Major Gun: War on Terror (MOD, Unlimited Money/More)


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Nov 4, 2020
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There is a lot of entertainment on the internet. You can download the free Android game Major GUN. This is a new and interesting project that will attract everyone’s attention. Perfect for blowing off steam after a hard day at work, having some fun, relaxing and resting. Show all your ingenuity to cope with opponents.

The everyday world is filled with dangers – diseases, terrorists, psychopaths and other people with various disorders. There was practically nothing human left in them. Your job is to deal with these instances in different ways. You need to make such individuals disappear – cut them into pieces, shoot weapons, use knives, swords and other equipment that you have at hand. There are ample opportunities in front of you.

If you hesitate even one second, you will have to face dire consequences. These unwanted people will seize vast territories and important government structures – factories, banks, government buildings. It’s time to put things in order in the city. It is this task that rests on your shoulders.

We’ll have to complete the tasks on a daily basis. Look through the magazine, make notes, make money on it. Take the lead in the world. Invite friends to bring justice together. Compete, win, have fun and have a good time.

The advantage of the gameplay is the interesting and addicting mechanics. The narration will captivate you from the first minutes of the gameplay. You have no choice but to continue your business, moving on to higher levels of difficulty. To get started, just download the Major GUN game to your computer. The app won’t take up much free space. At the same time, you will receive incomparable pleasure and stress relief.


This is an interesting game project that has captured a wide audience from the first days of its debut release. Among the features – dynamic gameplay, beautiful picture, excellent mechanics. The storyline is also quite interesting and unusual.

Most of the cities around the world have been taken over by terrorist organizations. You need to do everything to cope with the coming disaster. The attackers also took civilians hostage. They threaten to kill them in order to achieve their goals.

To cope with this situation, the government decided to invite one famous soldier – a retired major. This is exactly the hero you have to control. You need to do whatever is necessary to prove your worth. Eliminate all criminal organizations – any method will work for this. The main task is to keep the hostages alive. You need to crank up operations in such a way as to minimize civilian casualties.

Initially, a certain stock of warheads is given. The whole gameplay is somewhat similar to a shooting gallery. At the same time, the dynamics of the development of the plot is observed. Many branches depend on the action being taken. Therefore, you should carefully consider each step in advance. This will achieve maximum performance.


The main character must move through hidden territories and various shelters so that enemies do not detect him. It is important to remain calm and calm so as not to attract attention and not make a fatal mistake. You need to show special skills – aim at violators and shoot accurately at the target. This will require a long learning curve. You will not be able to achieve the desired performance without practical skills.

As you progress, bandits and other rivals will appear on the way. You will have to wage a fierce struggle with them to rescue people from captivity. The more difficult the level, the more armed villains appear on the way. They will be in body armor, with heavy weapons and other means of destroying people.

You can eliminate opponents in a variety of ways. For example, use a homemade bomb, kerosene barrels, grenades. knives and other equipment. For completing levels, an in-game currency is given, which can be used to purchase new items. It is in your best interest to show yourself as best you can in order to get more opportunities. You will definitely enjoy playing Major GUN.


Among the key characteristics of the gameplay, you should pay attention to the following:

  • Modern graphics. Qualitative methods have been used to create realistic gameplay and special effects that will appeal to fans of visual effects;
  • Many modes. You can try survival mode, speed, or normal skill hone. There are many options available for different players;
  • A large number of levels. Find auxiliary items along the way. Destroy intermediate bosses, increase skills, endurance and other characteristics that will help you in the future;
  • Wide arsenal. More than thirty different types of weapons are provided – various pistols, revolvers, shotguns. Among them are grenades and heavy shells;
  • Various locations. Travel across different territories and explore your surroundings to become more successful.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of the game:

  • Fascinating gameplay;
  • Beautiful 3D graphics;
  • Many combat modes;
  • A large number of different places;
  • Different levels of difficulty;
  • Strong bosses;
  • Nice musical accompaniment;
  • Wide arsenal;
  • Constant progress;
  • The opportunity to feel like a hero.

Among the disadvantages are the following:

  • Inconvenient menu;
  • Lack of dynamics at some stages;
  • Some users complain that there are few weapons.

Summary and comments

In general, the application will appeal to those who like to relax and unwind. Nice graphics, stylish design, a large number of possibilities – all this comes to life if you download the free Android game Major GUN.