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Can you infect the world? Plague Inc. is a unique mix of high strategy and terrifyingly realistic simulation.
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Nov 21, 2021
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Plague Inc – feel like an evil creator of a virus capable of destroying all of humanity. Create a virus, develop it, discover new species and remember – until at least one person survives the game will not end!

About the game

The game is a mixture of strategy and simulation. You are going to become the creator of a unique virus that will gradually destroy all life on earth. But not everything is so simple. The virus cannot kill all people without your participation. First, you have to name it. Next, you have to choose a place on the map, which will be the starting point for infecting the entire planet. After these steps, do not forget to collect DNA points, maintain the virus, develop its resistance to adverse conditions and drugs.

Consider the characteristics and capabilities of the country when choosing a point on the map where the infection will occur. An important point of the game is the ways of infection with the virus and the symptoms of its manifestation. Remember, poor countries with huge populations will spread the virus the fastest, as well as countries with a developed maritime and air network. Remember to develop symptoms of the virus, the higher the level of damage, the greater the likelihood of death. But keep in mind that your initial mission is not to kill as many people as possible, but to infect. After all, if people die faster than they become infected, the spread of the virus will stop. With everything, humanity will try to make a cure for the disease, so you need to take this moment into account when the virus develops.


The game was released quite a long time ago, already in 2014, and it was released on mobile devices. In those years, I had such a cool phone that I could only play snake, and even then black and white. Plague gained high popularity and the developers decided to port it to PC and they paid off. The PC version has become much more convenient than the original, and the ability to create your own story campaigns and upload them to the Steam Workshop has brought a special twist to the game, thereby allowing the game to flourish more and more every year. We take on the role of a virus destined to destroy all of humanity. As you progress, all kinds of bonuses will be given that will need to be spent on pumping symptoms or the severity of the disease itself.

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It all starts out pretty trivial, we choose the country where we infect patient zero. And then everything goes according to a good scenario. We take care of our virus, raise it like a baby, and then abruptly destroy all life on this planet. In fact, there are quite a few companies for the passage, here you have a zombie virus, and the uprising of the planet of the apes, and a whole bunch of all kinds of companies. And having rummaged in the workshop, I even found a xenomorph virus. I don’t know about the majority of ordinary users, but I have both a copy on the incentive and on the phone and I declare with full responsibility that the PC version is much more convenient than the original.

It is thanks to Plague Inc. hundreds and hundreds of followers just rushed to Steam. Everyone tried to replicate the colossal success of this product. There was a cyber virus simulator and a popular disease that we need to develop within one country, and much more. The funniest thing about the game is the fact that the virus has its own name. Thus, you can present your friend with a funny birthday present in the form of a screenshot. You say: “Cookie, are you an idiot?”, I will answer: “Yes!”. But the bottom line is that you can call the virus: “Happy Birthday Bieber” and go through the game. And at the very end the inscription will read: “Bieber’s birthday destroyed the whole world”, no… well, who doesn’t happen to, doesn’t it?

The epidemic is behaving intelligently

Against the background of the previous assumption, few people notice that, moreover, the infection behaves intelligently in the game. So, the player himself monitors the spread of the epidemic, choosing the right improvements at the right time, opening up suitable ways of spreading and restraining the development of high mortality until the very end.


The gameplay is simple to shivering at the knees. We are given the whole world in which we will need to break certain balls and earn DNA points. These points are spent on pumping your virus, but what a hurley you wanted, RPGs have flooded the world! By breaking such a ball on the territory of an uninfected country, we can bring our virus there, and time will spread it on its own. In order for your virus to survive, say, in Africa, you need to pump heat resistance, the same system works if you need to infect Greenland. What is noteworthy, for a certain type of virus, its own approach to pumping is required, which makes the game multi-level to understanding and passing.

The workshop deserves a separate word. There are a huge number of all kinds of scenarios (even scenarios with the names of famous YouTubers, for some reason). Moreover, most scenarios have their own type of virus pumping and approach to infecting people. I don’t know how smart people can create a full-fledged scenario with a different level of pumping and a fully prescribed scenario. My compliments, dear friends. Do not forget that people here are not just a background without their own will and thoughts. At a certain point, the best minds on planet Earth unite and begin to create an antidote against you. And here you have two options for solving the plot. The first is to pump your virus and give it a mortality rate of almost 100%, the second is to try to pump a decrease in the activity of people who are making a medicine for you.

The most interesting thing is that the work on the game is still going on. On October 19, 2017, the developers made an announcement about a new update, or rather a new virus. The very case when the developers did not begin to make an overdose of games with a monotonous theme, but specifically took up the pumping of one of their offspring. Judge for yourself, sales are still going well, because if the game was not on sale, it would be natural to simply refuse its support and leave it to specialists from the Steam Workshop. Although maybe the developers are only good at making mobile games and they have actually released quite a few? After browsing the Internet, I realized a terrible truth … there is only one project, but it is so marketing-advanced that even a board game based on the original is sold, as well as mugs, T-shirts and other pleasant little things.

And the VISUAL will be delivered?

The appearance for the strategy has always been almost in the last place, because the player is primarily interested in the mechanics of the strategy. Thank God, the mechanics are all right in the Pluga, the visual design in the game is minimalistic. A world map with minimal animation of life on Earth is available to us. And all that is required of us to break balls with DNA in time and follow the links, improving a certain attribute of the virus. It all sounds quite simple, by and large it is. It is necessary to think over the correct pumping, and time will do the rest for us, destroying the stupid people in batches. Although the graphics are simple, they look pretty good, although they could have been much better and put pressure on the atmosphere, thereby making you feel like you are death. In fact, the boring sign with the inscription is our reward.

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Controls Management

The controls in the game are elementary, users will not have any difficulties with it. The most important difficulty is to understand the meaning of the game, to grasp all the subtle points and possibilities. To begin with, you will need to familiarize yourself with the rules of the game and the basic steps. In the main menu, select the “How to play” item, where all information useful for passing the game will be collected. After familiarizing yourself with the game, proceed to the process. Touch the point on the map where the disease will begin to spread, and further tips will help you.

Graphics and sound

The game boasts decent graphics. A world map appears in front of you, on which the affected countries will be gradually displayed. As the disease spreads around the world, sick countries will gradually become covered with red dots. Infected ships and planes will also leave the infected countries, they will also be in red. Throughout the game, epidemic-themed music will play, which reflects the state of the people.

Download Plague Inc. 1.18.6 MOD Apk

Plague Inc is really a game about which you can say “try before you buy”, especially since the games are short and you will not regret the time spent. Definitely not in one company and a perfect hit in another, due to the fact that it is simple and understandable. But in general, it is unlikely that you will get any fresh impressions from this board, only the old gears of the mechanism of the clean area-control system spinning on oil.