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A sequel to the success of Shadow of Death - a hack and slash game with over 30 million downloads worldwide.
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Dec 4, 2021
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Shadow of Death 2 – Shadow Fighting Game is the sequel to the highly impressive side-scrolling action game about a warrior who seeks to save his home world from the curse. Legions of monsters and undead roam freely on it while our character finally got to the desired point. The lands stretching before him are fraught with a possible way to get rid of the horde. But nothing can be simple.

There is no less danger between the hero and the target than he overcame earlier. Nice graphics, high dynamics of what is happening, pleasant control in control and other qualities make the continuation an exemplary representative of games with the number “2” after the name.



Formally, there is a story in the game. It features both the old characters that we know from the 2013 restart, as well as brand new ones. As for the storyline, it is a rather cynical caricature of the battle with evil worn out to holes. The main character, a dropout ninja Lo Wang, who constantly jokes on the verge of a foul, seems to spit on the fact that half of the world is captured by demons. And the developers, perhaps, did not really bother thinking about the plot component. Demons, overgrown mutants, cyber-ninja, mega-corporations, drugs from the secretions of monsters – in Shadow Warrior 2 there was a place for all that nonsense that would look ridiculous in “serious” games.


The project is based on the mechanics old as the world: there is a moderately “corridor” level, opponents walk imposingly on it, and the main character has a wide arsenal of weapons in his hands. As the experience of the Shadow Warrior relaunch, as well as the recent success of the updated Doom, have shown, this approach can still hook players, both mature and very young. The levels are conventionally divided into many sections, where battles take place. But unlike the recent Doom by id Software, in which the player was often locked up, forcing him to get to know the demons as closely as possible, in Shadow Warrior 2 level is always open, which provides room for maneuvers and experiments with game mechanics.

Despite the low price of 700 rubles, the game can offer quite a lot of content: a hefty pack of diverse levels, more than a dozen types of enemies with their own unique abilities, as well as an impressive set of weapons. The purchase becomes even more desirable when it becomes clear that the developers have added a full-fledged co-op to the game. Playing with friends is a pleasure, this is what was missing in the first part!

Loot Race

Talk that shooters have outlived their usefulness did not begin yesterday. The myth about the death of this genre is associated with a decrease in the popularity of the corresponding games, the developers of which either unsuccessfully try to refresh the gameplay at the expense of controversial and clumsy implemented mechanics, or simply do “hack”. One of the most successful examples of “new wave” shooters is the series Borderlands , which rediscovered a whole layer of mechanics Diablo and other action RPGs. The genre that emerged from the infusion of action is now feeding the action itself with its RPG elements. What a paradox!

In Shadow Warrior 2, each weapon has a range of stats and can be upgraded with procedurally generated enhancements that undermine realism, but allow you to play the game over and over again, each time collecting a unique set of equipment. They have different rarity, which determines the number of parameters to be changed, and can also change the principle of the weapon’s operation.

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Weapon mods need to be chosen wisely. Firstly, opponents often have resistance to one element or another, so you need to try not to get hung up on the same type of damage, otherwise you can get into a mess. Secondly, some improvements are better suited to some “guns”, but worse – to others. An addon for using two cartridges at once in conjunction with the ability to accumulate a charge before a shot will work great with a shotgun, but will not work with a machine gun.

Different Characters With Unique Fighting Styles

You can carry 8 types of weapons at the same time, but this is not all, because the player’s character also develops, gaining experience and gaining a level. Skillpoints can be distributed across several specializations, typical of RPGs. It is noteworthy that the skills themselves are, as it were, things, they can be obtained for completing a task, found on the body of a killed enemy and found in chests scattered at each level.

Skills are passive and active, but this is not the end. Already at the earliest times, there are many “forks” in the development of the character. No one bothers to completely abandon shooting and wield exclusively melee weapons – swords, daggers, a chainsaw, and so on. Looking for something even more exotic? No problem: with the right “pumping”, you can turn into a kind of magician who deals damage not with lead, but with magic, and actively uses activated abilities. But the most exciting thing is to change your style “on the fly” depending on the situation.

Fighting with Hak and Slash

Experience new fighting styles in the tale of Shadow of Death 2! Upgrade your weapons, level up your skill, and then fight off your enemies with cheeky combos. Attack the dark force with your stylish moves. Show your skills and let them taste your blades.

Explore the dark fantasy world

Explore the dark fantasy world of Aurora with 6 new splash maps. In the dark, new challenges and epic battles await, where you may have chances to meet the Leviathan – a mythical dragon with deadly destructive breath!

Big Big Ever Fight with huge Monsters

Fight huge monsters on your adventure. Get ready to challenge mysterious creatures that seem to only stay in legends, but don’t! Fight slime frogs, giant jellyfish, dragons and more. It will be an epic 1v100 battle, it will be fun!

Customize Your Heroes

By the way, passing tests is also such a peculiar stage in mastering a well-updated weapon improvement system. Let me remind you that the “clean” (release) version of Shadow Warrior 2 had a fairly simple role-playing model: in it, players could insert various and unique magic stones into their weapons. Thanks to the stones, the properties changed, however, the minus was that these properties were terribly few, and as you went through it was possible to notice that the difference between these stones of different levels was only in the fact that the numerical values ​​changed and nothing more.

For that, there were, however, a lot of stones. In addition, a wide variety of weapons more than covered the minus of simple customization. However, all this time the authors did not waste time in vain, and they have considerably gained experience in these “chips”. So now, with the arrival of the first expansion, weapons can also be improved using random enchantments. Add the fourth gem in a row, thereby achieving even more massive damage per second. You can carry out inlay (connecting identical stones to each other in order to strengthen one specific stone). Now you can even purify the stones, removing a couple of properties you do not need from them.

Challenge friends and gamers from all over the world

Moreover, to make the game more enjoyable, along with the offline gameplay, Android gamers are also allowed to join their friends and online gamers from all over the world in their epic online PvP battles. Choose to compete in multiple modes including the arena and tournaments for special rewards. Win against your friend and feel free to brag about it, or effectively take down other online gamers as you climb the prestigious Leaderboards.

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Graphics and sound

Even at the announcement stage, a very nice picture was a big surprise. After all, whatever one may say, Shadow Warrior 2 is a project created for relatively little money. Nevertheless, the graphics look very juicy and pleases with excellent vegetation and cool DirectX 11 effects.

With sound and music, everything is in order too: frenzied heavy music enhances the impression of fast and furious action, gunshots, squeals and gurgling of demons thunder with 7.1 support, and the characters delight with a funny Asian accent.

Download Shadow of Death 2 MOD Apk

Shadow of Death is an excellent development that allows, among other things, to download standalone add-ons without the need for a network connection. And if you use the hacked version and passwords to it during the game, you can quickly unlock all available heroes.