings, attract more affluent people to your city. If you provide a certain area with city services and specializations (parks, entertainment, police, firefighters, educational institutions, clinics, hospitals and transport), then with the subsequent modernization of neighboring buildings they will become more and more attractive! The better the infrastructure in a particular area, the better the appearance of the buildings.


Electronic Arts is a company that has a huge number of high-end game studios under its wing. Therefore, it would be foolish to believe that the game will turn out to be ugly. It looks really great, from the first seconds there is a desire to rebuild your own city. The developers paid attention to all the little things that might interest the player. In short, in the game we see:

  • Excellent color scheme;
  • High quality textures;
  • Well-developed buildings, structures and roads;
  • Excellent schematic of urban infrastructure;
  • Good animation of buildings, car traffic;

As you understand, I personally have no complaints about the graphic performance of the game. And I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like this toy outwardly.

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Download SimCity BuildIt MOD Apk

You can play online and offline. The SimCity BuildIt game is not demanding on the player’s time, five minutes a day is enough to start the necessary processes. The uniqueness of each city. The game can be downloaded for free. Mega Mod for unlimited coins, money, gold keys, 2 million population and so on.

What's new

SimCity BuildIt travels to Rome with the new Mayor’s Pass Season. You can now bring the glory of the Roman Empire to your city with buildings such as Colosseum, Roman Forum and Pantheon. Build Ponte Milvio and see the Roman Trireme sail through the rivers and lakes.

In addition, we are bringing exciting new changes to the Contest of Mayors by introducing assignment Streaks. Participants will be able to earn bonus points for completing selected assignments in a sequence.

Happy building!