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From the makers of Plants vs. Zombies 2 and Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 comes the next great game in the epic battle between doom and bloom – Plants vs. Zombies Heroes.
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Nov 23, 2021
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At one time, the game Plants vs. Zombies was a true legend, a cult product that absolutely everyone played. The toy was very attractive in terms of graphics, animation, storyline and gameplay. No one has yet used the idea of ​​a battle between zombies and plants, and this led to quite interesting consequences – the game was repeatedly called the best on the mobile platform. The popularity gradually fell, new games, new genres and brands came to the podium. However, the developers of the original game released Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, which gives the series some more chances of survival. This is a card version of the legendary product, it was created by the efforts of the best EA developers and has a lot of positive qualities, although it also has some drawbacks. We will tell you our impressions of passing the product, and you yourself will decide whether the game of your time and attention is worth or not. But, fans of the series definitely need to play.


The battle system here is quite interesting, but the developer did not come up with anything new. There are two sides of the confrontation, there is a main character in the zombie team and the plant team, there is a certain set of cards that fall to you and give you the opportunity to attack, improve your units and stuff like that. The battle takes place in steps – first one side attacks, then the other, and so on, until the main character of one side or the other runs out of health. The whole interest is that each character has its own abilities that can be used to gain an advantage on the enemy. This is not just a game for the amount of damage and lives, your victory depends on how well you attack, using your strengths, how thoughtfully you lose units. This is a strategy and here you will need to think a lot with your head, in fact, so the game is not suitable for everyone.

Change any card at the very beginning of the game

From the very beginning of the game, you are dealt 4 cards and one super power (cheat or plant power). And at the very beginning of the turn, you are given the opportunity to change the cards in your hands, discard unnecessary ones and replace them with others from the deck. Sometimes this is extremely necessary, for example, when you have an expensive card. But remember that you have only 1 “currency” for the ode at the very beginning of the battle. The second move is 2 and so on. Therefore, you will not be able to walk around with expensive cards.

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Defense is the best offense!

Zombies get their cards first, so if the zombie is playing “in an alley,” the best thing to do is to plant a plant in the same lane to counter the attack. Protect your hero, because he has only 20 units of health. If you no longer have space in the first row, then the correct move would be to move them to the second and saturate the defense line. Or strengthen weak plants that could withstand the zombies that are in his lane. If you are playing as a Zombie, then the same rules can be applied for their side. Defense precedes attack.

Be careful when playing trick moves

It only costs one elixir per turn to use tricks, but in my experience it is best to refrain from using tricks and cheating early in the fight. Hold them and use them towards the middle or end of the fight. It will be much more efficient and correct. Certainly, if there are no other options.

Learn to Use Elixir Effectively

In most of these games, there are game resource controls. Similarly, Plants vs Zombies Heroes has this element. When you want to play cards, it’s best to play the most effective ones (logical right?). For example, at the beginning of the game, it is best to play cards with a lot of hit points (health). Sometimes this will be the main key benefit. Cards that summon additional plants or zombies are very effective. Other good choices are cards that do several activities at once. For example: Threepeater can shoot shots in its lane, as well as in both lanes to the left and to the right of itself, or Spineapple, which gives two hit points to all plants of plants without power. The question arises – who to play for? Whose deck to build? Zombies or Plants?I must say it depends on your playing style. Try to play with those and others, feel the difference between them and choose the most suitable style of play for yourself. Below are some tips for building a good deck, regardless of your hero.

Complete all Quests

There are two types of quests in the game – daily quests and Hero’s quests. Typically, there are three missions available each day. They can give you interesting rewards, namely gems. Check what is given for the mission rewards before completing them. Another type of quest is the Hero’s tasks. They are specific. They are slightly weaker, so the reward from them is less.

Take your time to play PVP

I am sure that as soon as you see the multiplayer battles, you will immediately unlock them. And rush into battle. But I recommend that you master the game, collect a good deck of cards. Complete the tasks of the Hero and daily missions to get as many good cards as possible, maybe even invest some money in the game to open additional cards. Remember, gems are needed in order to buy more cards, which will lead to a better deck. Play single player games until completing daily quests becomes an easy walk for you. All this is needed so that you get more comfortable with the mechanics of the game, put together a good deck and finally kick everyone’s ass in PVP. That’s all for today. If you have any more tips or tricks for playing Plants vs Zombies Heroes. Write in the comments about the tricks that you use, as soon as there are enough of them, we will write a new article with tips and tricks. Share Plants vs Zombies Heroes guide with your friends.

 Interesting to play because of Characters

I really liked the way the developers treated the characters of their project. When creating skills, the developer did not cross the border of the world we are used to. Plants shoot one charge at a time, they can fight back or even shoot two shots at once, zombies can swim in the water, shoot, put protective structures on their heads and stuff like that. There is a balance between opponents, no one goes beyond the virtual world and it is even more interesting to play because of this. Always read character descriptions, it gives you the edge in combat and just the knowledge of your favorite product.

Download Plants vs. Zombies Heroes 1.39.90 MOD Apk

The toy has every chance of becoming popular and in demand, but for some reason we do not strongly believe in it. There are a lot of card games now, and good card games are also enough. Yes, there is an opportunity to fight online, raise your league, and so on, receive prizes, open packs. But, the same can be done in more popular products that already have their audience and a wider virtual world. Still, plants versus zombies have already lost an army of fans, and the card game is not something that can save the developers. Restart needed.