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Survivor, we’re glad you’re not dead!
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June 2, 2021
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Live or Die: Zombie Survival – Survivor, the apocalypse took us by surprise, only survival in the harsh wasteland remained from the past life. The deadly virus has claimed the lives of billions of people, leaving behind only crowds of zombies. The walking dead have filled the scorched wasteland, but you are not the last one left to fight for survival. We may not be able to provide you with sanctuary, but this protocol will facilitate your first steps in a world that has taken over the apocalypse. Remember, weapons, armor, shelter, building and crafting are the things to focus on first, Survivor! The Apocalypse will not let you relax for a minute, and the main danger in it is the walking dead. Zombies do not sleep, zombies do not sleep, zombies do not get tired, zombies are waiting at every corner, zombies will stop at nothing trying to get to your brains. Be on the alert and let your survival last as long as possible!

About the game: The Apocalypse Took Us By Surprise

Live or Die: Survival – a zombie apocalypse – a theme that you can fantasize about endlessly. And the entertainment industry is happy to do it. You can learn about teams of people and even about loners who are trying to adapt to the new world and survive in it from comics, books, films and even video games. Well, why not? Despite the general outline, each plot is interesting and original in its own way. Everyone tells their own unique story. And that’s really cool. There are, of course, hackers who are eager to cash in on a popular topic, but such things are quickly sent to the “shelf”, consigned to oblivion. You can download the game Live or Die: Survival on your phone from our website. The adventure survival game Live or Die, created by PRIDEGAMESSTUDIO OU PLC, is definitely not in danger. Here even the name is saturated with atmosphere. And, believe me, the game itself lives up to expectations. Survive or die. The game, as if in a mockery, offers you a choice, which in fact does not exist. You must emerge victorious from this fight. You can, you just have to really want. Death is not an option or a choice.

The game takes place in the near future in 2066 (many have a chance to survive and check how far-sighted the developers were). So, there was somewhere in the wilderness a secret laboratory where powerful biological weapons were developed. And everything went well until the moment when the experimental virus escaped from the laboratory. Freedom pleased him. It didn’t take long, and most people were already infected with terrible stuff that turned them into stupid, but strong and hardy zombies, hungry only for fresh meat. Those fortunate enough to be immune to the virus suddenly became a very disadvantaged minority. And no rallies and demands will help here. You have to take fate into your own hands and begin to survive in new conditions. It became dangerous in the cities – they had to be abandoned. Now people are forced to live in bunkers, which are located in the forests – there is at least a little safer. However, it will not work to sit in the shelter. Stocks of medicines, food and water have a nasty tendency to run out, and you have to go outside to replenish them. This means that you also need weapons and at least some kind of armor. Because zombies roam nearby and do not mind trying fresh human flesh. How to download and run Live or Die: Survival on a computer or laptop through emulators, we will tell you in this review. Live or Die, one might say, is a very young game. However, in a short time, she managed to gain good popularity and find her audience. To date, the game has been downloaded over 200,000 times. Do you dare to start your confrontation against the zombies?


Gameplay: plot, interesting in the game

The events of the game begin in a forest glade. And everything would be fine if your hero did not meet you in a more than strange way. He’s wearing panties. And that’s all. Yeah, guy, you have chosen strange equipment for survival in a zombie apocalypse. Since no one really explains to us why the character looks so strange, there is no particular point in focusing on this – we will not find out the truth anyway. So just at an accelerated pace we are trying to find at least some things and shoes for this comrade. At the same time, by the way, you can try to get hold of weapons. For these purposes, you must first of all search the surroundings. Open the boxes, and also carefully look if there are any hiding places here. There you will find things, and weapons for the first time, and some tools that are useful in everyday life. Dress up, equip yourself and take care of the shelter. You will have to build it and then improve the whole game. Carry wood and stone, build walls, set traps. You need to make your home as unapproachable as possible. Because here we actually have a zombie apocalypse, and the living dead are prowling around the neighborhood in search of victims. And it would be good for you not to become one of them.

Look for food as well. Canned food, berries, meat obtained from the hunt – drag everything into the bunker. After all, it would be foolish to die of hunger when there are so many much more interesting ways to part with life in the game. After you have put things in order a little in your new home and your thoughts, you can go on exploration. Let’s make a reservation right away, there is no open world in the game. Initially, you will have to go to places where there is no smell of civilization. However, only at first glance. The fact is that on the territory of many forest locations there are caches with all kinds of supplies. According to local legend, some people saw what was happening and made supplies in case of emergency. But they did not have time to use them. And we can even guess why. Download Live or Die: Survival on your Phone and you will learn everything too. If during the day you can still spend on exploring the surroundings, then at night it is better not to stick your nose out of the shelter. Not only does it not hurt to get some sleep, but also the “concentration” of zombies with the entry of zombies increases significantly. Do you really want to shoot back from the literally endless army of the living dead, whom the death of their relatives does not put to flight, but only provokes? Here’s the same thing. There must be a workshop on the base. You have to master the craft of a huge number of useful items. Of course, you won’t be able to assemble a nuclear bomb on your knees right away, but with each level your things will become more and more difficult and useful.

Survivor, the apocalypse has come

you can only rely on yourself! Upgrade your skills, develop construction and craft, explore the wasteland, learn to use weapons and armor to deal with zombies more easily. Every day that you don’t make a zombie snack will make you stronger. Each mile you pass around the zombies will make you faster. Each crumbled zombie head will increase your chances of survival. Look for weapons and armor, build a shelter, download craft – your survival depends only on you. The Walking Dead won’t miss the chance to turn you into a zombie!

Shelter, construction, crafting, good weapons and armor 

all this instantly eats up hard-earned resources. The apocalypse left behind only a wasteland, explore it, collect all the resources you can reach, survivor! In the fight against zombies, everything will come in handy. Use resources and fortify your shelter to prevent zombies from breaking through the defenses. The walking dead will stop at nothing. Don’t sit still, survivor, explore, look for resources, build a shelter, craft weapons and armor, do everything to resist the onslaught of zombies!

Complete daily tasks!

Every day, you will be assigned a list of daily tasks. These tasks will require you to do things like collecting certain resources, finding certain items, or exchanging items with the scavenger. Completing one of these quests will reward you with 5 coins, the game’s premium currency. Completing all of these challenges gives you a tremendous opportunity for just 15 coins, and you can purchase some useful items from the stores.

Bring the basic tools with you!

No matter where you go, you should always bring basic tools like Stone Pickaxe s and Stone Axes with you. they will allow you to collect stone and wood in the desert, and you will always need these resources no matter how much you have accumulated. You can burn these resources up very quickly, so make sure you always collect more.

Sneak up enemies for double damage!

You can sit down by clicking on the little person icon in the lower right corner of the screen. Crouching allows you to sneak around, avoiding nearby enemies without warning. If you sneak up behind a monster and attack them, your hit will count as a surprise attack and deal double damage! Try to get in the habit of doing this, as it will preserve your weapons and armor in the long run, reducing your encounters.

Be on the lookout for random events!

Every time you enter the world map, there is a chance that a random event will happen somewhere on the map. These random events include car accidents, plane crashes, gun battles, and other incidents. Travel these sites to explore – there’s a good chance you’ll find better than average gear and resources! Just keep in mind that these events don’t last forever. You can see how much time they have left before
they expire under their icon on the world map. In addition, these locations are one-time visits, so once you leave, you cannot re-enter. Make sure to clear your inventory so that you have enough room for new loot!

Always have a full set of armor!

It looks like no problem, but there will be times when you might be tempted to run without a full set of gear. If you really can’t do anything, you should always have full gear. Defense points come a long way in this game, and since you may collide with other players, you need to
prepare! That’s all for Live or Die Survival. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

Download Live or Die: Zombie Survival 0.2.448 MOD Apk For Andorid

The scene in Live Or Die MOD APK is a desolate situation, leaving only deserted lands after the great battle of destruction. The biological weapon not only kills billions of people but also transforms others into zombies. Just download and enjoy!