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Nov 21, 2021
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Download Mortal Kombat 3.4.1 MOD APK + OBB (Menu/High Damage) For Android

The long-awaited sequel to the game Mortal Kombat, which has conquered thousands of gamers since its release on consoles, appears before us in a new form and is available to all users of android devices. Even more new heroes and more action you can discover in Mortal Kombat X. Don’t waste time, install faster!

About the game

In the new version of the game Mortal Kombat X you can discover a completely new story in which famous characters intertwine, such as: Scorpio, Kitana, Sub-Zero, Sonya, and new heroes, among which you can find the following: Jacqueline Briggs, Kung Jin. The principle of the game is that you form a team of 3 best fighters and go into battle. For victories, you will be credited with money that you can spend in the future on upgrading your warriors or buying new, stronger players.

The Story of the game

Any fighting game will always put gameplay first, but in games from NetherRealm, the story breathes down his neck. The studio has already proven that it can tell stories as well as typical story games. And Mortal Kombat is no exception in this sense either. 

The story begins immediately after the events of Mortal Kombat. The desecrated Elder God Shinnok was defeated and imprisoned in the Temple of Life. Thunder God Raiden , now enslaved by his older brother’s amulet, which gives him a red appearance, begins to torture Shinnok. In this conversation, Raiden says that he will destroy everyone and everything that threatens the earthly kingdom, since he is its protector. After that, we are introduced to the main antagonist – the almighty Kronika . It becomes clear that she can control the time and destinies of each character in all realities. She sees in Raiden a new destructive force that upsets the balance between good and evil. Therefore, she will rewrite history with the help of her friends. Both new and old. 

The approximately 7-hour story is told in 12 chapters, each of which sheds light on one or two characters from the Mortal Kombat roster. Each chapter consists of four or five battles. This way of presenting the plot was used in previous games of the studio and it is not at all outdated. By giving each character their moment of glory, players have a reason to empathize with everyone equally. Of course, the game has a couple of protagonists and a lot of minor characters, but even they will look convincing. All in all, the plot is equally gripping and engaging. Therefore, during the game you will definitely not get bored. 


The plot itself does not reinvent the wheel. But MK 11 is served at such a pace that it forces you to fully focus your attention on it. Every time two characters meet, it seems that now they will injure each other. Because we have already seen before how many people were torn into small pieces. But in addition to the story, there are several modes in the game that will keep the interest in players of all levels. In part 11, classic towers appeared, along which you can climb higher and higher to the top, where you then fight with Kronika. There is also a “Time Tower” mode Their essence is the same, but the player is limited by a timer. Finishing one of the classic towers, the player opens the ending of the corresponding character, where he takes possession of the powers of Kronika and changes the future according to his wishes. 

In fact, there is nothing outstanding or important about these endings. They add very little context to the game and only show what kind of future each of the characters would like to live in. The endings, probably, should demonstrate the worldview of the heroes, but this is where it all ends. The Crypt mode has reappeared , where the player will travel to Shang-Jong Island. You will be able to wander around it this time in 3rd person mode and unlock new fatalities, concept art, consumables, etc. There will be chests scattered across the island, which can be opened using the in-game currency you receive. In fact, the island is a huge showcase, but it’s still quite interesting to see from a different perspective some familiar locations in Mortal Kombat.

The fighting formula in Part 11 just got better. After all, it feels like the latest game from this studio is much more intense than anything they’ve done before. From the most basic things like hitting, performing a complex combo. Everything just feels really high quality and enjoyable. Surely Mortal Kombat is an amazing franchise, not only because of its M rating, but because everyone can sit down and have a great time. The controls are simple enough that your friend can grab a gamepad and get up to speed with the basics in no time at all. But that doesn’t mean Mortal Kombat lacks depth. After all, it has many nuances that go far beyond the basic acquaintance with the game. 

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Combat system

The studio has carried out targeted and not immediately visible from the outside work aimed at meeting the needs of both beginners and advanced gamers. Basic techniques are now even more willing to add up from the point of view of physics and look more spectacular. In general, according to subjective feelings, Mortal Kombat is the softest game in the series in terms of Battle Machines. A person who randomly presses all the buttons on a gamepad will regularly be surprised to see what their character is displaying. At the same time, by itself, he will surely lose to an experienced opponent, because he has already mastered various additional tricks, which are in abundance in the game. Cancellation of specials tricks, jumps of different heights, context attacks and the use of power-ups to continue combinations. By the way, with the scales in MK 11, everything became very clear too. There are zones of defense and attack, divided into two sectors. The first is used for uvarots and interaction with the environment, and the second for boosting standard techniques. 

Add-ons and features

The most notable addition was character customization. Previously, each character had different styles that were strikingly different from each other. In the same part, the player independently decides what special techniques and stands to use. Each character has 2 ready-made styles in case you don’t really want to mess with customization. But those who do not mind – full speed ahead. 

You can also equip cosmetic items as there are a lot of them in the game. And they all look pretty cool. Especially those that are a reference to previous games. In order to become an expert in Mortal Kombat, you only need to try a little. And for those who want to understand the game a little better, there is a tutorial in the game that tells about everything. From basic things to learning advanced techniques with frame-by-frame analysis of techniques. Although you will have to read many blocks of text, they explain concepts like block superiority and recovery in such a way that even the newest players can figure out what’s what. At the same time, you may not touch the training at all and still, in general terms, understand how to fight effectively just by participating in matches. Mortal Kombat is much more forgiving of mistakes when performing combo attacks and fatalities. Even after 10-15 minutes of playing, you will be able to perform multiple combos and experiment with their chains. 

New Premium Games For Android

Also, as an additional entertainment, developments from mobile fighting games were introduced. Namely, the battles of artificial intelligence, when you need to set up a team of 3 bots, competing with the squads of other players, watch their progress and make adjustments in the settings and get special power-ups for a more successful game. It sounds, of course, interesting, but it gets boring very quickly.

Control Management

In the new version of Mortal Kombat, you have to control your characters using gestures. Just slide your finger across the screen and take a hit. As for the strikes themselves, this is the main focus of the game. You will find a huge number of different techniques, fighting techniques, and, of course, incredibly realistic fatalities. Not surprisingly, the game has received an age limit. According to the rules, Mortal Kombat X can be played by users over the age of 17.

Graphics and Sound

The game wouldn’t be as spectacular if it didn’t have such graphics. Now, if some users could complain about the monotonous control, then there can definitely be no complaints about the design, animation and special effects. What do we see? You can spend hours praising the perfectly drawn costumes of the characters, precise movements, mega realistic, sometimes even too brutal combat. So all fans of thrills and top quality games should definitely pay attention to the new hit among fighting games.

Download Mortal Kombat 3.4.1 MOD Apk

If you’re into fighting games, then Mortal Kombat is a must-see. NetherRealm Studios continues to create great games with story-worthy stories. Even if they occur in some of the most frivolous universes. Whether you are an avid fan of the series or a newbie, this game will likely strike you as a masterpiece of the gaming industry. Fortunately, the very essence of the gameplay is exceptional, and the battles, more than ever, are good and exciting.