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July 22, 2021
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Metal Slug Attack is a network TD, which is a sequel to the series of games of the same name for Android. In the sequel, the developers offer a large number of innovations, game modes, locations and resources. Also, there are much more types of opponents and difficult missions, including not only the war with enemies, but also the search for treasures. Before starting the adventure, players are asked to decide on the mode and dynamics. You can become a hostage-freeing mercenary, hunt for treasures, take part in the fight against real players, and much more. In online mode, up to four gamers can fight with their squads. In addition, you can cooperate in small squads and complete individual tasks, which will also bring you experience and funds for the development of the unit. During the passage of locations, you need to not only eliminate enemies, but also collect resources that can be used in the future. Each fighter has a separate set of characteristics that can be upgraded, thereby unlocking additional combat skills. The game requires a strategic approach, since in some missions it is simply impossible to do without cunning and tactics.

Abundance of Missions

To be honest, the game is already really old and hackneyed, because there are a lot of similar applications, especially since there are better quality than this one. But this does not prevent it from remaining one of the most popular games! After all, there are a huge number of players who like old school games! Here you will have to build a kind of base, as well as hire a large army to complete the assigned tasks. After all, you will constantly come across all sorts of missions where you will have to clear the territory and get new possessions, or vice versa, you will need to defend your lands. Pick up various items and loot to create new weapons and improve your warriors! In addition, there is the possibility of playing up to 4 people at the same time, which will make your gameplay even more exciting! After all, you will need to think over unique tactics to win!

Battles around the World

By the way, the gameplay in METAL SLUG ATTACK is funny, since many weapons are similar to those that were used in the distant past, but the developers tried and made it as if you are in the past and in the future at the same time. The very same graphics are made in a retro style, where you will play from a top view, as well as see the dialogues that appear. Management is one of the simplest and most classic. All you need is just one hand!

Watch the enemies at the very beginning!

Look directly at the radar when you enter a level for the first time. You will want to deploy a cheap device if you see enemies already moving towards your location. If you don’t see anything, then you can buy a couple of AP upgrades to give you a head start. Levels can get tough battles very quickly if you are caught off guard at the start, so be careful!

Unleash a big attack ASAP!

The levels in Metal Slug Attack are designed to beat as quickly as possible. This is highlighted by the ingame scoring system, as the faster you are, the better your score. In most cases, you should restart the level and try a different attack plan if you feel the battle is dragging on. The trick is to get fast clear times to crush your opponent as soon as you can. Battles can snowball very quickly in this game, which basically means that momentum is a very real and dangerous thing. If you can bombard your opponent continuously, it will be very difficult for them to defend themselves and try to launch a counterattack at the same time. Maintaining the pace will ultimately mean victory for you.

Use the soldier’s special attack to find the POWs!

You start the game with a blue unit soldier. His special attack allows him to throw grenades in an upward arc. This is the perfect opportunity to find hidden POWs. POWs contain materials to upgrade your units, so it’s always best to find as many as you can. There are at least three hidden in each level. Throw grenades randomly as you dispatch a soldier and you should eventually be able to hit the hidden POW.The reload speed for his special is pretty fast too, so don’t worry about wasting it. Try different special attacks as soon as you get more units to see if you find anything better.

Take advantage of the starter event!

You will receive a lot of freebies in the mail because the game has just started and the rookie event is happening. You will also gain double experience for each level you hit. First of all, the best part is that you can continue if you lose the battle for absolutely free as many times as you want. A sequel is usually worth a medal, the game’s premium currency, so take advantage of this while you can! Once you hit a
level 9 player, you will lose access to all of these bonuses.

Upgrade your skills!

Each block has unique skills that enhance them in some way after you “release” them with a full set of items. These skills seem to be mostly passive bonuses, but they are still useful. They provide stat boosts like more damage, more health, and so on. Updating your unit’s stats right through the status screen is great, but if you want to improve them even further, don’t forget to update your skills too.

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