ONE PIECE Bounty Rush (MOD, God Mode/No Skill CD)


One Piece Bounty Rush is a 3D anime battle arena treasure looting game set in the popular manga pirate world of One Piece!
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Nov 18, 2021
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Download ONE PIECE Bounty Rush 44000 (MOD MENU MOD | GOD MODE | NO SKILL CD) For Android

Fans of Japanese animation know that the One Piece franchise (1000+ episodes) is popular all over the world. An RPG game based on your favorite anime projects. Monkey D. Luffy is a legendary character in a famous story. He is the selfless captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, a highly intuitive man who has a naive and enthusiastic belief in humans. The hero and his crew invite the user to take part in their adventures, which unfold both on land and at sea. Each team member has their own skills that determine the gamer’s playing style. The main goal is to win a 4-on-4 PvP skirmish. Get treasures with funny characters while enjoying high-quality graphics of fast-paced action!


In this game, you will have access to several modes such as: single battle, survival mode, capture the flag and private battle. Before the start of each battle, you can choose a character from the many available, which will be divided into 5 different classes: swordsman, warrior, marksman, swordsman and supporter. Each hero will have their own unique abilities that you can use in battle. Each battle will involve 8 real players, who will be divided into two teams of 4 people. Your main task will be to capture more treasures than the opposing team will do. To do this, you need to plant your team’s flag near the treasures, as well as fight the enemy team in real time. For winning battles, you will receive experience, in-game currency and various character fragments, with which you can unlock new heroes.

Features of the game

An addicting multiplayer action game in which you go to the arena where you have to fight with other players for treasures. Win the battle and become the Pirate King in this anime universe. A large number of charismatic characters will be available to you. Each of which will have their own unique abilities. Pump over your characters and improve their skills to make them stronger. The game will delight you with stunning three-dimensional graphics with cool effects, good voice acting and pleasant music.


Great Mode To Make The Game Playable

First, we’ll start by saying that you need to be able to play the game correctly in order to enjoy it. This means that if you’re constantly falling behind, it won’t be a pleasant experience, so you can’t really enjoy the game to its fullest. There are two options that you can choose to play the game: Normal Mode and Lite Mode . If your device is fairly new and has a good processor and graphics card, then you can use normal mode. If you feel that the game is slow or lagging (or you have a general feeling that it is “heavy”), then switch to Lite mode. Since the Graphics of the Game are pretty good and they are packed with action, Lite Mode will help you tone it down a bit so you don’t get a headache from all the movement in the game. You can also play around a bit with Camera Horizontal Sensitivity and V Camera Vertical Sensitivity to see which settings work best for you.

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Play And Win To Upgrade Your League

Your league is basically the rank you have and the higher in the league you are, the better the rewards you get from fighting. It’s not hard to climb the league – all you have to do is keep fighting and winning. To get a higher league, you should mainly focus on the goal of the game and keep fighting the enemies that get in your way. It’s not smart to fight aimlessly without any goal, so try to claim treasure and trample
enemies that get along the way. A good way to get a higher league is to play an easy character that will allow you to grab treasures quickly
and move pretty quickly at the same time. The fast moving part is optional, but if you decide to climb with a slightly more tanky character it will be easier IMO as it will even allow you to take on multiple enemies at once (even if you just distract them while your team collects treasures).

One Piece Bounty Rush Fighting strategies

I fought long and hard and managed to come up with quite a few fighting strategies to help you with the recently released game. If you follow these One Piece Bounty Rush battle tips you will definitely win most of your fights (tested a lot of things in many fights). This is what works best for me and I am sure it will work really well for you too

Use Battle Stamps For Communication

Combat stamps are a quick way to tell your team (when you start playing with other players) to take a specific action. By default, you have four of them, but in my opinion, they don’t really help you tell your team what to do, and it will only lead to chaos (even more than it already is!). Even though the default stamps are kind of “cute” to have, you are a pirate, so you need to tighten up and make serious decisions! I suggest using four of the most useful stamps to better communicate with your team: Attack !, Watch Out, Get Treasure, and Guard Treasure.

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Go Fight Solo

First of all, I suggest you start a solo quest. This will allow you to fight enemies that are getting stronger and will allow you to become better in the game. Not only that, but getting into solo mode will give you some awesome rewards! In addition, once you complete a stage in normal mode, you can repeat the stage in hard mode. All of these battles will include 3 tasks that you must do your best to complete in order to earn your reward. The more challenges you complete, the better the rewards, so do your best!

Don’t be targeted by a dummy!

This means that when you are fighting, you must dodge enemy attacks and not let them freely hit you. When you successfully dodge an incoming attack, you will receive an invincibility buff for a short time. Whenever you perfectly dodge an incoming attack you will become invincible for longer and let you counterattack like a boss! I suggest looking into enemy attack patterns and trying to read when they are about to use a certain skill or attack in a certain way. It takes practice — a lot of it! It’s best if you try it solo first, so when you go up against other players you’ll be kind of a pro! take bonuses Sometimes during your fights, you will notice some shiny things on the battlefield! These bonuses that are generated randomly are as follows:

Information about MOD APK

1. Menu MOD
2. Dumb AI (they do not move or attack)
3. No skill cooldown

Download ONE PIECE Bounty Rush 44000 MOD Apk

One Piece Bounty Rush is an amazing 3D MOBA action game on the phone, and you should experience it if you love manga One Piece. You transform into famous pirate characters in One Piece, and participate in fierce battles to compete for the legendary pirate treasure. The game offers many interesting game modes, character upgrades to create your favorite squad