Shadowgun War Games (MOD, No Spread/Hide Weapon)


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June 9, 2021
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For those who like to think ahead, bypass opponents and defeat them in battles, enjoy bright graphics and unusual characters, this game has been created. The developers made it in the action genre, which means that users will be able to enjoy dynamic battles and completely immerse themselves in the shooter.


The creators of the application took care of the presence of two game modes. The goal of the Capture the Flag game is to quickly grab the enemy’s flag and deliver it to your territory. And this must be done faster, so as not to give the opposing team a chance to appropriate their flag. Whoever gets the trophy first will receive a prize. When choosing the “Death match” option, you must quickly and without hesitation shoot at the enemies.

Gamers are offered a choice of one of five characters – Slade, Revenant, Jet, Willow, Sara. The first three are male, two more are female. Each of them has its own capabilities: the hare teleports and shoots a shotgun, Sarah can heal allies, Slade just wets everyone from the cannons, Revenant is an invincible giant with an increased number of lives, and Willow smashes everyone with her rifle, she is a sniper.

Cartoon graphics, interesting design, unusual characters – this is what makes the application so popular. If you have not yet decided to download the game Shadowgun War Games on your computer, then do it. Moreover, there are interesting surprising moments here (for example, Slade’s dance, why is not clear, but it looks cool).


This is a tactical shooter designed for team play. Groups of 5 people can participate in battles. They have to fight, because only one winner will get the prize. The main principle of the application is to kill enemies. But not everything is as simple as it seems. To achieve success in a multiplayer toy, you will have to do a lot of brain work.

The developers offer players a choice of different characters. They have different skills and abilities. Therefore, you will not only have to think in advance how to beat the enemy, but also decide which character will best cope with the task.

Regular updates add color, extreme, interest. A couple of minutes of connection from any smartphone, and a person will plunge into the world of strategy and fire. You can also download the free Android game Shadowgun War Games on PC. This will allow you to enjoy realistic battles on the big screen.


The game received rather mixed reviews in the early stages, and all due to the fact that it has its own characteristics. It’s easy to start – you choose a character, a gun in your hands and forward to the attack. There are no tips and directions here, you need to figure out what they want from you yourself. There are no difficulties with the control itself – just a couple of buttons, automatic reloading, a small selection of weapons.

The game is a team game and success is common, but in general, everyone plays for himself. If killed, then you will have to wait a certain time before resurrection. In fact, it will not be possible to develop an action plan in advance, so it is important that all gamers work together, cover each other and do not forget about the flag. And in mortal combat, everything is different – you work only for yourself and get rewards for successful battles.

Advantages and disadvantages

Playing Shadowgun War Games on PC is fun and exciting. The shooter gathered a diverse audience of fans, and all thanks to the merits:

  • Unusual heroes with different skills;
  • A wide selection of game cards;
  • Entertaining modes;
  • Spectacular graphics;
  • The simplicity of the battle process;
  • Complete freedom of action and movement;
  • Cool soundtrack;
  • Unexpected features;
  • Allies and opponents are highlighted in different colors, which makes it easy to navigate;
  • You can play for different heroes, and it’s not scary if there are two or three of the same team in the same team.

The app also has some drawbacks:

  • There is no map, you need to go at random;
  • Everything is in English only;
  • The control is overly sensitive and even setting the parameters does not allow you to do better;
  • The buttons are not always conveniently located, and you cannot move them yourself;
  • During the skating rink, the connection is unexpectedly interrupted, this kicks out the gamer;
  • After a kill, victory or defeat, you have to wait. 10, 20, 30 seconds is a little, but over time it starts to get boring.

Most users are delighted with the graphics and the lack of ads, but the optimization leaves much to be desired.

Summary and comments

Immediately after the release of the shooting games, many gamers decided to download the free Android game Shadowgun War Games on PC. The rating went up rapidly at first, but poor optimization and frequent departures, even with a good Internet connection, changed the situation. People liked the very idea, graphics, heroes and principle, but the impossibility of actively pumping characters, long wait and lags led to disapproving reviews. But if the developers quickly eliminate the existing problems, the game will quickly regain its popularity among team shooters.