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Pixel Gun 3D is a fun first-person multiplayer shooter. Download the game and enjoy blocky graphics, competitive gameplay, and much more:
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Pixel Gun 3D
Nov 24, 2021
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Download Pixel Gun 3D 21.9.1 MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited Ammo) For Android

Pixel Gun 3D is a curious online shooter made in the popular pixel style. If you mix Minecraft, Counter Strike and Pokemon Go, you get something like a Pixel Gun 3D game . No one will deny that online shooting games have become an integral part of any gaming platform. Dynamic firefights, a huge arsenal of gameplay opportunities, various modes and space for tactical maneuvers – all this has provided the genre with a multimillion audience around the world. The game in question took as a basis all the best that the genre has to offer you as a whole. Here you will find various modes, dozens of original maps, and hundreds of types of weapons. Although the developers created a product in a pixel style, the dynamism and realism of the shootings did not suffer from this. Over the long period of Pixel Gun 3D presence on the market, a variety of chips and game mechanics have been added here, which only complement the already addicting gameplay.

Well-established communication between players organizes a field for tactical maneuvers for you, and a system of ranks and leaderboards will show your place in the overall rating of gamers. If you are interested in quality shooters, then be sure to check out our detailed guide on how to download Pixel Gun 3D. The project in question is very often called a Counter Strike clone. Indeed, early versions of the game could offer users modes and maps that are exactly the same as in the CS series. Changed graphics, arsenal of weapons and game mechanics helped the developer avoid problems with copyright infringement, but the clone’s reputation still haunts the described project.


Online shooters are not about telling you a compelling story. This genre is wholly and completely aimed at challenging the skills of each individual player. In Pixel Gun 3D you will find yourself in an atmosphere of constant competition, where all gamers fight for the coveted ranks, points and delicious rewards. The developer has directed all his activities to turn his brainchild into a real masterpiece. As a result, you can see regular patches appearing almost every month. Constantly updated and evolving content attracts a new audience to the game and retains an old audience. It is probably not entirely correct to speak about the quality of the graphic design of a pixel-style game. But we can say that the game runs smoothly, and all kinds of freezes and lags have long been eliminated by numerous updates. All of the above will definitely interest every fan of online shooters. It’s important to say right off the bat that the most serious gamers prefer to play Pixel Gun 3D.

Few people can already remember the days when Pixel Gun 3D was a completely single player game. The entire gameplay was devoted to the passage of the story campaign, which revealed before you the adventures of Pixelman. Naturally, network battles are gaining popularity among users much faster than single player projects. Judging by the current statistics from the Play Market, the Pixel Gun 3D studio was absolutely not mistaken with the decision to add many network modes.

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The variety of gameplay possibilities here is such that you will always find something to do. If you want to play alone, then you can easily plunge into single player modes, where the outcome of the battle will depend only on you. Most gamers prefer to spend time in online modes, where not only personal skill is required to win, but also bold tactical decisions. And detailed character customization, skins, hundreds of weapons and pets will make the gameplay even more fun. One of the main features of this shooter is that there is no auto-aiming and auto-shooting. Such a decision, although it makes the shooting process more difficult, but this way the players will be able to more feel the firefights with opponents. This game mechanic will also require additional skill from the gamer, which complicates the achievement of the next rank.

In the main menu, you can start customizing your hero. Here you will have access to a store where you can buy various things for in-game currency. Curiosity can be aroused by the “Skins” tab, where you can purchase one of several hundred unique costumes for your fighter. The costumes here are very different, so each user can choose something to their liking. The “Weapons” tab is able to give you not only deadly murder weapons, but also allow you to create skins for your guns with your own hands. The same topic applies to several dozen types of armor. Battle pets will help you in battle, which will not only distract the enemy, but also inflict significant damage on him. The list of pets, skins, weapons and armor is updated with each new patch.

Features of the game on

Due to the high dynamics of the gameplay and the peculiar mechanics of shooting, the controls in this product cannot be called convenient. You need to press a large number of buttons at the same time, and it is not always possible to do this on the touchscreen of a smartphone. For a comfortable gameplay, it is recommended to play Pixel Gun 3D.

Create your own character and customize as you want

In order to start playing Pixel Gun 3D, you need to create your own character. To do this, the game has an excellent editor to customize the appearance of your hero. Here you can choose a skin, equipment and more. In order to make fights, 9 locations have been developed, which differ from each other in relief, size and other features. Small arms are also available to users, making the game very interesting.

A huge variety of game modes

There are 11 different modes in the game. And there are about three dozen cards. Moreover, to make it more fun, they were made as diverse as possible: here is the city, and the apocalyptic desert, and space. It is also worth mentioning the solid set of game modes that have been collected in the game, and each has its own merits. For example, here you can arrange confrontations with real opponents, and by choosing a different mode, you will have to fight against huge crowds of the living dead who want to try your teeth.

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Online battles are very different here. You will be able to plunge into the confrontation between two teams in the “Team Fight” and “Squad Battle” modes. Capture the Flag and Capture Points will challenge your tactical skills, because victory in such modes is completely tied to the completion of the corresponding task. Single player modes are represented here by survival against zombies and a story campaign that tells you about the adventures of Pixelman. These modes will not only increase the level of your profile.

Simple control and perfectly optimized

The good controls are also nice, perfectly optimized for the touchscreen, they shouldn’t give you any special problems. And all the controls are located exclusively in their places, which should also greatly facilitate the process of passing for you. You have to control the character from the first person using knitted buttons and joysticks. The character has a weapon to kill enemies and the ability to be part of a team. Choose a card, play as a red or white team and kill enemies.

Hundreds of types of weapons, armor, skins, pets and gadgets

A large number of weapons, gadgets, and pets that will help you in the difficult task of great pixel battles are also off scale. And what kind of animals the developer suggests you to have is a completely separate topic for conversation. In between battles, you can upgrade your character, acquire new weapons and equipment, or improve the old one. And also change the appearance of your hero. There are over 180 skins at your service, and they are no less varied than anything else in the game. You can try on the image of a cyborg, zombie, soldier, samurai, disco dancer, king. In general, there is enough imagination and money.

Download Pixel Gun 3D 21.9.1 MOD Apk

It is impossible not to mention the excellent optimization of the game as a whole, in this regard, the hacked game is also more than good, you can completely calmly download and run the modded games not only on many new smartphones. But what is not less important, even on a part of old devices, it will have to work fully, which, as you understand, is not less important.