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The sequel to the famous Facebook smash hit with 40 million users
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Nekki - Action and Fighting Games
Dec 3, 2021
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Download Shadow Fight 2 2.16.2 MOD APK (Unlimited All/Max Level) For Android

In this game you can become a real martial arts master. The world is on the verge of chaos. Demons are going to enslave all living things. The brave shadow hero is the only hope for the salvation of humanity. Fight back the captured territories and return the demons back to hell. As you know, all is fair in war. You will have a truly huge arsenal at your disposal, so you will definitely not experience a shortage of weapons. Arm yourself with swords, axes, chains, katanas and so on. In no case should you lose, because in this case the world will be enslaved.


You will meet many dangerous opponents on your way. Your enemies are incredibly strong, so you have to try hard to cope with them. The strongest bosses belong to a wide variety of martial arts schools. Earn in-game currency by winning tournaments (or using hacking), and buy new weapons, armor, and more. Fully pump and develop your hero so that he turns into a truly invincible warrior.

Discover the second part of Shadow Fight!

The original Shadow Fight game was a game originally developed for Facebook that allowed players to fight online using a wide variety of weapons, including ranged weapons, melee weapons, and magic spells. It was operational for a few years, but was quickly made obsolete by the release of Shadow Fight 2, which was released worldwide in 2014 and for both PCs and consoles and smartphones.

The leap in quality between Shadow Fight and Shadow Fight 2 was, as you might imagine, really remarkable, so most players started to get hooked on Shadow Fight 2, and Neikki started working on Shadow Fight 3, so the original Shadow Fight was discontinued.

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What is Shadow Fight 2 Infinite Gems APK?

Shadow Fight 2 is the second part of the popular Facebook game Shadow Fight, which consisted mainly of an online combat game. To distance itself from its predecessor, Shadow Fight delved into the role-playing component that the original Shadow Fight did not have as much, without neglecting the online combat component that made Shadow Fight so popular.

The story of Shadow Fight 2 proved to be a great success, with most players praising the changes and improvements made to the game very widely, which served Neikki to mark a line consistent with the development of Shadow Fight 3.

Also explore Shadow Fight 3!

If you like the Shadow Fight saga, you will surely also love Shadow Fight 3, the third and, for now, the last installment of the Shadow Fight saga. In his third title, Neikki decided to take a quality leap in his graphics and, instead of using silhouettes to represent his characters, he opted for three-dimensional renderings that gave the game a completely new aesthetic. The events of the game take place several years after the end of Shadow Fight 2, and the player begins the game as a member of the Legion, although there are two other factions that can be chosen later.

Features of Shadow Fight 2

New animation system

Shadow Fight 2’s new animation system offers great improvements over the original Shadow Fight, making the combat experience much more immersive. The new animation system was praised by many of its players, and it marked a very iconic stage in the saga’s journey before the release of the 3D renderings of Shadow Fight 3.

Six different worlds

Unlike its predecessor, in Shadow Fight 2 you will have six different worlds to explore, which greatly increases the hours of play. As you progress through them, your character will evolve and you will discover everything the game worlds have to offer.

Touch controls

Since the original Shadow Fight was developed for Facebook, Shadow Fight 2 had to come up with a totally new control system to adapt it to consoles and smartphones. The result is truly spectacular, and most players find Shadow Fight 2’s touch controls a brilliant adaptation for the game.

Custom warriors

Warriors in Shadow Fight 2 can be customized in many ways. In addition to being able to use different weapons and armor to attack and protect yourself, you will also be able to learn different magical powers to take advantage of the characteristics of your character and make him more powerful than ever. Make your character unique and reinforce his skills with this customization system!

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Cooperative mode

With Shadow Fight 2 you will not only be able to fight against other players, but you will also be able to join them to fight cooperatively in different online campaigns. This makes Shadow Fight 2 even more fun than its predecessor, Shadow Fight!

Graphics and controls

This is a colorful fighting game with high-quality animation of strikes. The original drawing makes the gameplay more exciting. Meanwhile, the battle arenas are decorated quite modestly.

Download Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK 2.16.2

Download now Shadow Fight 2 all unlocked to enjoy one of the most iconic installments of the Shadow Fight saga! And remember that when you finish the story of this game, you can download the sequel to Shadow Fight 3 to continue playing.