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Run, Sausage, run!
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June 11, 2021
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Run Sausage Run! Is a fun runner, platformer designed to bring fun with its fun animations. In part, it resembles Zombie Tsunami . In this game you have to try on the role of a sausage, whose life is full of dangers. Literally at every step, the unfortunate little sausage lies in wait for death, and only you can lead it to a happy ending unharmed (but this is not certain). Run, sausage, run! Unless you want to be cut on the go or roasted alive. Download Run Sausage Run! to your computer and run!

Impressions of the game

The game immediately shows us a serious approach and offers to buy skins for sausages to make running even more fun. There are a bunch of skins that can be obtained for in-game currency, and only three for real money – sausages similar to Kim Jong-un, Donald Trump, as well as a certain VLAD. Vlad rides a bear. Well, I think running is fun anyway, but it’s still a fun move.

The adventure begins with danger. A guillotine knife falls from above, tongues of flame rise from the grill of the brazier. We can control the running speed of the sausage, but this does not always save her from another painful death. Fortunately, you can always continue from the same place. As we play, we are given new skins. For example, a zombie sausage skin may appear. There are also coins on the level, with which you can buy your favorite sausage for running. The game surprises with funny details from the very first minutes. For example, if you select “Continue game” after a defeat, then, after watching the commercial, you can run further, however, your character will have a huge wound, sealed with a plaster. Realistic damage system is what you need in a running sausage game!

Despite the fact that, in theory, the zombie sausage is already dead, it, like a live sausage, is afraid of fire and sharp blades. The zombie moves just as fast. In a word, skins change only the appearance, the characteristics of the sausages have not yet been delivered. Hopefully this will be fixed in updates. From the first minutes the game amazes with its madness. Despite the fact that there is some kind of trash going on on the screen, in general the game looks great. The design of the locations and the sausages themselves is made in the original style, the controls are simple and pleasant (it would be difficult to make it difficult), the soundtrack is excellent. It’s worth downloading Run Sausage Run! On your PC, it’s a world masterpiece! There is certainly a future for such games.


The gameplay is straightforward and simple. The sausage is so delicious that everyone wants to cut it or fry it – that is, everything is like in real life. But our sausage can run, and it’s not so easy to catch it! Seriously though, this is a side view runner. The sausage runs by itself, we can influence its movement in two directions: either slow down, or force it to drive forward at a breakneck speed. In the second case, the character literally bends in half, tilting the body back, which looks very funny and adds emotion. Basically, this is the whole gameplay. Fire, knives, circular saws are encountered as obstacles – both one blade and several at once, various hammers. Sometimes it seems like everyone in this crazy painted world is trying to kill you.

At the same time, death animations are varied and depend on the type of death. The sausage is fried, bleeds out exactly in those places where it gets damaged. Plus for the authors’ attention to detail. Sometimes the blood spreads out in a puddle. Sausage run is not a joke, everything is serious here. At the top of the screen, a timer counts down the time during which the sausage managed to stay alive. Every second is valuable here, to stretch out half a minute is a considerable achievement.

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Game strategy

To overcome the longest stretch of the path, change the pace of your run depending on the danger. To avoid grilling flames, run the sausage slowly until the heat has subsided. Under horizontal knives, you need to immediately run quickly, because only the accelerated sausage folds in half. A windmill blade requires care and precision; don’t try to accelerate right away. Move carefully first, stop so as not to knock the sausage off the second blade, and then run again.


Straighten the back of the sausage in time – this is the only way to collect coins and bonuses. Their action is short-term, hurry up! Snowflake – Freezes obstacles, stopping the movement of kitchen utensils. However, keep in mind that even if the blades do not move, they will still kill the sausage on impact. The arrow is the rarest bonus, it squeezes the sausage in half, and in fast mode turns on the maximum speed. Shield – guarantees invincibility for a short time. So run, Sausage, run as fast as you can!

Just run without stopping

In that case, if you just run without slowing down, the path will be rather short and unproductive. But for an experiment, you can try to see for yourself. Also in Run, Sausage, Run on PC or Android, you can purchase improvements and a new look for the collected coins. Of course, collecting gold is quite a difficult and tedious task, so there is a hack and a mod for a lot of money. Thanks to this, gamers will be able to exchange them for interesting images, for example, Donald Trump, zombies, ninjas, and so on. In addition, pop-up ads that constantly appear and prevent you from focusing on passing will disappear. Run Sausage Run is a very fun and dynamic toy that will allow you to enjoy the gameplay, improve your mood and relax.

Subtleties of the game

The quirky little sausage is faced with the situation of being cut into pieces and placed on a plate. Here players can embellish their hero, unlock new skins, collect bonuses and get the maximum result from them. In order to run as much of the path as possible, it is necessary to take into account that each obstacle functions in its own way. Therefore, a certain approach to each of them is required, otherwise the sausage runs the risk of being cut and starting its race over again. In front of the blade, which moves up and down, gamers must slow down the character’s progress, and then quickly move forward so that the body of the sausage falls back. But a mill made of knives requires caution and accuracy, so you won’t be able to slip through without thinking.

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Download Run Sausage Run! 1.23.9 MOD Apk

Run Sausage Run is a great runner game with a touch of shock content and insanity. There are moments in the game that will help you relax and cheer up, and there are those in which you have to strain your attention and act according to the circumstances.

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