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Mud. Dirt. Rocks. Multiplayer. Trucks. Customizations. Drons. MAP EDITOR. Diesel swaps. Quads. Crawlers. SxS. Free. It goes on and on. Stop reading, just download now!
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Battle Creek Games
Oct 30, 2021
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Download Offroad Outlaws 5.0.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) For Android

Offroad Outlaws for Android is an interesting racing project that will plunge users into the off-road world. Here, players will have to test themselves in various locations and assemble their own SUV. But, as always, you have to start small. Initially, the buggy will be under your control. Get behind the wheel and go explore the first location. Unlock new locations, build your installations and earn money to buy new parts or cars.

Play With Your Friends

And for those who do not like being alone there is a real multiplayer mode, where you can play together with your friends and with other users from all over the world. Compete with real players, roll around the map and discover new places. Also tune your SUV. Customize the suspension exactly for you and pump your SUV in every possible way so that it can drive through both sticky mud and bumpy surfaces.

Visual Part

The external content of ” Offroad Outlaws ” is made at a fairly good level. Constant drawing and pleasant color palette, all this creates an attractive atmosphere and can cheer up every time you launch a game project. If you love off-roading and have been looking for a project on this subject for a long time, where you can also play with friends, then be sure to try ” Offroad Outlaws ” on your device. Plunge into the off-road world and conquer all the locations in the game.

The driving genre is hitting harder on Android

The driving genre is one of the best suited to the gameplay of mobile devices. Or at least, all those that can be included within a more arcade driving. Especially, given the increasing power of current mobiles. Thus, currently, it is possible to enjoy such interesting titles as CSR Racing 2, Need for Speed ​​Most Wanted, GRID Autosport or Asphalt 9: Legends. Or others as fun as Mario Kart Tour, a true Nintendo classic. Offroad Outlaws is a different bet. But, does it live up to the best titles in the genre? Keep reading and you will leave doubts.

Offroad Outlaws, the best driving on the most demanding circuits

Offroad Outlaws is a driving game developed by Battle Creek Games for Android mobiles. It is characterized by offering the possibility of driving a wide variety of widely customizable vehicles and on really demanding circuits. The game offers the possibility to choose from a wide variety of off-road vehicles. So you can choose between vans, quads , bikes , pickups and much more. In addition, it is possible to customize practically all aspects of the vehicles. Thus, you can both modify their appearance and improve their performance by adding different types of damping systems, traction, tires, protections and much, much, more.

Expand your garage

At the beginning, you start with a green van with which you will have to take your first steps and earn the chance to compete in the different existing competitions. With time, patience and, of course, some investment, you can improve the performance of the van and, of course, also expand your collection of vehicles. It will not be easy, but of course you will have a lot to choose from. In the game store, you will even find special edition vehicles. Some as original as the ghostbusters car. Of course, if you want to get hold of any of these vehicles you will have to go to the checkout.

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Do you compete in multiplayer games?

In Offroad Outlaws, you can go from riding a wide variety of tracks individually to participating in exciting multiplayer competitions. Thus, you can face other players in exciting races in which you can put your driving skills to the test. Or if you prefer, you can face other drivers in capture the flag matches. In addition, since it allows you to compete on custom circuits, you have the possibility to enjoy a wide variety of driving environments. And even if you want, you can create your own maps with the editor included in the game.

Graphics and Controls

On a visual level, Offroad Outlaws is a game that presents good levels of quality, especially with regard to the designs of the different vehicles available. As far as the tracks go, it falls short of the impressive levels of detail of titles like Asphalt 9: Legends. However, the truth is that the animations develop very smoothly and the game presents quite realistic physics. In addition, it is a real joy to see how the tire marks remain on the terrain or the rain effects of some maps. On the other hand, the game allows you to choose between different cameras from which to enjoy the best driving.

The control system of Offroad Outlaws stands out for its extreme simplicity, how could it be otherwise for an eminently arcade title. You have an icon to accelerate, another that acts as a brake or reverse gear, and two icons for both directions. In addition, a revolution counter is displayed on the screen so you do not pass by. Of course, apart from its great simplicity, it can sometimes be difficult to control the vehicle. Thus, at times, it can be quite frustrating to overcome certain obstacles and you will have no choice but to restart the game.

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A free game, but with integrated purchases and advertising

Offroad Outlaws is a free to play game , although it includes a large number of micropayments in the application. Thus, to get the most out of the title and to be able to enjoy all the functions it offers, it is necessary to invest real money to buy the game currencies. And it is that the monetization policy of Offroad Outlaws is really aggressive. In addition, it includes advertising. After every run you run, an advertisement is displayed.


Offroad Outlaws is an entertaining game, ideal to spend some time, especially if you are a driving lover and want to experience driving on extreme circuits. It positively highlights the wide variety of vehicles it has and the multiple customization options it allows. Unfortunately, to be able to enjoy this variety of options, it is necessary to spend many hours to unlock the content or pay for it. And micropayments are not cheap at all. In addition, it is still a somewhat limited game in terms of playability. Of course, it is appreciated that it has a multiplayer mode.

Offroad Outlaws 5.0.2 MOD Apk For Android

Offroad Outlaws APK mod, the best way to enjoy the game completely unlocked and without advertising Download Offroad Outlaws APK mod for free to enjoy one of the best driving games for Android much more. Get free money to upgrade and customize your vehicle. Unlock all the premium vehicles and enjoy their impressive collection of off-road vehicles, four-by-four, pickups , quads , motorcycles and much more. With the mod you can also access maps and game modes that are blocked or are paid. Don’t think twice and download the latest version of Offroad Outlaws APK mod for your Android device.