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Decide on your cafe or restaurant business strategy and earn income, even when you are offline!
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June 2, 2021
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My Cafe: Recipes & Stories  is a pretty interesting simulator in which you can start your own small business. The game will start with the opening of one small coffee shop in a small province. You will start working alone first. You will need to seat visitors, take their orders and try to do everything possible so that people like you and want to come to you again.

About the game

In the game My Cafe for android, you will find a huge business cafe simulator. Are you ready to start your own big business? If yes, then this economic strategy is for you! You have to open your own coffee shop in your city and do everything in order to drink coffee came to you. Making your business successful is not an easy task, so you need to start right now! In order for more and more customers to come to you, you need to pay special attention to those units of people who accidentally drop in to you. If they are satisfied with the service, be sure they will tell other people about your coffee shop. Then the most important thing will begin … Crowds of people will come to you, who will have to not only learn how to serve, but also qualitatively, so that everyone is happy and brings a stable daily income to your cashier!

The main advantage of the game “My Cafe” is that it is broken for endless money, which means that the design of your coffee shop will not depend on direct earnings – you can equip the cafe as your design heart desires from the very first days of work! Do your business, develop it every day and people will reach out to you, because your coffee shop serves the most delicious desserts in the city with coffee.

Gameplay of the game

Would you like a cup of coffee? This is how you should greet visitors to your establishment. There is absolutely no doubt that they want this particular drink, because they came to the coffee shop. In this game, you have to manage a fairly large establishment, which is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. At first, you will only be serving coffee that is not of the highest quality. However, as you progress through the game, your establishment can turn into a posh restaurant. You will have an extensive menu and many regular customers booking tables a few days before the scheduled event. Visitors want not only to drink coffee, but also to have a heart-to-heart talk. Therefore, you must constantly communicate with them in order to win them over. Having learned the ins and outs of each client, you will find out many exciting stories and mysterious intrigues. After that, the life of a small town will not seem so calm and measured to you.

Take Your Time To Raise The Level

To keep earnings from falling, the gamer does not need to rush and move through the level. Because as soon as the player moves to a new level, he no longer has enough resources. First, the player needs to thoroughly study the current level, buy available furniture and complete tasks, get all the gifts. It is best to buy equipment from the Bank. As soon as the player has received an offer to buy new furniture or elements of a coffee shop, it is worth checking the Bank first.

Not Hiring New Staff

Initially, the player will have only one employee – barista Tatiana. When the game offers to hire new staff, as with the level, take your time. First, let Tatiana upgrade her level to 5-7 and the “Daily simple gift” skill, so that she gives 2 simple gifts every day, and from level 10 – three gifts. The “Speed” skill is not of fundamental importance, since Tatiana will cope with her affairs even at minimum values. After Tatiana is pumped to level 7, you can hire a waiter to serve the tables.

Expanding The Spice Box

The next step in My Cafe will be expanding the Spice Box. The box is the main place to spend your diamonds at the entry level. Spices will allow special orders to be served to guests, which will cost much more than the main dishes of the coffee shop. You can expand the range of spices by updating Phone and City orders. To do this, at the start, the player must connect the coffee shop to a specific city. Orders bring spices and rubies. And by buying buildings for the town, the player will be able to take part in the Festival with free tasks and earn good money.

Purchase All Gifts

At the very start, purchase all the gifts from Fernando. They give a nice bonus. You will have a supply of spices, coins and diamonds. Cultivate a particular style of coffee shop as it brings in extra tips. One of the best styles is American. He gives an 18.98% tip to the order.

Hire Temporary Characters

Starting from the seventh level in the game My coffee shop, the player will be able to rent temporary characters, such as Tatiana’s sister, Yana. Arriving in the city, they start working in a cafe, providing a stable source of coins, spices and diamonds. Temporary characters appear along with developer promotions. If there are no such characters in the game, then the promotion is not yet running. Another source of diamonds will be TV. Watch ads on it and get diamonds as a reward.

Drink the most delicious coffee

In this game you will become the main owner of your cafe, which will need to be developed and made popular in order to earn enough money for a new one. As your coffee shop grows, it will be possible to hire employees to help you cope with the growing influx of people. You will also have the opportunity to take care of the interior of your cafe and purchase better coffee machines, as well as other things. Here you will have to keep up with everything that happens in your location. After all, customers should always be satisfied. Don’t forget to add new items to the menu to attract and interest even more citizens. After all, in this way you can establish a worthy customer base around the world. Become the most successful businessman with a fortune!

Pleasant and quality registration

Attached My Cafe: Recipes & Stories  is very good and colorful graphics. After all, everything is drawn in HD quality, as well as with full 3D detail, which makes the gameplay much more interesting and richer. In addition, the game has a nice musical accompaniment, it will make your gameplay much more interesting. As for the control, then you can perform any of the actions with one hand, so problems should not arise.

Download My Cafe 2021.6.3 Latest MOD Apk For Android

This game is perfect for those who’re looking for a simple yet addictive simulation game that they could enjoy on their mobile devices whenever they want. Plus, it’s also a great chance for you to get to know the job of a coffee owner from unique perspectives. Not to mention that it’s completely free for you to enjoy.