Raft Survival: Ocean Nomad (MOD, Free Craft/Money)


Ocean Nomad is a new release in the series of ocean survival games with new enemies, items, rpg elements, survival on an island and ocean exploration on a boat.
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Nov 21, 2021
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Download Raft Survival: Ocean Nomad v1.201 MOD APK (Menu/Free Craft/Money) For Android

Did you miss the quality gameplay and pleasant controls? Perhaps you are tired of monotonous arcades and the same dull adventure games? How about survival? Let’s try to test our skills and dexterity with the exciting Raft Survival, which we’ll talk about in this review.


The developer Vade, which creates exciting games for Android, has tried to implement the best of the best in its new creation. You will find not only an interesting, uncomplicated storyline, but also “zest” as excitement and tension after the entire gameplay. The bottom line is simple: you survived after a shipwreck, around the bottomless blue of the ocean, the wreckage of a ship, a raft, as the last hope and a wild desire to go to earth. Actually, then everything is clear – you need to survive. At the same time, build a wonderful machine from your raft that can provide you with all the necessary resources. And, of course, fight off the regular guests of sharks, who strive to finish your game as quickly as possible. In addition, exciting journeys to uninhabited islands await you, in search of unique objects, the extraction of artifacts and much more.


As soon as you start the game, the first thing that appears before you is a lonely raft in the middle of the water. Yes guys. It is with this contraption that you have to mold a super-machine, which will allow, in the future, not only to feel like a captain of a destroyer, but also by right, to consider yourself the master of the sea. The intuitive interface and prompts will prevent you from nervously searching for solutions and turning the game process into a complete frustration. In addition to the Russian-language menu, constant tips will appear here that will help you navigate the process.

On the right of the game screen, there are buttons responsible for: filling the character’s backpack, building a raft, wallet (game balance, if there is a desire to donate), and a large button – a hook, responsible for capturing assorted material floating around you. At the top left is a panel that displays your current level, health status, drinking water supply, and of course, food availability
The control is very simple and straightforward: I directed the hook at the desired object until the white mark appears, pressed and pulled. Then everything is according to the scheme: he reinforced the character, chose the material and proceeded to perform the tasks (which will be constantly displayed in the menu on the left in small windows).

Thirst and extraction of water

There is a lot of water around you, but it is salty and not suitable for constant use, so you need to find yourself a source or remove the salt from the ocean water. Your character has a special scale that needs to be refilled as soon as you feel thirsty. In order to filter the water, you need to create a water purification filter. To do this as quickly as possible and not die from a lack of water in the body, you should collect various items that are not made from your new home. It will be easy to get them.

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Shark fight In the ocean

The player is haunted by many dangers, and hunger and thirst are not the only problems that can be faced in the game. The marine predator pursues only one goal – to feast on you. The only salvation is your raft, as the predator cannot reach you from it. But things are not as good as they seem. The shark will constantly and systematically attack your new home. All buildings can be destroyed in a matter of minutes, so you need to protect yourself from the enemy. Every time a shark makes an attack on your raft, you need to drive it away in order to leave your house intact and collected.

Using items from inventory

To use various objects that the player pulls out of the ocean with a hook, you need to open the inventory, and then simply drag and drop the item you need to the quick access bar. For example, if you have a brazier, you need to move the fish or potatoes to the first slot, then holding food in your hand, go to the brazier and click on it, the food will be on the brazier, do not forget to pick it up after a while.

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Crafting items in the game

To open the crafting panel, click on the icon with a box, similar to the crafting table from the Minecraft game, you will see a list. If the item is open for crafting, it will be green. Red items are not available yet, as you do not have enough resources for them. Using the craft is very simple, just click on any item, and you will see a set of necessary resources to create it.

Sound Design

Perhaps even this point was fulfilled 100%. The soothing sounds of the waves will accompany you throughout the game, thereby allowing you to plunge into the atmosphere of unprincipled survival to the fullest. Accordingly, any construction site, radar operation, shark attack, walk around the island – will be accompanied by realistic sounds.

Download Raft Survival: Ocean Nomad 1.201 MOD Apk

If you are looking for just a “free time killer”, but a really high-quality, addictive toy that will make you brainwash and test your ability to survive, Raft Survival is exactly what you need.