Ninja’s Creed (MOD, Unlimited Money)


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February 25, 2021
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According to the genre features of the game – action from the first person. Ninja’s Creed: 3D Sniper Shooting in translation: “Ninja’s Creed – sniper shooting in 3D.” The plot is quite interesting – a killer from Japan of our days begins his journey. The killer must establish himself as a specialist in his field:

  • Destroy targets with a bow or cold weapon.
  • Work silently, neutralize the enemy, and dissolve into the night.
  • Disrupt competitors’ deals.
  • Work through, track orders.
  • Acquire good weapons, improve your arsenal.
  • Upgrade skills.
  • Earn money on orders, invest in character customization.

Then you can become a real boss of the Yakuza, manage territories, collect tribute, protect your people. The usual path from a fighter to the head of a clan.

The graphics in the project are gorgeous. From the very first video, you can see how elaborate the details and animation are. The ninja runs across the rooftops of traditional Japanese houses, pulls the bowstring, takes aim, shoots. Slow motion shooting of the flight of an arrow, suitable acoustics – the excitement grows. Target hit right in the head, a sea of ​​blood. And the feeling, as if this is happening in reality, goosebumps are guaranteed!


A person dreams of adventure from an early age, the feeling of adventurism does not disappear over the years. But in the modern world there is no place for legendary heroes or great warriors for a long time. The virtual universe makes every individual feel like an unsurpassed brave and swashbuckler. Download the free Android game Ninja’s Creed: 3D Sniper Shooting, become a professional assassin, hone your skills, make your enemies tremble at the thought of a ninja! The hero of this project is a sniper who has to deal with bandits, competitors, vile priests, organ dealers from a distance. Main weapon: bow and arrow.

Difficulty levels

Download the game Ninja’s Creed: 3D Sniper Shooting on your computer and go through many levels. Levly are designed according to a standard scheme – from easy to difficult:

  • You need to get rid of the guy in the towel who is enjoying the contemplation of nature after the pool. You need to aim properly, a kind of optics system operates, which brings the object closer. Holding your breath, shoot, the guy falls with an arrow in the back of his head.
  • Further, the curator (ninja girl) says that it is necessary to get rid of two targets. The weapon that the hero uses is received for a while for work, you need your own. Killing two people will give you the opportunity to purchase a bow. The first man in the cap talks to the guy in the green wig. We neutralize the first, the second runs away. No witnesses. The green hairstyle mod doesn’t have to hide. Shoot in the head, it’s more effective!
  • Then there will be missions: shoot three bandits in the mall, finish off the man who gets the suitcase, or kill the guy in the Kabuki theater. A guy slaps a geisha dancing on stage and gets an arrow, a colorful picture!
  • Intriguing level – the destruction of the drone on the roof. Original picture of an approaching UAV, shot and explosion! Pretty bright!
  • Difficult locations – killing three police officers or guards. These guys shoot back, and the mechanism of a simple bow is designed in such a way that after two shots, a reload is required. If you quickly “finish” with two, the third will certainly fire from a revolver. Therefore, you need to work as quickly as possible.

Player weapon

Playing Ninja’s Creed: 3D Sniper Shooting on a PC means traveling to Japan, with its traditional way of life (then it is possible to play in other countries: Mexico, Brazil, France, etc.). Innovations do not prevent the “land of the rising sun” from honoring the rites of their ancestors. Ninja, for example, does not use firearms, only the progenitor’s special equipment, improved with the help of modern technologies:

  • The Oak Bow is the first weapon a hitman buys. It can be improved, and a simple mechanism turns into a complex dangerous structure. There are many types of bows in the game.
  • The Rippers. A kind of brass knuckles in the form of claws, a good thing for close combat.
  • Paired crossbows. The ninja shoots from two deadly devices at once, high speed, shooting stability.
  • Shurikens. “Stars” are throwing objects, a symbol of “warriors of the night”.
  • The Tesla Bow is a marvel of engineering weapons products. Crushing equipment, one of the best in the game.

Upgrading weapons

Upgrading weapons is a prerequisite for the normal passage of levels. You can pump:

  • Damage.
  • Range.
  • Percentage of stability.
  • Accuracy.
  • Quiver capacity.
  • Reload speed.

Choose the missions available on the map: the main storyline and additional quests. Earn money, destroy enemies!

The killer himself has the appearance of a tattooed fighter in armor, a real Yakuza death machine. The faithful companion of the ninja is the eagle. This is a friend who helps you find your goal. The killer sees with the eyes of a bird, and the feathered one has a more subtle vision. In missions where you need to find an object on the roof or identify a traitor among the entourage of Master Matsumoto – the eagle is an irreplaceable assistant.


Download the game Ninja’s Creed: 3D Sniper Shooting on your computer, enjoy the features of the game:

  • It is interesting to play as a sniper assassin.
  • Attractive 3D graphics and acoustics.
  • Decent arsenal of various weapons.
  • Using an eagle partner.
  • Original plot.
  • Lots of maps and missions.
  • The possibility of pumping.

The project will be interesting for users of different ages.

Advantages and disadvantages

Any development has its fans and opponents.

Pros of the game:

  • Great graphics.
  • A well-developed storyline.
  • Nice gameplay.
  • The opportunity to play not only in Japan, but also in other countries of the world.
  • Not a bad weapon upgrade system.


  • It is required to expand the arsenal.
  • You need to add skins, clothes, things.
  • Many characters need to change their appearance.

To draw a conclusion about the game, you need to do the development yourself.

Summary and comments

Download the free Android game Ninja’s Creed: 3D Sniper Shooting, become a specialist in the ability to exterminate your own kind. Build a mind-blowing career from a simple performer to a boss in awe of his subjects.