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Red Imposter is a fun and engaging Action game. Your mission is simple Execute all living crewmates in the spaceship. Let no one survive.
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April 2, 2021
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The popular computer game gave the idea for the creation of Red Imposter: Nightmare Christmas. The action offers to become a space traveler on a ship. But at the same time, be an antihero. The entire crew on the ship has no idea who the traitor is. And only the main character knows that all the danger on the ship comes from himself. Be careful not to be tracked down by the crew.

The player’s task is to destroy the entire team. The crew members are busy with their own business, and the gamer opposes them. When attacking astronauts, you yourself should go unnoticed. It’s easy to download free Android game Red Imposter: Nightmare Christmas on PC. This is a great opportunity to feel like a real astronaut.



Each of the levels is different from the previous one. For learning and understanding the principle of game, the levels are easy at the beginning. This allows you to undergo training, learn about management capabilities. Easy tests are always accompanied by hints, it is easy for the player to navigate. The action comes out not fast, but productive. Gaining experience is the key to a confident victory in the future.

How to kill crew members? You need to carefully get up to him from behind and quickly do your job. If someone notices a traitor, then a sad fate awaits him – the team will throw him out of the ship. But even in the case when the traitor is caught red-handed, one can hope for salvation. After all, none of the team knows who committed the murder, which means it remains to be found out. And while the investigation is underway, you can mislead everyone and deflect suspicion from yourself.

Each location allows not only catching crew members, but also disable equipment. As long as a traitor distracts attention with a breakdown, you can commit crimes. Controlling the main character is easy – you need to pull the joystick in the right direction, and the player will move around the ship. Fully completed task – when the hero is left alone on the site, the entire team is destroyed.

Do you want to be such a mean and mischievous hero? It is enough to download the game Red Imposter: Nightmare Christmas to your computer – and you can start interesting space adventures.


Features of the game

The game attracts gamers with a number of features. Among which are:

  • Many levels in various locations;
  • You can make changes to the hero image throughout the process;
  • Possibility of intuitive control;
  • Colorful graphics and music.

The features can also include the fact that the game was released for a mobile phone. There is no computer version, but there is an opportunity to play easier and more freely. Any game becomes more interesting on the PC. Here the hands are occupied only with control, the screen does not need to be held. The entire ship is also clearly visible, which does not interfere with hiding from the crew if necessary. You can easily calculate the travel time of other astronauts, and whether the antihero will have time to do his dirty deed.


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Advantages and disadvantages

Red Imposter: Nightmare Christmas is packed with goodies. It’s easy to understand, easy to learn. Even if the gamer loses, his path will start again. It will regenerate until the player wins. Two losses – and you can already understand how best to run in order to destroy everyone in turn and emerge victorious.

The player has the opportunity to change the hero’s hat, jacket and pants. As soon as the choice is made, you can go to fulfill your mission. An advantage can be considered the ability to install a program to rebuild the OS of the mobile version on the PC version.

The downside is the same problem – you need to download the emulator in order for the game to become available for playback on the computer. But this is easy to do. Using step-by-step instructions, you can play in a few minutes.


System requirements

Before downloading the game Red Imposter: Nightmare Christmas to your device, you should make sure that the device where the game will be played supports all android requirements. The developers always indicate the minimum and recommended parameters that must be present in the Device. Without minimum system requirements, the game will freeze or display poorly on the screen. There will be no pleasure from such a game.

Observe the system parameters. Otherwise, adapting Red Imposter: Nightmare Christmas on a device..