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Modern Strike Online:
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Azur Interactive Games Limited
May 19, 2021
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We continue to talk about good online shooters for Android, and today we have Modern Strike Online next in line – an excellent game from Azur Interactive Games Limited. She is known to us for many bright and successful projects, so it is not surprising that this shooter came out the same. If you download Modern Strike Online, you can also see that the graphics in this game are made at a very high level, and the character is controlled quite at the level of the top computer representatives of the genre. Read more in our review.

About the game

Multiplayer shooters, it seems, will always live, starting with the legendary Counter Strike, their era is just developing and does not think to stop. Despite the fact that there are already a lot of games in the genre, which for the most part only copy the original mechanics, occasionally adding something new, many of them still have fans. They log in and play regularly, allowing projects to keep online high. At the same time, in principle, these shooters practically do not differ from one another. The only difference can be in the technical implementation – graphics and controllability, optimization and design of locations – and a couple of additional modes. The basic scheme is always the same. Therefore, it remains a mystery how new projects can attract players – for example, such as Standoff 2 But in the case of new products, the effect of novelty can play, and users can hope for something new, and then play out of habit, if the game is of sufficient quality. But old projects also keep afloat, one of which is Modern Strike Online. Here, the work of developers comes to the fore. If they update the game in a timely manner, adding new modes, holding events. modernizing the graphics, then she will be fine.

Gameplay of the game

When it comes to gameplay, Modern Strike Online belongs to the first-person shooter category. This means that the player will look, as it were, through the eyes of his character at what is happening on the map. Since this is an online arena, your task is to destroy your opponent, unless otherwise dictated by the rules of the regime. You have a choice of weapons from an extensive arsenal, there are cold, firearms, and throwing weapons. You must work as a team in order to win. Unlike most similar projects, in Modern Strike Online it is the ability to move quickly, accurately aim, and also aim shooting that is valued. There is absolutely no automatic attack, a popular feature that is often added to modern mobile action games. The controls within the gameplay are quite standard,

In order to move your character, you just need to move the head of the virtual joystick, which is located on the left. Consider the fact that you control the scope in the same way. Use the optics crosshair key to take advantage of the extra magnification before opening fire. All the necessary keys are located on the right. You can have two weapons, as well as additional items such as explosives or a medical bag. The last items are available on a special quick access panel located above the “Aim” and “Open fire” buttons. The real highlight of the application is the ability to modify weapons, as well as customize their appearance. The more modifications you have available, the more characteristic and brighter your gun will be. Some skins can be knocked out, but in order

Controls in Modern Strike Online

The main problem with such applications for mobile devices is always control. In the same Counter Strike, it will not be difficult to bounce off the box after firing an AWP, in a jump, changing the weapon to Deagle and preparing to take the enemy from the opposite side, and in Quake III some individuals perform circus acts in special mods. As for playing on the touch screen of a smartphone or tablet, you will have to show maximum dexterity so that the movements of the character model do not resemble the convulsive movements of a blind
seahorse. Everything is done quite familiarly: the right virtual joystick is responsible for aiming and visibility, and the left one for movement. Shooting is carried out automatically (you can turn it off in the options), reloading is done by tapping on the weapon icon in the upper right corner, and just below the buttons for “zoom”, use of the “first aid kit” and throwing grenades.

Shooting in Modern Strike Online

If you are an online shooter developer and mention Counter Strike in the description of the game, then you have no right to screw up with ballistics. There are no complaints about it in Modern Strike Online . You take the cheapest LSW machine gun in your hands and hardly kill
point-blank, using a third of the clip, change it to Famas with a spread angle of 2.7 degrees – the heads fly off from 50 meters in the presence of even hands

Arsenal and ammunition in Modern Strike Online

The variety of weapons in Modern Strike Online is commendable – more than 30 types of small arms and melee weapons for every taste. I do not know if the developers’ hands were itching to add a grenade launcher, but fortunately there is no main Nubian frag cutter in the
game. Each barrel in the arsenal is described by a number of characteristics, such as: damage, spread, aiming range, rate of fire and movement speed (the thicker the barrel, the slower our character moves his legs). In addition, there is a “beloved” by many parameter strength, which requires constant repair of the favorite “gun”. Naturally, the types of weapons purchased for “gold” are completely immune to this scourge. There is not a lot of ammunition in Modern Strike Online , you can only attach a bulletproof vest and a headgear to your special forces soldier, which gives special “buns” (increased experience or more coins for each battle). There are no opportunities for character customization – it will not work to turn a fighter into a clown, as is fashionable nowadays.


As usual in such games, the first 10 levels in Modern Strike Online run up pretty quickly, a gamer grandfather will reach this rank in a few hours of continuous shooting. At the same time, various bonuses are pouring in from all sides, as if from a cornucopia – just have time to
open cases with new trunks and gadgets on them, upgrades, and clear coins. At the same time, you don’t have to acquire your own weapon, because with almost every level reached, we are given a Steyr Scout or Famas for a limited time. At the same time, playing at rank 1-9,
you are fighting exclusively with the same noobs as yourself, but after the 10th level you move to another weight category. This is where the fun begins. You won’t be able to make 10-1 in a round, the guys here are much more aggressive, the armor on them is like on tanks, the weapon is not much better than yours. You have to show your maximum skill in order to quickly pump at least to level
15 in order to get on a par with the local regulars.

Achievements in Modern Strike Online

There is nothing more enjoyable in online games than contemplating your own achievements, especially against the background of other nonentities. Going to the statistics section of Modern Strike Online , we see the total amount of time in the game, the number of
frags, headshots, assists, suicides, etc. If the numbers are impressive, we immediately go in search of a clan or organize our own in order to take an honorable place in the team ranking.

Download Modern Strike Online 1.45.1 MOD Apk For Android

Download Modern Strike Online for phone to play with maximum comfort, enjoying high performance with excellent graphics quality and simplified controls. The toy itself is definitely worth the attention of fans of the genre, as well as those users who just like the dynamics in the gameplay.

What's new

Season 10 is coming with a few astonishing updates:

- New weapon: WA2000, PP-19 Bizon, Lee Enfield No. 4 Mk I, MP-40;
- Legendary skins for the following weapons: WA2000, PP-19 Bizon;
- Premium skins for the following weapons: Lee Enfield No. 4 Mk I, MP-40, L96, AKSU, KGS, P9, M16A2;
- New characters: Judy, Infantryman, Sam;
- New helmets: Glitch, Spy glasses;
- Visual updates in the lobby;
- Filters in the clan members list;
- Technical fixes and updates.

And a gift to celebrate the update!