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Discover a magical land of entertainment and mystery in the world of Merge Dragons!
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Dec 1, 2021
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Merge Dragons is an amazingly colorful game project developed / released by the Gram Games (UK) team in the summer of 2017. This vivid action-adventure puzzle format takes the player into the fairy-tale world of Draconia. In this fun mobile arcade game, the mechanics of improving characters by means of puzzle-folding of elements are implemented.

Plot of The Game

Merge Dragons is focused primarily on single player playthroughs. At the center of the story is the fictional world of Draconium, in which all living organisms coexist in harmony. At some point, it was invaded by zomblins, the revived dead, who are eager to destroy everything around. They turned Draconia into a petrified world. The dragons’ souls were shattered into fragments and encased in stone. At the time of the beginning of the passage, only one dragon remains alive, who asks the main character to help her resurrect the clan of lizards. To do this, you need to breathe life into the world of the Dragon, find all the eggs, help the cubs get stronger, and, of course, overcome the main evil.


Merge Dragons is a strategy game that focuses on merge mechanics. This means that you have to search for similar objects, and then turn them into creatures and plants of a higher level. So, for example, in order to breed one green dragon, you need to collect three corresponding eggs. Likewise, you will discover new plants as well as other objects. The narrative in the framework of the Merge Dragons project looks like a chain of levels with the transition from one location to the next. At each of them a certain task awaits you, and to complete it you often need to maximize the development of those objects that are available to you at the very beginning. Look for similar objects and plants, collect three or more of them, and then repeat the process until you complete the task.

Technically, the project is not particularly difficult. The toy is friendly to beginners and is perfect for passing the time with addictive gameplay. With colorful graphics, beautifully animated dragons and a cartoonish rendering style, Merge Dragons is popular with kids looking forward to the next baby dragons. In addition to restoring life on the fragments of the Dragon, you have to take care of future “pets”. To do this, you will have your own camp, in which you need to build aviaries for dragons, as well as farms for food production.

Features of the game

The key features of the project can be described as follows:

3D graphics in a cartoon style

The picture quality here is quite high, the game is perfectly perceived visually, especially since the developers did not pursue the goal of endowing it with realism.

Addictive gameplay

Despite the fact that the gameplay here does not differ in high freedom of action, the project does not seem monotonous. Dozens of plant varieties, constantly growing dragons, new locations – all this will not let you get bored. Thanks to the very detailed training, you can easily integrate into the gameplay of the application.

Several varieties of dragons

In this game you can become a real breeder, discovering all the new subspecies of lizards. Look for eggs, breed cubs to get a new variety. There are 17 breeds of dragons available to you, each of which includes 8 stages of growing up with a change in the appearance of the pet. There are over 500 different fusion items in the game. It can be some kind of plants, statues, resources, treasures and much more.

Combine everything you see

Merge Dragons is a match 3 game with over 600 levels to challenge even the most dedicated fans of the genre. Combine various items to complete the challenge, find dragon eggs and statues of Gaia – this will open access to new unique mechanics!

Secret levels and Dragons

If you find a passage to a secret location, hurry there as soon as possible! Completing this level will give you more valuable rewards compared to regular challenges, and despite the high difficulty, you will know that the effort will be worth it. You have to collect fantasy creatures, of which there is a huge variety – 17 breeds, each of which has 8 stages of growth! Dragons are not only an opportunity to create the most amazing farm, but also help in finding useful artifacts scattered throughout the game world.

We open dragons and go through all levels

Healing the lands will not be easy, as various trials will hinder you. The first levels will be easy, so that you understand how and what to do, but their difficulty will constantly increase. Develop your mind and be observant, as this is very important in this game. On your way, there may also be enemies that you have to fight. But I am sure that you will pass all the tests. Restore the dragon world, and we will help you do it. The Merge Dragons cheats that you will receive now will open up new opportunities for you, which can be opened using game resources. At the time of this writing, we only have two free codes, for money and diamonds, but I think that they will be enough. Unlock all dragons, complete all tasks and find all secret levels. You are the only hope for the dragons and their little oasis. Play and develop with this game. We wish you every success!

Download Merge Dragons! 7.4.0 MOD Apk

Merge Dragons is a very bright, colorful and addicting strategy that lacks only one thing, namely a slightly higher difficulty of passing. Of course, the game is designed primarily for children and adolescents, but even for them it may seem too easy. However, a colorful picture and the ability to raise dragons on your own will smooth out this impression. Download Merge Dragons on your android to conduct a session in the application without being distracted by lags and crashes. Believe me, this way you will enjoy playing much more. Moreover, this is the only way to launch a project in high resolution.