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Will you be able to control a prison and become a prison tycoon?
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Dec 2, 2021
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Download Prison Empire Tycoon 2.4.3 MOD Apk (Unlimited Money) For Android

Prison Empire Tycoon is a multifaceted economic simulator in which you become the director of a huge prison and control all the processes that take place in it. The trends in the development of the gaming industry are developing in such a way that the classic game genres are constantly changing, allowing developers to create fundamentally new projects that open up completely different gameplay horizons for players. Something similar happened with economic simulators, which for a long time consisted of a collection of plates, buttons and incomprehensible for many sets of numbers, by which it was possible to evaluate the effectiveness of the actions performed and the improvements being made. Naturally, the developers wanted this genre to be aimed at a wide range of gamers. The main revolution in the genre happened at that moment, when the developers of mobile applications took on it. The studio Codigames has also succeeded in this business, which recently pleased the players with a quality product called Prison Empire Tycoon. In this toy, you can become the director of a prison in which prisoners seek to fix and give them a new start in life.

About the game

In Prison Empire Tycoon, you won’t be limited to storylines or variations of the single player campaigns. Here, no one will lead you by the hand, and the only help for you will be mini-tasks, which to a certain extent can direct you on the correct path of development of the correctional institution entrusted to you. Be prepared for the fact that absolutely all issues and processes taking place in the prison will require your direct intervention. It will be you who will hire staff, monitor the water and electricity supply of the prison. Hiring staff will also become your immediate responsibility. It is extremely important for you that the convicts who ended up in your colony were able to reform and take the right path. To do this, you need to provide them with comfort and the opportunity to develop. We are talking about shelves with books, TV, gym, radio and so on. It is very important to keep prisoners clean, healthy and well rested. If you satisfy their simple needs, then you will never be faced with riots and attempts to escape. It is worth mentioning that over time you will be able to manage several prisons at once.

There are many economic simulators on the mobile application market, but not all of them meet the requirements of users. The thing is that many developers strive to simplify the gameplay as much as possible, which noticeably affects the interest of the players. In such projects, it all comes down to pressing the enhancement buttons that are displayed. In projects from the studio Codigames, you can plunge headlong into the process of creating your own business or managing an enterprise. In Prison Empire Tycoon, you take on a huge number of different tasks, the implementation of which can both increase your income and lead to tangible losses. Yes, here you can make a mistake that could lead your entire business empire to ruin. Such variability of gameplay and complete freedom of action made the monitored project quite successful and popular in just a week. If you delve into the statistics, you can see that the number of downloads of the project exceeds one million, and the number of user reviews is approaching sixty thousand. The project score is 4.4 points.


The gameplay of Prison Empire Tycoon for Windows will amaze you with its depth. Here you will need to monitor all areas of the life of the correctional institution. At the very beginning of your journey, you will go through a mini-training, in which you will be introduced to the basic game mechanics, the needs of the prisoners and the peculiarities of the work of the staff. The prison is a complex of various premises, including cells for prisoners, a walking area, a gym, a canteen, a kitchen, a generator room, a staff locker room, a laundry room, a shower room, a medical unit and much more. In each of these rooms, you can make a variety of improvements. If you look at the cameras separately, then here you can equip them with comfortable beds, TV, radio, wardrobe, bookshelf and so on. Each of the listed components is aimed at meeting the needs of convicts and keeping them in a good mood. If the prisoners are satisfied, if I may say so, with their stay in prison, then at the end of their term they will correct themselves, and for each corrected person you will receive a significant bonus.

To keep the prison running smoothly, you need to hire a sufficient number of staff. The emphasis on the word “sufficient” is made because an insufficient number of staff will lead to a disruption in the functioning of some premises, and an overabundance will lead to a noticeable decrease in the received profit. If it happens that you leave at a loss, then the staff can leave of their own accord, and the officials will write you a fine. When it comes to losses, it is worth mentioning that disgruntled convicts can riot or attempt to escape. If you have a sufficient number of guards, then you can not be afraid, but there is nothing good about it.

Beginning and Features

At the beginning, we are instructed by the head guard. This allows us to understand how game mechanics work and where to start. Everything works like a clock here, however, if you do something wrong, the mechanism can deteriorate and devour itself. Therefore, the prison should be developed carefully and gradually.

So, every morning, prisoners are brought to the institution, who must be accepted and placed. The check-in counter is used for the first task A person must work there – as soon as the prisoner comes up, someone will certainly come running to draw up the documents. It takes time, so if there are a lot of applicants for your cameras, there may be a queue. This cannot be allowed, therefore, the number of racks should be increased and modernized. Then they are sent to the cells, where initially there are only beds. It is better to install some improvements there: a TV, a toilet, a wardrobe, and so on. This will prevent the inmate’s stress level from increasing.

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Increased stress levels threaten escape attempts. If there are few guards, the escape may be successful – in this case, a fine awaits you. Therefore, monitoring the mood of prisoners is vital for the successful development of a prison. Every action and improvement requires money. Over time, you will need new cameras for new people, this will entail new spending on improving cameras, expanding the dining room, creating an infirmary, and much more. It is also important to keep track of how much water and electricity the building uses. If resources are not enough, this will also be bad. You can get money from the state – it pays for every prisoner you keep. Moreover, the more comfortable the cameras are, the higher the fees. So it is quite profitable to improve living conditions in this game. You can also watch ads and get extra money and doubling rewards.

Save gems you earn during the week

As you complete objectives in your prisons, you earn gems that you can spend on boxes. These contain cards, which can provide permanent upgrades for your prisons. If you plan on playing the Iron Fortress event though, we advise you to save your gems for the event box, which can contain a Master Key. Get this item and it doubles your regular and offline profits, which will help an absolute ton during this event

Focus on building cells and workshops

You can’t play the long game in Iron Fortress, relying on government subsidies to prove your profit. You have to earn it for yourself by putting your prisoners to work. So, save your income during the start of the event for new cells, modules, and, most importantly, workshops

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Only upgrade prisoner cells and workshops

Once you’ve built all of your workshops, cells, and cell modules you can start upgrading them and your cells, both of which will boost your income further. We’d still recommend avoiding any other unnecessary upgrades at this point

Download Prison Empire Tycoon 2.4.3 MOD Apk

Anyone who loves the realm of control and virtual strategy, you need to download the free Android game Prison Empire Tycoon on your android phone. the player will have even more opportunities for business success!