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Lead your Monster Legends into arena battles in this fighting game.
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Oct 15, 2021
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Monster Legends by Social point is a strategy game with elements of a virtual pet simulator in which the user will be engaged in breeding monsters. You have to breed various types of fairy-tale monsters, cross them, develop infrastructure in order to feed your animals, and also improve them for passing various quests and battles in the arena.

The application is made in a “cartoon” style, all models are beautifully animated, the environment is excellently detailed. The game doesn’t take too long. Basically, it is aimed at peaceful development, and only at the last levels will you have the opportunity to compete with other “monster lords”. By downloading Monster Legends, you will be able to play in high definition, as well as get rid of compatibility problems if your smartphone “does not support” the application.


Upon your first entry into the project, you will be greeted by the “lord of the monsters”. He will teach you how to breed new pets, show you the basics of building and growing food for monsters. From his words, it is clear that there are a lot of such breeders. Each of them has its own modest corner, a kind of base, for the development of which you will spend most of your time. As such, there is no plot here, as well as a specific goal of passing the project. You will receive tasks, but the rest of the time you will be left on your own.


Monster Legends combines elements of classic economic strategy and virtual pet simulator. The gameplay revolves around the idea of ​​constantly growing and pumping new monsters. You get eggs in the den, then incubate them in a special incubator, and then place the pet in its aviary. Depending on which monster you got, the type of its personal hideout also varies. Fire lizards prefer a lava landscape, but a tree monster will need a clearing in the middle of a dense forest. Each aviary must be built separately, if you do not have free lairs, the monster will remain in the incubator. In addition, the game has buildings for the production of food and other materials.

The more often you feed a certain monster, the faster it is pumped. At the same time, he changes not only externally, he receives additional skills and abilities. This will come in handy later, when you can take part in the competition of other “overlords”. Also within the gameplay there is a function that allows you to cross two types of monsters to get the third subspecies. Develop your base, get new resources, expand your zone of influence and try to get as many rare monsters as possible. Later you will be able to perform with them in the arena, as well as participate in the race for valuable prizes.

Features of the game

The gameplay of this game is very entertaining. Gamers will have to create settlements, and then gradually improve each new building. An incubator is a basic building where you can actually raise another monster. Don’t forget to buy new eggs, get food from the farm, and keep an eye on your pets. The game provides a chance for real experiments. For example, you can breed several types of monsters. As a result, a unique creature will be born. Good to know! There are about 180 types of monsters available in the game. Huge rabbits, fire-breathing dragons, griffins, golems and other mythical creatures rush to the rescue. Each creation is different in many ways. Their skills and characteristics are unique and should be developed.

After a short period of time, the monsters will be ready for the first training session. A strong warrior should be sent into battle to protect his village. The gameplay of the battle is unique, the battles take place step by step. Try to win in order to get a nice reward. It is recommended to spend this money on pumping monsters or developing a village. Also, anyone can fight in a duel not only with a computer, but also with a real player.

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Cartoon style render with very cute monsters

At the same time, all models of monsters are beautifully animated, which adds “liveliness” to the picture and makes the gameplay more fun. Interesting gameplay that will entice the user for a long time. There are a lot of monsters in the game, so you will have something to do for tens of hours of passage.

Many buildings that you will build at your base

You will constantly be engaged in the development of your own lands, build new aviaries and farms for food production.

Play and feed your pets yourself

You can name a new monster, as well as personally feed him a certain food, and then watch his transformation.

Intuitive gameplay with very simple controls

It is extremely easy to control heroes and erect buildings. Owners of a smartphone or tablet will perform all actions using the touch screen. Owners of a personal computer or laptop perform similar mouse manipulations. To deal with all the nuances will help special tips that are available to users immediately after the first launch of the game.

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Download Monster Legends 12.1.2 MOD Apk

For fans of the series and strategies, this application will be a good version of the game. Moreover, as in any strategy, it is important to carefully consider your actions in order not only to complete quests, but also to earn donuts. No less exciting in the game is the search for “Easter eggs” that will allow you to earn in-game currency for some seemingly simple actions.

The game is also interesting because the characters are constantly communicating, and the voice acting is by the same actors who worked on the cartoon characters. So you will definitely not be bored here.

What's new

Bug fixes and performance improvements.