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Download Pokemon Go 0.225.0 (Joystick/Speed/Show Map) MOD APK Latest Version 2021

Here you can download Pokemon Go APK latest version 2021 for your Android device. Enjoy the best Nintendo game and get the best Pokemon.

What is Pokemon Go?

Since its launch in 2016, Pokemon Go has become the most popular augmented reality video game in the world! It already has more than a billion downloads! Pokemon Go app is not only a video game, but also a community and even a way of life. Don’t miss the opportunity to download Pokemon Go for Android and start enjoying catching the best Pokemon! You’ll find Pokemon Go to download below.


Pokemon GO will let you become a real Pokemon trainer. Find unique monsters in your city and catch pocket monsters with the help of a virtual Pokemon. All you need to start the game is to download the application, activate the GPS and connect to the Internet. There are currently over 170 Pokémon featured in the game that will be scattered throughout the city. You can visit caches to replenish the stock of potions, pokeballs and other bonuses. You can visit Gyms, where Pokémon organize defenses and defend themselves frantically. You can join factions (available upon reaching level 5) to fight with groups of other Pokémon trainers in a team and much more.

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The best augmented reality experience

Nintendo was definitely right with the development of its official Pokemon Go. It is a video game where you can explore your city, or any other city in the world where you are, in search of different pokemon to collect.

The pokemon will appear in different places in each city in the world at the least expected moment, and you will have to travel to them to be able to capture them.

Make friends

Nintendo’s idea was for this game to be an app that would allow pokemon fans to leave their homes and find themselves in different parts of the cities. People who had spent years playing Pokemon in the privacy of their Game Boys could now enjoy capturing their favorite Pokemon by touring their cities and meeting other Pokemon fans like themselves. In this way, this game has a precious social component that none of its predecessors had.

A fun and healthy game

It’s over with sitting at home all day! With this game you will be able to get up from the armchair and go out to roam the streets in search of the best pokemon. One of Nintendo’s purposes was that downloading Pokemon Go would be like establishing a commitment to walking every day, especially considering the obesity and sedentary lifestyle problems in children in the United States.

When you download Pokemon Go latest version you will have to start exploring your city to look for the best pokemon, but be careful! It will not help you to go on public transport or in your brother’s truck, because the game will detect if you are really walking or not. Time to get some exercise!

Up to 800 different pokemon

Do you remember when the first Pokemon games came out for the Game Boy? It was in 1996, and at that time there were a total of 151 pokemon to collect. At that time they seemed like a lot to us! But now, those 151 pokemon are just the beginning, and we call them the first generation pokemon. Over the past twenty-five years, Nintendo has added several new generations of Pokemon to the eighth generation, so now you have more than 800 Pokemon to capture. And this amount is likely to continue to increase in the future! Will you manage to catch them all?

The fighting begins!

At the time of its release in 2016, this game was just about collecting different pokemon. Soon after, however, Nintendo implemented the Go Fighting League. Now, you can use your pokemon to battle against other pokemon trainers and rank up. You will start at rank 1 and you can reach rank 10 as you win battles with your pokemon. But keep in mind that you will have to walk quite a bit to do it! You will unlock a set of five fights every time you walk 3 kilometers with your Pokemon Go App.

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Capture gyms and defeat your rivals

In this game, cities are not just full of Pokemon: they also have tons of gyms. Each gym can be ruled by one of three different teams in the game: Courage (red), Wisdom (Blue), and Instinct (Yellow). To be able to choose your team you will have to wait until you reach level 5 as a coach, but don’t worry, it is quite easy to do! Once you’re on a team, you can team up with other trainers to attack rival gyms and snatch them away.

Crush your friends, or partner with them!

Maybe your friends are on different teams and you want to fight them, but maybe you prefer to join their teams and fight alongside them! Do not worry.

Although when it was released it was not possible to change teams once you chose one, since 2019 it is already allowed to make this change. To do this, you will only need the Poke Coin Medallion item. As soon as you get the medallion, you can choose your team again and go on to fight on the same side as your friends … or against them!

Download Pokemon Go 0.223.1 MOD APK

Download Pokemon Go 2021 Latest Free Version for Android. Here is the latest official version of the game to download for free. Download it now and start your adventure!