Ramp Car Jumping 2.2.0 (Unlimited Money/Unlocked)


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March 15, 2021
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Ramp Car Jumping is a ski jumping game. Here the driver’s task is to accelerate so strongly to fly to the finish line. Along the way, in the air, you can perform various feints, as well as knock down obstacles on the track itself. For this, additional bonuses and coins are given. With the help of the accumulated gold, you can improve the engine power in order to achieve the cherished goal at more difficult levels.

Only a jet engine and a normal car engine can be used in the game. Plus, you can buy additional acceleration for coins, which will allow you to start faster and with a great chance to safely reach the finish line. All buildings destroyed on the way are for the rider only for the benefit. The more money is earned per level, the more improvements will become available.

Any user can download the free Android game Ramp Car Jumping. In return, he gets many levels to accelerate and jump from a springboard, as well as hone his driving skills. Each level is more and more difficult than the previous one, there are their own chips and difficulties.


This game is suitable for racing fans who are used to not just cutting along the tracks, but shooting down everything in their path. This is not the place for those who are used to driving a car and avoiding obstacles in the standard way, this application is for those who want to destroy barriers and can get to the finish line at any cost.


You cannot play this application with a friend over the network and take part in a collective race. This area is intended for fans of jumping on racing cars. Initially, the gamer is given a yellow racing car, its characteristics are not the most brilliant. But there is no limit to perfection if there is a large cache.

The application has a fairly simple one-touch control on the touch screen, which accelerates the car to maximum speed. Further, the car rushes down the road, at the end of which there is a springboard. When jumping from it, it is important to stay in the air for as long as possible. To do this, you can use acceleration, which is launched by pressing your finger on the display (or the mouse, or a keyboard button) at the time of flight. Use this function wisely, otherwise you will not reach the finish line. You need to look at the angle of inclination of the car, and start the option in time.

At first, the task is difficult, and the result can only be achieved by improving the vehicle. It is not difficult to do this, since even before reaching the finish line the player receives gold coins. They are also given for:

  • Drift;
  • Air coups;
  • Coups on the track;
  • Removal of obstacles (cars, fences, walls);
  • Passing the distance with the best result (more meters).

The obtained gold in the store can be exchanged for additional features and improvements. And for those who want to make even more money, the developers offer to watch ads and increase the size of their wallet several times.

Advantages and disadvantages

Fans of jumping and unpretentious design should definitely download the free game Ramp Car Jumping on a computer, because it is much more interesting to overcome difficulties on the big screen. Pros of the race:

  • Simple vehicle control;
  • Bright graphics;
  • Stylish design;
  • Possibility to play for children over 3 years old;
  • Minimum device requirements for installation.

Users also note the disadvantages of the toy:

  • A small selection of cars;
  • There is a lot of money, but there is essentially nowhere to spend it. There are only three types of improvements that you can quickly get hold of without much effort;
  • There are bugs – you cannot go to the fifth level, sometimes the system freezes and even when passing the finish line does not give a positive result, which is why gamers have to stand in one place for a long time;
  • The graphics are quite modest, minimalism without any realism;
  • A small number of locations.

The released race has its fans, but even they do not stop asking the developers to fix the occasional crashes in the program. Therefore, if you want to play Ramp Car Jumping, you will have to come to terms with some imperfections and shortcomings.

Summary and comments

Ramp Car Jumping turned out to be quite interesting, albeit slightly damp. The developers did not fully think over the details, and it would be possible to add more options, the ability to choose levels, and not just gradually move forward. The unambiguous advantages of the application are related to the ease of control and the fact that the toy is addictive. There is no super-strong graphics or intriguing plot, but for the race it is not the main thing. The hard-to-reach goal is what attracts all car and jumping enthusiasts. Therefore, at first, the toy seems banal and incomprehensible, but since it is difficult to reach the finish line already in the first level, I want to play constantly.