Oh Na-ra is the guest host “SNL Korea” Season 2 + “Single Inferno” Oh Jin-Tech is a special appearance

Oh Na-ra will appear in “SNL Korea Season 2” alongside “Single Inferno” cast Eo Jin.

As Newsen quoted, the 47-year-old actress will be the new guest host for the next episode of the comedy variety show.

“SNL Korea” Season 2 Announcing a teaser featuring Oh Na-ra

Following the surprise news about Oh Na-ra’s next appearance, Coupang Play will release a cut featuring guest actresses from “SNL Korea” Season 2.

We welcomed the actress as the show’s new guest host on the official Instagram of the network.

Flatulence will appear in 16 episodes and will air on April 16th this year at 10pm KST. ..

Viewers can see The funny side of the “SKY Castle” star surprises the host and audience with her unmistakable charm.

Interestingly, Season 2 of “SNL Korea” will also feature another amazing cameo from one participant on Netflix’s “Single Inferno.”

Oh Jin Taek

According to the same outlet, Season 1 Jintech of the Oh Reality Date Show captivates viewers with his charisma worth plunging.

Season 2 of the variety show features many top-notch stars such as “Mr. Queen” star, Shin Hae Sun, Kang Ha-neul, “Squid Game” villain, Ho Sun-tae, and “Work”. I’ll drink it now. “Starring Jung Eun-ji, Lee Sun-bin, and Han Sunhwa.

Flatulence starring in the historical romance K drama “Return”

The appearance of the 47-year-old actress in “SNL Korea” Season 2 precedes her next drama “Return”

tvN’s historic Romance K drama is the next series of flatulences after playing badminton coach Ra Young Ja in “Racket Boys.”

In her next series, actresses include “Extraordinary You” stars Lee Jae Wook, Han Min Yun, and Jung So Min.

tvN’s “Return” is sponsored by Park Seo-joon’s behind-the-scenes man, Park Jun-hwa, and Park Min-young’s hit K drama “What’s wrong with Secretary Kim” and “Touch Your Heart.”

In addition, the next series is written by the sisters of Hong Jeong Eun and Hong Mi Ran, who wrote “Hotel del Luna,” “My Girlfriend Is a Gumi,” and “A Korean Odyssey.”

Flatulence captivates fans with her amazing acting skills, but she shows her danny side in “Six Sense 3”.

The actress captivated viewers with her wit with fellow host Yoo Jae Suk, Lee Mi Joo, Lee Sang Yeob, and “Nunu Nana” hit maker Jessi.

After two successful seasons, “Sixth Sense” officially returned on March 18th last year in a third installment. Despite the delay due to the surge in COVID-19, the OG host is back in a fun season.

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