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Rocket Royale is one of a kind Battle Royale game, the main goal is to build a Rocket and fly away from the island!
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GameSpire Ltd.
Nov 12, 2021
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Download Rocket Royale 2.2.5 MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited Money) For Android

Rocket Royale is a mobile third-person shooter with an emphasis on the battle royale type of confrontation. The application is presented on the Play Market by GameSpire Ltd. The essence of the gameplay is to build a rocket on which the character can escape from the island.

At the same time, you are constantly under the crossfire, since there are quite a lot of people who want to get your resources and ready-made developments. You will have to shoot back, collect resources along the way, build a shelter and look for parts for transport. The application is made using simple 3D graphics in a pixel style rendering. Despite this, the game may slow down on some devices. To avoid this, simply download Rocket Royale. So you not only completely get rid of any technical problems, but also slightly improve the image quality within the gameplay by increasing the screen resolution.


What is battle royal action? It is an online confrontation focused game in which each user fights for himself. In Rocket Royale, you will be taken to the island along with other participants in the round. Victory goes to whoever escapes first in a rocket. Naturally, there are not enough parts for building a rocket for everyone, so the player is forced to engage in skirmishes for meteorites rich in raw materials. There is simply no single-player campaign, or a separate offline mode within the gameplay of this project. However, this state of affairs is characteristic of almost all such toys.


In Rocket Royale, gameplay can be divided into two phases – building and shooting. The victory in this game goes not to the last survivor, but to the one who managed to escape on the rocket. This provides additional scope in terms of tactical tricks. So, for example, the player can simply steal parts and resources from the enemy, without entering into confrontation. However, you still have to shoot, since there will be plenty of people who want to get the materials. The confrontation takes place on the island, most of the locations in the game are open, without buildings and shelters. If you plan to defend yourself, then you will have to build a strong point or a whole base with your own hands. The arsenal in the game is quite extensive, there are sniper and assault rifles, pistols and shotguns here. Weapons can be modified, for example, by adding a silencer.

Management here is not much different from the usual action model for the genre. Under the left thumb in the interface are the character’s movement controller, as well as the “open fire” key. Therefore, under the right one is the position switch and the sight. At the very bottom, it is easy to notice the quick access bar, icons of weapons and resources will appear on it when you pick them up. Separately, mention should be made of the hammer, it is available to the character from the very beginning. With its help, you can erect buildings, extract some resources, even attack the enemy. In the upper left corner of the game interface there is a minimap window, next to it – the status of your fighter, health points, as well as the progress of the construction of the rocket. However, it is much more convenient to play Rocket Royal on a computer, so you can switch to keyboard and mouse.

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Features of the game

The key features of the Rocket Royale game can be described with the following theses:

3D graphics in pixel style rendering

There are no spectacular special effects in the game, but it also does not look outdated and faded. On the contrary, the picture is bright and memorable.

Intuitive controls with a minimum of switches

It can be easily understood even by a beginner without experience in playing shooters. The interface is informative here, everything is available at a glance.

Dynamic and interesting gameplay with its own flavor

Most of these shooters offer the user the most simple gameplay mechanics, and there is also an opportunity to show tactical skill.

The Rocket Royale app is available on the F2P platform

However, as part of the gameplay of the project, there is certain content available for real money. These are mainly cosmetic items that do not affect the gameplay.

Online orientation

There is no way to fight against the computer in the game. You will fight with real users, each of which has its own tactics. Always remember that there can only be one winner.

Favorably with third-person shooters game

Rocket Royale compares favorably with third-person shooters like this game. If you are not yet familiar with the battle royale genre, try this application. Positive emotions are guaranteed to you.

Download Rocket Royale 2.2.5 MOD Apk

It’s great to see how individual companies, large and small, are developing the genre, taking it further and further from the original. Perhaps this particular game will give impetus to an even greater fantasy game among the developers. You can download Rocket Royale on your android right now – and you will see for yourself how interesting this mechanic is.