Lee Joo Myung’s “Twenty-Five, Twenty-one” Rumors, What She Likes About Her Character, More

Many fans and viewers miss the recently-finished blockbuster drama “Twenty-Five, Twenty-one,” with the exception of actress Lee Joo-myung!

Lee Joo Myung looked back at the drama and talked about her character. read more!

Lee Joo Myung spits out her timeless love for the “Twenty-Five, Twenty-one” characters

A few weeks after the conclusion, “Twenty-Five, Twenty-one” will still be generated Fuss in the online Hallyuworld!

The drama tells the story of five young people struggling to realize their dreams after being hit by an unexpected hurdle. Kim Tae-ri, Nam Joo-hyuk, Choi Hyun-wook, WJSN Bona, and Lee Joo-myung are appearing.

Lee Joo Myung

In the drama, Lee Joo Myung plays Ji Seung Wan, who has captivated many with his intellect and candidness.

Read the script that even the actress was attracted to the character after her. “She has never seen such a fascinating script, so she wanted to do it like The Sunwan,” she said.

Lee Joo Myung

The Sun Wan is a young, principled girl. Lee Joo Myung admitted that she wanted to be like her own character in her real life and express her feelings more bravely.

Lee Joo Myung

“I will never forget Ji, Sunwan’s charm and determination to make his dream come true,” the actress added.

Lee Joo Myung reacts to the death of “Twenty-Five, Twenty-one” and other rumors

Due to the praise and worldwide popularity of the drama, many viewers and fans have proposed their own theories during the drama’s broadcast.

Lee Joo Myung

Ors who predicted the death of some characters such as Baek I-jin and Go Yu Lim of “Twenty-Five, Twenty-one” and surprised the act.

Ji Seung Wan is also caught up in rumors and predicts a romantic relationship with her character’s best friend Moon Ji Woong.

Lee Joo Myung

The actress said that the basis of the drama focuses on the realistic elements of millennials. Lee Joo Myung was definitely amused by the theory, and she said, “I would never have predicted something like a death rumor.”

Earlier, actor Nam Joo-hyuk also asked fans why he continued to theorize the death of his character. He expressed the shock with a laugh.

However, since “Twenty-Five, Twenty-one” was written in wit and entertainment, various theories were not well understood.

“I realized that there are many possible interpretations,” said Lee Joo-myung. “Many people were watching from their own point of view, so I thought it could really happen.”

Lee Joo Myung

When asked about the ending of the drama, Lee Joo Myung said he liked the way the drama ended with an open ending and said it was “realistic.”

She concluded, “I was a little impressed, but I am grateful to everyone who supported and loved the drama, and I will continue to do my best to meet fans and viewers with the new work.”

Lee Joo Myung

Check out Lee Joo Myung’s “Just Me, Joo Myung” here:

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