ONE PIECE’s story sets sail in ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE - an epic anime RPG with over 100 million downloads worldwide! Sail the Grand Line with Luffy, Zoro, Nami and all your favorite ONE PIECE characters in this hit anime adventure!
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BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
May 27, 2021
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One Piece Treasure Cruise – a piece of Cruise Treasure popular, fun and interesting game in the style of role-playing games from BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc for Android, which is at your request The latest update with the mode is available for download and in front of you! One Piece Treasure Cruise, which has 60 million downloads to date, is one of the most popular role-playing games, which is designed and made based on the animation of the same name; The story begins with a village windmill; Where young Luffy meets the Straw Hats and this fateful meeting takes them on an adventure and discovering the treasure of Cruise! Now you have to join Luffy and start your new adventure to find the treasure, of course, different characters will accompany you in this way! Each character has their own unique ability that you use at the right time for war! Build your own group with lovable characters, hire new characters, and collect pirates to teach them the skills they need to learn to become the most powerful people and go to sea to find treasure! On the way you are looking for treasure, interesting adventures and events will happen to you, which is one of the most beautiful experiences. Brings you role-playin games ! If you are a fan and fan of role-playing games, this game will undoubtedly attract your attention in all respects.

General Information

A game of the RPG genre Tap-fighter, where you need to press at a certain moment to create a combo to defeat enemies, there is a storyline based on the anime of the same name, as well as various events. For completing missions, you will be given personal experience. When you get a new leveled, you will increase the stamina and cost of the team. Stamina is needed to complete missions, more complex missions need more stamina. 1 stamina is restored in 5 minutes, with the level of stamina being restored.

Features of the game and a little about using MOD Apk

One Piece Treasure Cruise cheats will open up new possibilities for you in this game. There are tasks that are very difficult, there are confrontations where you will need to fight the strongest enemies and it is not always possible to win. And accordingly, if you do not win the battle, you do not go to the next stage of the game. Thus, you will not be able to see everything that the game has prepared for you, and there are a lot of interesting things ahead. Therefore, players do not hesitate to use cheats in One Piece Treasure Cruise. So you can see all the delights of this game and learn how to cope with the most difficult situations. Do not be afraid to engage in a fight with new, unfamiliar characters, because you have everything to win. You need to defeat everyone, otherwise they will attack you and take everything you have. Be the first and invincible, only forward.

Secrets and One Piece Treasure Cruise MODDED Apk

You will definitely like the plot of the game. In general, hack One Piece Treasure Cruise is the version of the game that players will like more, because here you are capable of incredible actions, you definitely cannot do them in a simple game. Therefore, start playing and use all the additional functions and items. Literally throughout the entire game, you will have new resources that will help you in the future. The game has already been loved by many, because it is really interesting. And also hack One Piece Treasure Cruise is depicted in an exciting way, all special effects in battles are mesmerizing, this cannot but attract attention. Change your characters faster and experience each of them in the most pumped way, so you can determine the capabilities of each.

Team information

The player can organize up to six teams with playable characters, which he receives as the story progresses. Each team can have up to six people. You can also sacrifice a versatile playable enemy or animal to level up other characters.

The battle

Treasure Cruise has intuitive controls. You need to touch your character at the right time to form a combo and deal more damage. Each character has unique special abilities that make battles even more fun.

Enjoy an exciting storyline.

The game begins in Fushiya Village, where Luffy (the main character) encounters a red-haired chess player. From this point to the end, you will face many battle episodes and engage in mind-boggling battles that will require you to use your skills to emerge victorious from them. You will occasionally meet Sanji, Zoro and Nami with Baroque pieces or travel around Skipie.

Find new members of your team.

You will need strong soldiers to survive in the One Piece world. Start by finding the main heroes – characters before you get into the war zone. Your enemies will develop new attacks from time to time, so you will have to choose characters with different abilities.

Once you find your teammates, teach them to become stronger than your enemies. Recruiting teammates does not stop at the start of the game. Sometimes in the middle of a battle, you will need to reinforce your team with new characters.

Go on an exciting adventure.

With the most powerful crew, you can begin your military journey to the sea. Enjoy breathtaking sea views as you look for your enemies. Your enemies will also be on the lookout to kill you, so pay great attention to spotting any possible attacks from your opponents.

Launch deadly attacks on your opponents.

One Piece Treasure Cruise comes with a Chain Chain feature that lets you launch mega attacks on your enemies. Know how to create the right assault team at the right time to be more effective on the battlefield. You can also use tandem attacks that deal incredible damage to your enemies.

Level up and upgrade your team.

You climb from one level to another as you progress through the game. Each level is equipped with equipment and weapon upgrades. So ensure you grab updates to improve your stats and be ready for the next missions.

You can also purchase upgrades and gems from the in-game store and speed up your progress. Use real money to buy upgrades and improve your gaming experience.

Enjoy intuitive controls.

Pulling powerful combos in this game is easier with simple yet intuitive controls. You will instantly form your strongest team and then send it out to take down your opponent.

This game was developed for mobile devices, but can be played on PC. Download and install the application on your work computer or laptop and enjoy the game on the big screen. Use the keyboard to keep all controls in the comfort of your seat.

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One Piece Treasure Cruise MOD APK is a mobile online game based on the One Piece comic series famous for its turn-based role-playing game combining the orb system. This game is famous in the gaming community because the gameplay is both familiar but also creative. So download our mod apk below and enjoy the gameplay.

What's new

- Added new features for characters
- Other minor fixes