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June 1, 2021
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Marvel: Contest of Champions is a shareware side-scrolling arcade fighting game set in the Marvel universe for mobile platforms. You can assemble a unique team of heroes and villains from popular comics and fight the most dangerous enemy in the universe. Stunning graphics, an opportunity to fight with friends, interesting tasks and a storyline await you. First of all, you should look at the gameplay And the gameplay of this game is quite simple, but interesting. Here the idea of ​​combining different worlds with various superheroes and houses is presented in an original way. Each hero has his own House with his followers! Therefore, the Iron Man team can be opposed by the Hulk team. No restrictions! And this is great.

About the game

The Marvel Comics Universe is expanding every year. There are many films, cartoons, prints and games. Among them there are both large computer projects and mobile games that have been engaging people for years. Enough and passing projects. It is worth noting that games are often developed by a variety of companies – and their success is also different.

So, we have already seen a good MOBA with superheroes from the Chinese giant Netease Games – not a bad idea! However, if you don’t like the original concept of the genre, you probably passed this project – even with all your love for comics. For such people, Kabam studio created Marvel: World of Champions. This game is not a full-fledged MOBA – rather, it resembles a kind of Brawl Stars in the world of heroes. Of course, the game modes here are not at all the same, but the essence is similar. We have small matches with our own rules in a three-by-three format, as well as leveling heroes. It all looks very dynamic and fun. Comic book lovers will surely be pleased with the game. Indeed, here you can find Spider-Man, Hulk, Doctor Strange and many others, pump them up and use them in battles. The collectible is an integral part of almost every comic book game and culture in general. Download Marvel: World of Champions on android phone and you can collect and upgrade the coolest heroes from the screens!


It all starts with a plot introduction. According to the plot of the game, there is a certain planet on which different universes converged – the Houses of superheroes. Despite the great difference in views on everything, they were able to exist together thanks to the unifying factor – the Emperor, who rules this world. But the Emperor died – and the unity of the planet died with him. Now there are constant battles here, and we are invited to take part in them. To do this, you should infiltrate one of the houses, pretending to be yours. The house of the Iron People will become such a house, and Tony Stark himself will teach us.

All this is just a plot, which later is unlikely to be useful to you anywhere. The main thing in the game is the matches themselves. At the time of launch, Marvel: World of Champions offers users three game modes:

  • capturing the arena – the main mode;
  • Fortress – cooperative battle against the advancing waves of bots;
  • desmatch is a classic battle with the goal of getting more frags.

The beauty of the game concept is that you can do more modes. Surely, if the developers have new ideas, the list will be expanded. Or maybe the regimes are already being developed? Wait and see! In the meantime, let’s take a closer look at the main game mode and a couple of additional ones.

Description of modes

The main thing that is in the game and what we are taught first of all is the capture of the arena. In this mode, players fight in a three-on-three format – three players on each side. To participate in battles, everyone chooses a suitable hero – and goes to fight! The bottom line is this. In the center of the map there is a core that needs to be captured – a kind of analogue of capturing points. To capture, you need to make sure that there are no enemy heroes in the delineated area near the core. Then the capture will complete in a few seconds.

However, this alone will not give you anything. The capture itself is needed only in order to perform the so-called kernel overload. This will disable the enemy B.O.D.O.K. – analog of a tower from any MOBA. After overloading the core, BODOK stops firing – and it can be destroyed without hindrance. Typically, you will need to reboot the kernel two or three times to completely destroy. At the same time, you must make sure that your opponent does not do this, because you also have your own base. By the way, you can be at your base without hindrance – it heals hers. If you are killed anyway, the character will recover after a few seconds. Such matches usually last three to five minutes and are very fun. This is facilitated by the large number of heroes in the game and their abilities. Fortress mode is simply a reflection of waves of enemies. Each round consists of several waves of regular bots and one with bots in the form of champions. Such a wave is the most difficult, and if you endure it, you will receive a reward. Also, each completed stage increases the level of the fortress, which complicates subsequent passes and increases the rewards later.

Welcome To Battle

Captain America vs. Iron Man! Hulk vs. Wolverine! Spider-Man vs. Deadpool! The greatest battles in Marvel history are in your hands! The avaricious Elder of the Universe, better known as the Collector, has called you to take part in a grand battle with an army of notorious villains, including Thanos, Kang the Conqueror and many others! Discover the ultimate free fighting game for mobile – Marvel Contest of Champions!

Unite With Friends

• Join forces with friends and other Summoners to create the strongest alliance.
• Make plans with other members of the alliance and help their champions to survive in battle.
• Help your alliance to become a leader during alliance events and earn exclusive rewards by completing tasks on special maps together with companions.
ВЂ Test the strength of your alliance, fighting opponents from all over the world during the alliance wars!

Collect An Incomplete Team Of Champions

Assemble a powerful team of heroes and villains (including Iron Man, Hulk, Wolverine, Storm, Star-Lord, Gamora, Spider-Man, Deadpool, Magneto and the Winter Soldier). Go on missions in which you have to defeat Kang and Thanos and measure strength with a new mysterious and incredibly powerful space enemy to save the Marvel universe from total destruction.  Improve your team’s offensive and defensive abilities using multiple skill lines.

Collect The Strongest Superheroes And Villains !

ВЂ Collect heroes and villains, pump them and competently combine them into teams to take advantage of synergy bonuses due to the composition of the team and the relationship of characters descended from the pages of Marvel comics. For example, a bonus can be obtained by pairing Black Panther and Storm or Cyclops and Wolverine, or by gathering a team of Guardians of the Galaxy. The stronger the champion, the higher his parameters, more effective abilities and more lethal special moves. More and more champions are constantly joining the Battle!

Fight And Take Place in Adventures

 Advance through a gripping storyline inspired by classic Marvel masterpieces. Fight side by side or face to face with numerous heroes and villains in iconic locations in the Marvel Universe: Avengers Tower, Ozcorp Building, Keelna, Wakanda, Wildlands, Asgard, SHIELD Helicarrier and many more! Explore dynamically changing mission maps and engage in intense battles with a control scheme designed specifically for mobile devices.

Download MARVEL Contest of Champions 31.1.1 MOD APK For Android

The game turned out to be very exciting! and the game concept itself is very interesting and promising. Download Marvel: World of Champions on your android phone in order to be able to play under any conditions and in any situation! The project is aimed at a similar approach – pumping will take you many months, but you will like it.

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