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Explore the depths of a dwarf game and craft epic items through a land of fantasy in Mine Quest 2: Roguelike Dungeon Crawler, a loot game RPG for all ages and magical races!
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March 26, 2021
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Fascinating gameplay and an unusual plot have always attracted the attention of users. This is especially true for RPGs, where everyone can become whoever they want. That is why you can download the free Android game Mine Quest 2 on your Device to experience incredible impressions, try new opportunities.

The main storyline is a dark and dark magical world filled with unsolved mysteries and mysteries. Each player will have a difficult test – you need to go down into the dungeon, where dangers and terrible monsters await. It’s hard enough to go into the unknown on your own. That is why the developers have provided for the possibility of assembling a team. This will help to significantly speed up the search for the necessary items, and also allow you to avoid the strongest enemies, which you cannot cope with on your own.

The main character is a dwarf. You have to take on the role of a cave explorer who wants to take all the power in the dungeon into your own hands. You need to help him collect treasures and find legendary relics for which you can get good rewards. In the process, you also need to collect other valuable items, weapons, as well as open a map of the area. This will help you quickly navigate in space in order to find everything you need.

In the hands of the mystical character there will be only a pickaxe, with the help of which you will have to break your way further and further. It can also be used to extract useful ores or gems. After that, they can be processed, used for their own purposes. From time to time, various monsters, guards and bosses appear in the dungeon. It is necessary to fight with them all the time. Losing in this case is unacceptable. To plunge into this magical atmosphere, just download the game Mine Quest 2 on your computer. Here everyone will find something interesting and exciting for themselves. Only by becoming the strongest can you win.



Everyone wants to play some interesting strategy that will take your breath away. At the same time, you also want to fight opponents, collect valuable items, become stronger and stronger. The fascinating gameplay of this project will help with this.

The storyline is simple enough. The main character is a gnome who wants to become the best representative of his kind. To do this, he needs to collect the best weapons and armor. After that, you have to go down to the dungeon, where dangerous creatures and monsters live. In the process, you need to travel, discover new territories, collect useful items. They can be sold or upgraded to be used for your own purposes.

The multi-faceted gameplay and a large number of actions attract attention at first sight. The battles are characterized by breathtaking and epic animations. It is interesting to watch how the character fights for his ideals and goals.

From the first minutes, I am fascinated by the concept of finding and collecting useful items. You can find both rare artifacts and more common ones. The first option can be used to improve your capabilities. The difficulty increases with each level, which can cause some difficulties for beginners. The main thing is to stay calm at the stage, to develop an effective strategy to fight the monsters. This is the only way to win, to become popular, to advance faster in the standings in order to defeat rivals.

Among the features should be paid to the constant development of the character. There is no maximum bar here. You can improve your skills indefinitely. Because of this, the gameplay becomes more fun, as it provides many options and steps for development. The hero can only pick up a weapon, pick up a pickaxe, break his way forward and only forward. Don’t dwell on failure. It is best to try to complete tasks as efficiently as possible.

Features of the Game


Playing Mine Quest 2 on PC is very interesting for those who like to search for any treasures and artifacts. The task is to extract useful ore with the help of tools. Also, in the course of the passage, you will have to kill opponents and their bosses who want to prevent you from achieving your goal. It is important to remain attentive so as not to miss something important.

You can collect any resources that may be useful in the future. When the enemy attacks, it is necessary to repulse his attack. As a result, you can get any useful prizes or weapons. The goal of the level is to find a unique and unusual crystal. It is usually hidden in the far corner of the cave. You shouldn’t be afraid. It is necessary to destroy everything that comes along the way. This increases the chances of getting something useful. Resources can always be used for some other purpose – to sell, create weapons or armor.

In a battle with opponents, it is better to come up with some kind of strategy that will help you cope with the problem as quickly as possible. The gameplay is addictive from the first minutes, brings moral pleasure to the player.

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Advantages and disadvantages


  • A large and interesting game world. The player will have to constantly explore numerous mines and caves, discover new territories. On the way, various dangers and troubles can await, which must be constantly fought so as not to perish in the process of passing.
  • Using the collected resources, you can build your own weapons or armor. Here, creativity is allowed.
  • Nice graphics. The modern artwork and flowing animation definitely grab the attention of users.
  • To defeat enemies, you need to constantly fight, improve your fighting skills.

The disadvantages include a large number of advertisements. There is also a donate that helps to pass the levels faster, but it is not available for every user.

System requirements


The Android Device must respond with the following Steps:

  • Android 5.0 and Up;
  • Storage space – from 4 GB;
  • RAM – 2 GB;
  • updates for all devices;